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| color:#ff0000">[unknown color: {{{1}}}&rarr;]&nbsp;<!--
| color:#ff0000">[unknown color: {{{1}}}&rarr;]&nbsp;<!--
-->|<span style="color:#ff0000">[no color&rarr;]</span> <!--
-->|<span style="background:grey;color:black">&nbsp;{{{1}}}&nbsp;</span><!--
--><span style="background:grey;color:black">&nbsp;{{{1}}}&nbsp;</span><!--
--><span style="color:#ff0000">[no color]</span> <!--

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[edit] Template-info.png Template documentation
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To avoid any disruptions and to save server load, any changes should first be tested in this template's /sandbox or /testcases subpage, or in your own user space. The tested changes can then be added in one single edit to this template. As a courtesy to other users, please discuss any changes at the talk page before implementing them.

This template can be used to specify the foreground color of a span of text. Acceptable values are

  • Asphalt-specific colors like a8rare, a8legendary, etc.,
  • RGB hex codes, e. g. #c9e72a, or
  • any of the web colors red, blue, green, moccasin, darkorchid, etc.

To set the background color of a span of text, use {{Background color}}.


{{color | <name of color> or <hex code of color> | <text>}}


  • {{color|a8rare|Hello, world!}}Hello, world!
  • {{color|#00f000|Hello, world!}}[unknown color: #00f000→] 

If the second parameter is omitted, the color value is displayed as text:

  • {{color|#00f000}} #00f000 [no color]
  • {{color|red}} red [no color]

Web colors

  • See Wikipedia: Web colors for a complete overview.

