1. MultiPlayer. this season after TK MM, I met many cars around rank 1450-1700. around 1800 is hard, and I don't know about maxpro S-class+TK. I don't know about rank 1000-1300. I easily get MM at rank 1551 with MP4/8. 

Did you try another rank? of course you and me don't have car with good tune at ALL rank. But for me, at least I can easy get MM, I will try to find another car for the rank that many player playing multiplayer. 

2.Pay2Win. Agree. Last car I won was Regera. I used 5250 Tokens to skip AI and Save QC. at this event I have a lot free time and 4 S-Free Upgrade. if not, maybe I could spent 5K-8K Tokens for Buy keys save QC skip AI and 10k for TOU. Total 15k-18k tokens.

I regret not to try to win 600LT before, it doesn't has TOU. it better than Regera. if I tried to win, may be I spent around 5k-10k Tokens. So, for "normal" S-class I need (atleast) 10K tokens and for TOU S-Class I need 20k tokens. 

Because of this P2W, I always wait 2 days - 3days23Hours before I start an event that I want to win. for 2-4 days I will create some plan to win. watch AI videos, and tried it with another car with same speed. In the end, If I don't have enough tokens (for save QC, for Skip AI, and For Buy Keys/TIres), I will skip and stop with credits upgrade only.

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