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{{A8Box}} is a first-level template of the Pro Kit Box modular system. It is the most variable of the first-level box templates and can be fully customized.


{{A8Box}} is meant to be used "on the fly" to display boxes that do not have their own predefined template yet.


  | Example Box
  |        file = A8Box Super Racer Kit Box.png
  |       price = 100
  |    currency = a8tokens
  |       items = 5
  | description = This is the Example Box!
  |          co = 60
  |          ra = 30
  |          le = 10
  |       style = compact


Example Box Example Box (Tokens 100, Tokens 20 per trial)
"This is the Example Box!"
A8BoxInfo.png Common: 60 % | Rare: 30 % | Legendary: 10 %

A8box vs. predefined templates

Instead of using {{A8box}}, it is generally recommended to create a new predefined template which can be reused by other editors everywhere on Asphalt Wiki. See Asphalt Wiki:New A8box for a how-to guide.

As soon as a predefined template with the name of the box exists, all data provided with {{A8box}} will be overriden.

  • This keeps the appearance of Pro Kit Boxes consistent within Asphalt Wiki.
  • Furthermore, it saves edit work, as pages containing {{A8box}} don't have to be re-edited after a box has got its own template.


A user added a box named "Champion Kit Box" to an article.

  | Champion Kit Box
  |        file = A8Box Finish Line Box.png
  |       price = 300
  |    currency = a8tokens
  |       items = 30
  | description = Grants lots of cards!
  |          co = 100
  |     comment = The comment is a parameter that is passed through.
  |       style = compact

Although the box should show the icon of the Finish Line Box ( Finish Line Box ) and completely different text, the data of the already existing Champion Kit Box template is displayed instead. Pass-through parameters like comment are left untouched because they can vary from page to page and are not part of the template itself:

Champion Kit Box Champion Kit Box – Last checked: Apr 28, 2020
"Grants 30 Cards, including one V8 Engine card guaranteed. At least 10 cards will be Rare or Legendary!"
A8BoxInfo.png Common: 56.87 % | Rare: 38.53 % | Legendary: 4.6 %
Mean value: Fusion Coins 977 per card
Availability: Mastery, VIP level reward
The comment is a parameter that is passed through.

Complete syntax

|         <box name> 
|               file = 
|       last checked = 
|              price = 
|           currency = 
|              items = 
|        description = 
|            boxinfo = {{A8boxinfo|style=|c=|r=|l=|bp=|pk=|tk=|cr=|i=}}
|            article = 
|       discontinued = 

<!-- Championship and R&D boxes -->
|            vehicle = 
|               type = 
|              tests = 

<!-- Drop rates -->
<!-- Check -->
|    status description = 
|   status sample space = 
|     status drop rates = 
<!-- v5.0: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary -->
|                    8c = 
|                    8u = 
|                    8r = 
|                    8e = 
|                    8l = 
<!-- Vehicle Kits: extra, prime, superb, festival -->
|                8extra = 
|                8prime = 
|               8superb = 
|             8festival = 
<!-- pre v5.0: common, rare, legendary -->
|                    co = 
|                    ra = 
|                    le = 

<!-- Availability -->
|    permanent offer = 
| time-limited offer = 
|        daily bonus = 
|        daily tasks = 
|          daily ads = 
|         moto blitz = 
|                tle = 
|            bundles = 
|           supplies = 
|                rnd = 
|                edd = 
|       championship = 
|         world tour = 
|           festival = 
|     mp race points = 
|          mp league = 
|            mastery = 
|      fusion system = 
|    vip daily login = 
|          vip level = 
| finish line reward = 
| availability other = 

<!-- Pass-through -->
|           <suffix>
|            comment = 
|              style = 
|               size = 


All parameters except <box name> are optional.

Note: {{A8Box}}} does not process statistical parameters, so it cannot be used for statistics tables. Use predefined templates instead. See Help:Pro Kit Box modular system for statistics tables and {{A8box-meta}} for details on statistical parameters.


<box name>

  • Text. The display name of the box. Unnamed parameter: no parameter name, no equal sign, just the name of the box exactly as shown in the game.
  • Required. If the box name is omitted, the template displays nothing.
  • If a predefined template with this name already exists (see Category:Pro kit box templates), the data of the predefined template overrides the {{A8box}} values and is displayed instead.


