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This is the {{A8common}} template.

It renders text in the Asphalt 8 specific light blue color for common items.


Pro Kits require 40 {{A8common|V8 Engines}}.

Which renders this:

Pro Kits require 40 V8 Engines.

Handling interpreted characters

Templates have problems to handle parameter data that contains equal signs "=" or vertical bars "|".

For text that includes an equal sign "=", precede the text with 1=. For example:

{{A8common|1=2 + 2 = 4}}

Which renders this:

2 + 2 = 4

For text that includes a vertical bar "|", escape the bar(s) with | or {{!}}. For instance like this:

{{A8common|&#124;2&#124; < 3}}

Or like this:

{{A8common|{{!}}2{{!}} < 3}}

Which renders this:

|2| < 3

See also

Asphalt 8 (v5.0 onward):

Asphalt 8 Vehicle Kits:

Asphalt Nitro and Asphalt 8 (until v4.9):

  • {{A8common}}, {{Co}} for common rarity
  • {{A8rare}}, {{Ra}} for rare rarity
  • {{A8legendary}}, {{Le}} for legendary rarity

Asphalt 9:


  • {{Color}}, the main template called by all text color templates
  • {{Color code}}, the container template for Asphalt-specific color definitions
  • {{Background color}}, sets the background color only
  • {{Font}}, can set font face, text color and background color
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