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This is the {{CarInfobox}} template.

Example usage:

| name = McLaren P1™ GTR
| image = McLaren P1 GTR stock + price.png
| make = McLaren
| origin = uk
| year = 2015
| game = [[Asphalt 8: Airborne]]
| disp = 3.8
| aspiration = T2H
| engine = V8
| extra = M838TQ
| power = 986
| torque = 737
| trans = 7-speed McLaren SSG dual-clutch automatic
| layout = RMR
| weight = 3133
| accel = 2.6
| vmax = 245
| related = [[McLaren P1™]] (base)


name = Car name (while "title" is the same parameter as "name", it is highly recommended to use "name" to bring up the "Cars" category.)
image = Image used (can be PNG or JPG, but PNG is recommended in most cases. Dimensions must not exceed 3000 for the width and 2500 for the height)
caption = Caption
make = Car's brand
origin = Country of origin (e.g. UK = United Kingdom)
year = Car's year model
game = ''Asphalt'' appearances for this car
type = Car type (e.g. production car, fictional car, race car, pre-tuned car, etc.)
type2 = Second car type (e.g. hypercar, Group C, Formula One, muscle car, tuner, etc.)
type3 = Third car type (e.g. Rally Car, Monster Truck, DTM, etc.)
disp = Engine displacement (in liters)
aspiration = Engine aspiration (e.g. T2H = Twin-Turbocharged Hybrid, NA = Naturally Aspirated, E = Electric)
engine = Engine type (e.g. i4, i5, i6, V6, V8, V10, V12, V16, VR6, W12, W16, F4, F6, F12)
extra = Any extra information for the engine (e.g. engine codename) (optional)
elec & electric = Used only for hybrid/electric cars and their battery types/electric motor types (both the elec and electric parameters must be exactly identical in order to show up)
power = Car's power output in horsepower (e.g. 900)
power2 = Car's power output in PS (e.g. 1360)
power3 = Car's power output in kW (e.g. 671)
torque = Car's torque output in ft⋅lb (e.g. 811)
torque2 = Car's torque output in N·m (mostly already calculated by default)
trans = Car's transmission (e.g. 7-speed dual-clutch automatic, 6-speed manual, Single-speed fixed gear)
layout = Car's engine and drive layout (e.g. RMR = Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive)
weight = Weight (in lbs); the kilogram weight will already be provided
accel = Car's 0-60 mph or 0-100 km/h acceleration time (e.g. 2.6 sec) (optional)
vmax = Car's top speed (e.g. 245 mph); speed in km/h will already be provided (optional)
related = Any cars this car is related to (optional)
aka = Alternate car names (optional)
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