  • Text. Filename of the box image: Example Box.png (no [[File:]], no width or path, just the image name)
  • If omitted, a placeholder is displayed.

last checked

  • Date. Last date the official box info was checked or updated. See {{Date}} for accepted formats.


  • Number. The Price of the box without currency. Leave empty for boxes without price.


  • Currency constant as listed in {{Currency}}: a8tokens, a8credits, a8fusion, ...


  • Number. The number of items in the box.
  • If omitted, the price per item will not be calculated and displayed.


  • Text. Description of the box exactly as given in the game, e. g.: Grants 4 random cards!


  • Deprecated. Please use 8c, 8u, 8r, ... instead (Drop rates section). If at least one of the parameters 8c, 8u, 8r, ... exists, boxinfo is ignored.
  • Template. The drop rates of the box. For parameters, see {{A8boxinfo}}.
  • Don't change the style parameter, it is passed through.


  • Text. If there is an article about the box, provide the article name without [[ ]]. Box name and icon will link to the article.
  • If article is specified, but the article does not exist, a red link is displayed.


  • 1 or yes if the box cannot be obtained any more. A † sign will be displayed after the box name, and the icon will become semi-transparent.

Championship and R&D boxes

Special event boxes do not have predefined templates. Instead, half-custom templates are used with the following additional parameters ("A8Box" can be omitted in this case, as the half-custom templates already exist):


  • Text. Only for Championship boxes which have their display name preceded by the vehicle name.
  • Only displayed if style = compact or style = table.
  • Example
    {{A8Box|Championship Rookie Box|vehicle = Ferrari 488 Pista|style = compact}} or
    {{Championship Rookie Box|vehicle = Ferrari 488 Pista|style = compact}} gives:
Championship Rookie Box Ferrari 488 Pista Championship Rookie Box


  • Number. R&D boxes only. Used to distinguish the different types of R&D Basic and Advanced Kit Boxes.
  • Only displayed if style = compact or style = table.
  • Example:
    {{A8box|R&D Basic Kit Box|type = 2|style = compact}} or
    {{R&D Basic Kit Box|type = 2|style = compact}} gives:
R&D Basic Kit Box R&D Basic Kit Box (Type 2)


  • Text. R&D boxes only. Used to provide the test numbers the box is granted for.
  • Only displayed if style = compact.
  • Example:
    {{A8box|R&D Basic Kit Box|tests = 4, 16|style = compact}} or
    {{R&D Basic Kit Box|tests = 4, 16|style = compact}} gives:
R&D Basic Kit Box R&D Basic Kit Box
Rewarded for test: 4, 16

Drop rates


status description

  • Text. Result of description check, also with statistical means. One of the following options:
    • correct – Box description is at least not wrong or misleading.
    • wrong – Proven wrong. Examples: Wrong number of cards, or: says the box grants bike parts but also grants tech and engines.
    • misleading – Not really wrong but may lead players to wrong assumptions. Example: "Grants up to 8 Coins", but actually only grants 3, 5 or 8 Coins.
    • missing – Game does not provide description.

status sample space

  • Text. Result of sample space check, mostly derived from description but also with statistical means. One of the following options:
    • complete – Game specifies complete sample space (lists all possible outcomes).
    • wrong – Proven wrong. A wrong description does not necessarily lead to a wrong sample space specification. (Fictitious) example: "grants 3 cards that can be Advanced Tech or Mid Tech" when it actually only grants 2 cards. wrong overrides misleading and incomplete.
    • misleading – Mostly when the description implies that there are more possible outcomes than there actually are. Examples: "Grants 5 Blueprints", but hides that certain blueprints are not granted at all, or: "Grants up to 8 Coins", but actually only grants 3, 5 or 8 Coins. If a sample space specification is both misleading and incomplete, misleading overrides incomplete.
    • incomplete – Only a part of the sample space is published. This includes descriptions like "grants 5 Engine cards" without specifying how many different Engine cards exist.
    • missing – Game does not specify any sample space.

status drop rates

  • Text. Result of drop rate check, only possible with statistical means. One of the following options:
    • complete – Game specifies a drop rate for each possible outcome.
    • wrong – Proven wrong. Example: Box info says "100 % common" but box also grants rare items.
    • incomplete – Only a part of the drop rates is published, especially when drop rates are only provided for groups of outcomes, for example only for common, rare and legendary cards.
    • missing – Game does not provide any drop rates at all.