Asphalt colors

In-game text colors
Name Color Used for Corresponding text color template
a7highlight  #ffc600 [no color] Asphalt 7 highlighted text
a8common5  #bcd2fe [no color] Asphalt 8 common items (5.0) {{a8common5|Text}}[unknown color: a8common5→] 
a8uncommon5  #00dac2 [no color] Asphalt 8 uncommon items (5.0) {{a8uncommon5|Text}}[unknown color: a8uncommon5→] 
a8rare5  #0084ff [no color] Asphalt 8 rare items (5.0) {{a8rare5|Text}}[unknown color: a8rare5→] 
a8epic5  #ad00d6 [no color] Asphalt 8 epic items (5.0) {{a8epic5|Text}}[unknown color: a8epic5→] 
a8legendary5  #ff8300 [no color] Asphalt 8 legendary items (5.0) {{a8legendary5|Text}}[unknown color: a8legendary5→] 
a8common  #abd2ff [no color] Asphalt 8 common items (pre 5.0) {{a8common|Text}}[unknown color: a8common→] 
a8rare  #cf8df9 [no color] Asphalt 8 rare items (pre 5.0) {{a8rare|Text}}Text
a8legendary  #f8a400 [no color] Asphalt 8 legendary items (pre 5.0) {{a8legendary|Text}}Text
a8optimal  #c3835b [no color] Asphalt 8 optimal items {{a8optimal|Text}}[unknown color: a8optimal→] 
a8prime  #94b1d4 [no color] Asphalt 8 prime items {{a8prime|Text}}[unknown color: a8prime→] 
a8superb  #ffbf50 [no color] Asphalt 8 superb items {{a8superb|Text}}[unknown color: a8superb→] 
a8festival  #f77f21 [no color] Asphalt 8 Festival items {{a8festival|Text}}[unknown color: a8festival→] 
a9uncommon  #14bbe7 [no color] Asphalt 9 uncommon items {{a9uncommon|Text}}[unknown color: a9uncommon→] 
a9rare  #bf4cdc [no color] Asphalt 9 rare items {{a9rare|Text}}[unknown color: a9rare→] 
a9epic  #ffd800 [no color] Asphalt 9 epic items {{a9epic|Text}}[unknown color: a9epic→] 
asgray  #9cbebb [no color] Asphalt Streetstorm gray items {{asgray|Text}}[unknown color: asgray→] 
asgreen  #55c78e [no color] Asphalt Streetstorm green items {{asgreen|Text}}[unknown color: asgreen→] 
asorange  #ff714f [no color] Asphalt Streetstorm orange items {{asorange|Text}}[unknown color: asorange→] 
asblue  #8fbdff [no color] Asphalt Streetstorm blue items {{asblue|Text}}[unknown color: asblue→] 
asred  #ff3464 [no color] Asphalt Streetstorm red items {{asred|Text}}[unknown color: asred→] 
a8comet  #f182e6 [no color] Asphalt 8 Comet
a8disruptor  #7151ee [no color] Asphalt 8 Disruptor
a8forcefield  #13f7a7 [no color] Asphalt 8 Force Field
a8hyperboost  #ffbe00 [no color] Asphalt 8 Hyperboost
a8pulsewave  #2b9dfe [no color] Asphalt 8 Pulsewave
a8surgestrike  #ff0000 [no color] Asphalt 8 Surge Strike
a6highlight  #7be2ff [no color] Asphalt 6 highlighted text
a8highlight  #ff9600 [no color] Asphalt 8 highlighted text
a9highlight  #ff0054 [no color] Asphalt 9 highlighted text, primary
anhighlight  #ffc600 [no color] Asphalt Nitro highlighted text
aohighlight  #ec008c [no color] Asphalt Overdrive highlighted text
aoblue  #00aeef [no color] Asphalt Overdrive blue text, secondary
aodarkblue  #0d7095 [no color] Asphalt Overdrive dark blue text, secondary
aopower  #00ff00 [no color] Asphalt Overdrive power increase text
axhighlight  #ffa904 [no color] Asphalt Xtreme highlighted text
a9green  #c3fb12 [no color] Asphalt 9 green, primary
a9cyan  #33eff9 [no color] Asphalt 9 cyan text, secondary
a9blue  #2152ad [no color] Asphalt 9 blue text, secondary
a9grey  #3f4b57 [no color] Asphalt 9 grey text, secondary
a9yellow  #ffd300 [no color] Asphalt 9 yellow text, secondary
Asphalt Wiki currency text colors
Name Color Used for Corresponding currency template
a7dollars  #a1e157 [no color] Asphalt 7 Dollars {{a7dollars|Text}}Dollars [unknown color: a7dollars→] 
a8bpcc  #abd2ff [no color] Asphalt 8 common car Blueprints {{a8bpcc|Text}}Common Car Blueprints [unknown color: a8bpcc→] 
a8bpbc  #abd2ff [no color] Asphalt 8 common bike Blueprints {{a8bpbc|Text}}Common Bike Blueprints [unknown color: a8bpbc→] 
