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This is the {{A8box list}} template.

Color explanation: First level Templates used by editors in articles
Second level  Metatemplate routing parameters to third-level template according to style parameter
Third level Metatemplates defining the final display style

Predefined boxes

Template: Daily Kit Box {{Daily Kit Box}}
Template: Finish Line Box {{Finish Line Box}}
Template: Champion Kit Box {{Champion Kit Box}}
Half-custom boxes

Template:R&D Basic Kit Box {{R&D Basic Kit Box}}
Template:Championship Rookie Box {{Championship Rookie Box}}
Template: EDD Rookie Box {{EDD Rookie Box}}
Custom box

Table headers
↓ calls ↓ calls ↓ calls
↓ calls with style =
inline · [omitted] → {{A8box inline}}
compact → {{A8box compact}}
list → {{A8box list}}
icon → {{A8box icon}}
template → {{A8box template}}
infobox → {{A8box infobox}}
table · table festival · table full {{A8box table}} is used with → {{A8box table header}}
table mini → {{A8box table statistics mini}} is used with → {{A8box table header statistics mini}}
table cards · table common engines · table rare engines · table legendary engines · table tech · table parts {{A8box table statistics}} is used with → {{A8box table header statistics}}
table cards mincards · table common engines mincards · table rare engines mincards · table legendary engines mincards · table tech mincards ·
table parts mincards
{{A8box table statistics mincards}} is used with →
table maintenance→ {{A8box table statistics maintenance}} is used with → {{A8box table header statistics maintenance}}