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This is the {{A8card}} template. It displays every Asphalt 8 card.


{{a8card| name | size =}}



  • Optional. Unnamed parameter. The name of the card.
  • Text. Any card name. Not case-sensitive. Spaces, punctuation characters and the word "engine" are ignored, so the parameter is quite tolerant.
  • Examples:
    • V8 Engine, v8 or v 8-en..G ineA8V8Engine
    • Volkswagen I.D. R., volkswagenidr or volks-Wagen: Id/R!A8card Volkswagen I.D. R Kit
    • Epic Engine, epicengine or E-PIC :-)Epic engine card a8
  • If name is omitted or if the specified name does not exist, a generic card back is displayed: A8card back.
  • Note: Two Tech cards of Version 5.0.0 have the same name as pre-5.0.0 Tech cards. They need a trailing 5 to distinguish them from the pre-5.0.0 versions:
    • {{a8card|common tech}}A8CommonTech
    • {{a8card|common tech 5}}Common tech card a8
    • {{a8card|rare tech}}A8RareTech
    • {{a8card|rare tech 5}}Rare tech card a8


  • Optional. The size of the card to be displayed.
  • Defaults to x40px.

a8card and currency templates

Version 5.0 of Asphalt 8 has introduced certain amounts of single cards as rewards for Mastery races and Festival quests. Every v5.0 card can therefore be displayed in two ways:

  • As a single icon using {{A8card}}, for example in upgrade tables or card overviews.
  • As a currency unit using {{A8commontires}}, {{A8commonsuspension}} etc. when a quantification is needed, for example in reward overviews.
  • Every v5.0.0 card has its own currency template which works just the same as {{A8credits}}, {{A8tokens}} etc. Naming: a8 + card name in lower case without spaces, for example {{A8uncommondrivetrain}}.
  • This is only implemented for the new v5.0.0 cards. Tech card templates therefore do not have the trailing 5 in their name as their identifiers are unique.


  • Both examples display the same style, but the currency template is much shorter, with the advantage that numbers are automatically formatted.
    • {{a8uncommondrivetrain|1000}}Uncommon drivetrain card a8 1,000
    • {{a8card|uncommon drivetrain|size=x20px}} '''{{8u|1000}}'''Uncommon drivetrain card a8 1000
  • If a different icon size is desired, it is important to note that first-level currency templates do not have a size parameter, so the generic {{Currency}} would have to be used. In this case {{A8card}} is mostly the better choice. Besides, {{A8card}} does not modify the vertical image alignment, whereas the use of {{Currency}} can have unexpected results as it aligns icons to best fit in a line, mostly text-bottom, bottom or baseline, depending on the settings in {{Currency}}.
    • {{a8card|rare tech5|size=x70px}}Rare tech card a8 (not aligned = middle)
    • {{currency|type=a8raretech|size=x70px}}Rare tech card a8 (aligned = bottom)

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