a8bpcr  #cf8df9 [no color] Asphalt 8 rare car Blueprints {{a8bpcr|Text}}Rare Car Blueprints [unknown color: a8bpcr→] 
a8bpcl  #f8a400 [no color] Asphalt 8 legendary car Blueprints {{a8bpcl|Text}}Legendary Car Blueprints [unknown color: a8bpcl→] 
a8bpbl  #f8a400 [no color] Asphalt 8 legendary bike Blueprints {{a8bpbl|Text}}Legendary Bike Blueprints [unknown color: a8bpbl→] 
a8coins  #faa706 [no color] Asphalt 8 5th Anniversary Coins {{a8coins|Text}}Anniversary Coins Text
a86coins  #faa706 [no color] Asphalt 8 6th Anniversary Coins {{a86coins|Text}}Festival Coins [unknown color: a86coins→] 
a8credits  #fddc05 [no color] Asphalt 8 Credits {{a8credits|Text}}Credits Text
a8enduro  #fdab00 [no color] Asphalt 8 Enduro Points {{a8enduro|Text}}Enduro Points [unknown color: a8enduro→] 
a8fcoins  #0072ff [no color] Asphalt 8 Snowflurry Festival Coins {{a8fcoins|Text}}Festival Coins [unknown color: a8fcoins→] 
a8flcoins  #faa706 [no color] Asphalt 8 Fast-Lane Festival Coins {{a8flcoins|Text}}Festival Coins [unknown color: a8flcoins→] 
a8nycoins  #faa706 [no color] Asphalt 8 New Year Festival Coins {{a8nycoins|Text}}Festival Coins [unknown color: a8nycoins→] 
a8fuel  #faa706 [no color] Asphalt 8 Fuel {{a8fuel|Text}}Fuel [unknown color: a8fuel→] 
a8fusion  #fead00 [no color] Asphalt 8 Fusion Points {{a8fusion|Text}}Fusion Points [unknown color: a8fusion→] 
a8fusioncoins  #dd81fe [no color] Asphalt 8 Fusion Coins {{a8fusioncoins|Text}}Fusion Coins [unknown color: a8fusioncoins→] 
a8hcoins  #faa706 [no color] Asphalt 8 Halloween Festival Coins {{a8hcoins|Text}}Halloween Coins Text
a8fan  #faa706 [no color] Asphalt 8 World Tour Fan Points {{a8fan|Text}}Fan Points [unknown color: a8fan→] 
a8helmets  #ffca00 [no color] Asphalt 8 Helmets {{a8helmets|Text}}Helmets [unknown color: a8helmets→] 
a8licenses  #e09529 [no color] Asphalt 8 Licenses {{a8licenses|Text}}Licenses Text
a8scoins  #e00f7f [no color] Asphalt 8 Showdown Festival Coins {{a8scoins|Text}}Festival Coins [unknown color: a8scoins→] 
a8stars  #faa706 [no color] Asphalt 8 Stars {{a8stars|Text}}Stars [unknown color: a8stars→] 
a8bluestars  #35d0fe [no color] Asphalt 8 Blue Stars {{a8bluestars|Text}}Blue Stars [unknown color: a8bluestars→] 
a8tickets  #a4b9cB [no color] Asphalt 8 Season Tickets {{a8tickets|Text}}Season Tickets [unknown color: a8tickets→] 
a8gauntlettickets  #ffffff [no color] Asphalt 8 Gauntlet Tickets {{a8gauntlettickets|Text}}Gauntlet Tickets [unknown color: a8gauntlettickets→] 
a8goldengauntlettickets  #f5c106 [no color] Asphalt 8 Golden Gauntlet Tickets {{a8goldengauntlettickets|Text}}Golden Gauntlet Tickets [unknown color: a8goldengauntlettickets→] 
a8gauntletbadges  #ff474a [no color] Asphalt 8 Gauntlet Badges {{a8gauntletbadges|Text}}Gauntlet Badges [unknown color: a8gauntletbadges→] 
a8tokens  #31f3fa [no color] Asphalt 8 Tokens {{a8tokens|Text}}Tokens Text
a8viplevel  #d5d4d4 [no color] Asphalt 8 VIP Level {{a8viplevel|Text}}VIP Level[unknown color: a8viplevel→] 
a8vippoints  #d5d4d4 [no color] Asphalt 8 VIP Points {{a8vippoints|Text}}VIP Points [unknown color: a8vippoints→] 
a9credits  #ffc600 [no color] Asphalt 9 Credits {{a9credits|Text}}Credits [unknown color: a9credits→] 
a9seriesscore  #7e38ce [no color] Asphalt 9 Series Score {{a9seriesscore|Text}}Series Score [unknown color: a9seriesscore→] 
a9tickets  #ffffff [no color] Asphalt 9 Tickets {{a9tickets|Text}}Tickets [unknown color: a9tickets→] 
a9tokens  #0090ff [no color] Asphalt 9 Tokens {{a9tokens|Text}}Tokens [unknown color: a9tokens→] 
a9syndcoins  #ad9bf3 [no color] Asphalt 9 Syndicate Coins {{a9syndcoins|Text}}Syndicate Coins [unknown color: a9syndcoins→] 
a9syndpoints  #00defd [no color] Asphalt 9 Syndicate Points {{a9syndpoints|Text}}Syndicate Points [unknown color: a9syndpoints→] 