By rarity

8c, 8u, 8r, 8e, 8l

  • Number without percent sign. Drop rates of the v5.0 rarities common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary.

8extra, 8prime, 8superb, 8festival

  • Number without percent sign. Drop rates of the Vehicle Kit rarities extra, prime, superb, festival.

co, ra, le

  • Number without percent sign. Drop rates of the pre v5.0 rarities common, rare, legendary.

bp, pk, tk, cr

  • Number without percent sign. Drop rates of the first generation Festival Bundle rarities Blueprint Boxes, Pro Kit Boxes, Tokens, Credits.


  • 1 or yes for any of the availability parameters if the box can be obtained from the respective occasion.
  • Unused parameters an be deleted to keep the source code short.
  • Only displayed if style = compact (and if style = infobox, but the use of {{A8box}} for infoboxes is not recommended).
  • Activating more than one parameter generates a comma-separated list for style = compact.
  • Exception: The availability other parameter accepts free text and is passed through as-is. The text should be enclosed in brackets as it is added to the list without comma.
  • Example:
    {{A8box|Example Box|tle = 1|availability other = (or whatever)|style = compact}} gives:
No image available Example Box
Availability: Time-Limited Events (or whatever)


Pass-through parameters are not template-specific, but specified by the user inserting the template on a page in order to change its visual appearance. They are not overridden if a predefined template exists.


  • Text (second unnamed parameter). Suffix added to the box name to build plural forms.
  • Only displayed if style = inline or omitted.
  • Example:
    {{A8box|Example Box|es}} or
    {{A8box|Example Box|es|style = inline}} gives:
    No image available Example Boxes


  • Text.
  • Only displayed if style = compact or style = list.
  • Example:
    {{A8box|Daily Kit Box|comment = This is passed through.|style = compact}} gives:
Daily Kit Box Daily Kit Box † (free) – Last checked: Apr 26, 2020
"Grants 10 random cards! They can be Common, Rare or Legendary!"
A8BoxInfo.png Common: 54.93 % | Rare: 38.26 % | Legendary: 6.81 %
Mean value: Fusion Coins 1,019 per card
Availability: Reoccurring offer (every 24 hours, timer reset: claiming the box)
This is passed through.


  • Text. One of the style constants listed on Help:Pro Kit Box modular system: inline, compact, list, ..., to name the most important.
  • Defaults to inline if omitted. This makes boxes easy to mention in normal text without the need to specify parameters.
  • Example: {{A8box|Example Box}} and {{A8box|Example Box|style = inline}} both give No image available Example Box.


  • Text in image size syntax like in [[File:Example.png|60px]]. Sets the icon size.
  • Only used for style = icon.
  • size = 20px scales the icon to a width of 20 pixels (px),
    size = x20px scales it to a height of 20 px.
    size = 20x20px scales the icon to fit both width and height of 20 px.

Typical examples

Most uses require only a small subset of the parameters.

Normal text

A new box could be mentioned in the Gameplay changes section of an update page:

* Watching [[daily ads]] now grants {{A8box|Example Box|es|article=Pro Kit Box}} instead of {{Optimal Split Box|es}}.


Note that the article parameter turns the name of the Example Box into a link to the Pro Kit Box page. This link will be overriden when the box gets its own predefined template which links to the respective box article.

Compact overview

On the Pro Kit Box page, the box could be listed as follows:

  |Example Box
  |description=Grants all the good stuff!
  |availability other=Ask your local box dealer.


No image available Example Box
"Grants all the good stuff!"
A8BoxInfo.png Common: 1 % | Rare: 1 % | Legendary: 98 %
Availability:  Ask your local box dealer.

Special events

Special events like Championship, R&D and EDD use half-custom boxes. Expand the table to see an overview.

