So, I watched the legendary Ruben M. finish test 50 at 4530/5050 top speed 497 kmph, and well got motivated. Mine was at 3535/4050, 500kmph. Would've got it at that, after falling behind by 149ms with a big mistake at the end turn. I got desparate with no more tokens but max+proed out two vehicles for that, and used some free A-class upgrades to reach 5545/4050 with same top speed 500. Instead of searching for more Advanced tech for the tire upgrade, I boosted the acceleration which worked out great and finally won the car by ~700ms margin with 7 mins to spare before the R&D ended. Heck of a story I tell ya. Glad I won it at my first BMW R&D Along with the notoriously difficult and frustrating Pista Championship just a while ago.

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