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Normal Text and small text and normal text.

  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3
  • {{color|blacck|There's a typo.}} gives There's a typo
  • {{color|I forgot the color.}} gives I forgot the color
  • {{color|a8rare|A8 Rare}} gives A8 Rare
  • {{color|a8legendary|A8 Legendary}} gives A8 Legendary
  • {{color|a8credits|A8 Credits}} gives A8 Credits
  • {{color|a8tokens|A8 Tokens}} gives A8 Tokens
  • {{color|a8licenses|A8 Licenses}} gives A8 Licenses
  • {{color|a8coins|A8 5th Anniversary Coins}} gives A8 5th Anniversary Coins
  • {{color|a8hcoins|A8 Halloween Coins}} gives A8 Halloween Coins
  • {{color|ancredits|AN Credits}} gives AN Credits
  • {{color|antokens|AN Tokens}} gives AN Tokens
  • {{color|red|Red}} gives Red
  • {{color|green|Green}} gives Green
  • {{color|blue|Blue}} gives Blue
  • {{color|yellow|Yellow}} gives Yellow
  • {{color|white|White}} gives White
  • {{color|black|Black}} gives Black
  • {{color|#b000b5|Hex #b000b5}} gives Hex #b000b5
  • {{color|#b000b5}} gives #b000b5
  • {{color|cyan}} gives cyan