Championship R&D EDD
  • "A8box" can be used, but is obsolete.
  • {{Bulleted list}} inserts bulleted lists in templates and tables where it would be difficult to add them with normal wikitext.
  • {{Co}}, {{Ra}}, {{Le}} are shortcuts for the text color templates {{A8common}}, {{A8rare}} and {{A8legendary}}.
  • Note that the additional style= in {{A8boxinfo}} is omitted. It is not necessary in this case because in compact style, the box info is displayed as-is. In a table it would be necessary to specify style = table also in {{A8boxinfo}}.
{{A8Box|Championship Professional Box
  |vehicle=Ferrari 488 Pista
  |description=Grants 18 cards for the Ferrari 488 Pista!
  |comment=Observed: {{bulleted list
    |{{co|4 V8 Engines}}
    |{{ra|3 Mid-Tech}}
    |{{le|2 Advanced Tech}}
    |{{ra|9 Class S Parts}} (random)


Championship Professional Box Ferrari 488 Pista Championship Professional Box
"Grants 18 cards for the Ferrari 488 Pista!"
A8BoxInfo.png Common: 22.22 % | Rare: 66.67 % | Legendary: 11.11 %
  • 4 V8 Engines
  • 3 Mid-Tech
  • 2 Advanced Tech
  • 9 Class S Parts (random)
{{R&D Advanced Kit Box
  |description=Grants 10 cards for the Lotus Evora Sport 410!
  |comment=Observed: {{bulleted list
    |{{ra|2 Mid-Tech}}
    |{{co|2 Early or Initial Tech}}
    |{{co|6 Class B Parts (random)}}


R&D Advanced Kit Box R&D Advanced Kit Box (Type 2)
"Grants 10 cards for the Lotus Evora Sport 410!"
Rewarded for test: 35
A8BoxInfo.png Common: 80 % | Rare: 20 %
  • 2 Mid-Tech
  • 2 Early or Initial Tech
  • 6 Class B Parts (random)
{{EDD Rookie Box
  |description = Grants 4 cards for the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition!
  |boxinfo = {{A8BoxInfo|r=75|l=25}}
  |comment = Observed: {{bulleted list
    |{{le|1 Forced-Induction V8}}
    |{{ra|1 Mid-Tech}}
    |{{ra|2 Class S Parts (random)}}


EDD Rookie Box EDD Rookie Box
"Grants 4 cards for the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition!"
A8BoxInfo.png Rare: 75 % | Legendary: 25 %
  • 1x Forced-Induction V8
  • 1x Mid-Tech
  • 2x Class S Parts (random)

Technical details

As a first-level template, {{A8box}} passes its parameters to {{A8box-meta}} which routes them to the correct third-level metatemplate depending on the style parameter. The following overview shows all metatemplates acting "behind the scenes":

Color explanation: First level Templates used by editors in articles
Second level  Metatemplate routing parameters to third-level template according to style parameter
Third level Metatemplates defining the final display style

Predefined boxes

Template: Daily Kit Box {{Daily Kit Box}}
Template: Finish Line Box {{Finish Line Box}}
Template: Champion Kit Box {{Champion Kit Box}}
Half-custom boxes

Template:R&D Basic Kit Box {{R&D Basic Kit Box}}
Template:Championship Rookie Box {{Championship Rookie Box}}
Template: EDD Rookie Box {{EDD Rookie Box}}
Custom box

Table headers
↓ calls ↓ calls ↓ calls
↓ calls with style =
inline · [omitted] → {{A8box inline}}
compact → {{A8box compact}}
list → {{A8box list}}
icon → {{A8box icon}}
template → {{A8box template}}
infobox → {{A8box infobox}}
table · table festival · table full {{A8box table}} is used with → {{A8box table header}}
table mini → {{A8box table statistics mini}} is used with → {{A8box table header statistics mini}}
table cards · table common engines · table rare engines · table legendary engines · table tech · table parts {{A8box table statistics}} is used with → {{A8box table header statistics}}
table cards mincards · table common engines mincards · table rare engines mincards · table legendary engines mincards · table tech mincards ·
table parts mincards
{{A8box table statistics mincards}} is used with →
table maintenance→ {{A8box table statistics maintenance}} is used with → {{A8box table header statistics maintenance}}

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