a9hazard  #fa0452 [no color] Asphalt 9 Hazard {{a9hazard|Text}}Hazard [unknown color: a9hazard→] 
a9keys  #3865c42 [no color] Asphalt 9 Keys {{a9keys|Text}}Keys [unknown color: a9keys→] 
a9lp  #ffffff [no color] Asphalt 9 Legend Points {{a9lp|Text}}[unknown color: a9lp→]  Legend Points
a9tradecoins  #ff0054 [no color] Asphalt 9 Trade Coins {{a9tradecoins|Text}}Trade Coins [unknown color: a9tradecoins→] 
a9bp  #d5d4d4 [no color] Asphalt 9 Blueprints (neutral) {{a9bp|Text}}Blueprints [unknown color: a9bp→] 
a9bpu  #14bbe7 [no color] Asphalt 9 uncomon Blueprints {{a9bpu|Text}}Uncommon Blueprints [unknown color: a9bpu→] 
a9bpr  #bf4cdc [no color] Asphalt 9 rare Blueprints {{a9bpr|Text}}Rare Blueprints [unknown color: a9bpr→] 
a9bpe  #ffd800 [no color] Asphalt 9 epic Blueprints {{a9bpe|Text}}Epic Blueprints [unknown color: a9bpe→] 
9cvouchers  #e78915 [no color] Asphalt 9 China Vouchers {{9cvouchers|Text}}Vouchers [unknown color: 9cvouchers→] 
ancredits  #2697cc [no color] Asphalt Nitro Credits {{ancredits|Text}}Credits Text
ancreditswhite  #ffffff [no color] Asphalt Nitro Credits white {{ancreditswhite|Text}}Credits [unknown color: ancreditswhite→] 
antokens  #3bc214 [no color] Asphalt Nitro Tokens {{antokens|Text}}Tokens Text
anfuel  #00aadf [no color] Asphalt Nitro Fuel {{anfuel|Text}}Fuel [unknown color: anfuel→] 
anstars  #f7bb00 [no color] Asphalt Nitro Stars {{anstars|Text}}Stars [unknown color: anstars→] 
anvipcoins  #f9bd00 [no color] Asphalt Nitro VIP Coins {{anvipcoins|Text}}VIP Coins [unknown color: anvipcoins→] 
anviplevel  #f9bd00 [no color] Asphalt Nitro VIP Level {{anviplevel|Text}}VIP Level [unknown color: anviplevel→] 
aobills  #56a03b [no color] Asphalt Overdrive Bills {{aobills|Text}}[unknown color: aobills→]  Bills
aoenergy  #f755b5 [no color] Asphalt Overdrive Energy {{aoenergy|Text}}[unknown color: aoenergy→]  Energy
aogold  #ef9a10 [no color] Asphalt Overdrive Gold {{aogold|Text}}[unknown color: aogold→]  Gold
aostars  #efc229 [no color] Asphalt Overdrive Stars {{aostars|Text}}[unknown color: aostars→]  Stars
ascash  #84c6d2 [no color] Asphalt Streetstorm Cash {{ascash|Text}}[unknown color: ascash→]  Cash
asdiamonds  #00def0 [no color] Asphalt Streetstorm Diamonds {{asdiamonds|Text}}[unknown color: asdiamonds→]  Diamonds
asbp  #00adf1 [no color] Asphalt Streetstorm Blueprints {{asbp|Text}}[unknown color: asbp→]  Blueprints
assubscribers  #70ffff [no color] Asphalt Streetstorm Subscribers {{assubscribers|Text}}[unknown color: assubscribers→]  Subscribers
aseventpoints  #70ffff [no color] Asphalt Streetstorm Event Points {{aseventpoints|Text}}[unknown color: aseventpoints→]  Event Points
asdriverrating  #70ffff [no color] Asphalt Streetstorm Driver Rating {{asdriverrating|Text}}[unknown color: asdriverrating→]  Driver Rating
axcredits  #ffa904 [no color] Asphalt Xtreme Credits {{axcredits|Text}}Credits [unknown color: axcredits→] 
axtokens  #31f3fa [no color] Asphalt Xtreme Tokens {{axtokens|Text}}Tokens [unknown color: axtokens→] 
axtickets  #e99e13 [no color] Asphalt Xtreme Tickets {{axtickets|Text}}Tickets [unknown color: axtickets→] 
axbp  #d5d4d4 [no color] Asphalt Xtreme Blueprints (neutral) {{axbp|Text}}Blueprints [unknown color: axbp→] 
axbpd  #618d91 [no color] Asphalt Xtreme Class-D Blueprints {{axbpd|Text}}Class-D Blueprints [unknown color: axbpd→] 
axbpc  #0885c0 [no color] Asphalt Xtreme Class-C Blueprints {{axbpc|Text}}Class-C Blueprints [unknown color: axbpc→] 
axbpb  #674f96 [no color] Asphalt Xtreme Class-B Blueprints {{axbpb|Text}}Class-B Blueprints [unknown color: axbpb→] 
axbpa  #ee810a [no color] Asphalt Xtreme Class-A Blueprints {{axbpa|Text}}Class-A Blueprints [unknown color: axbpa→] 
axbps  #f8c21e [no color] Asphalt Xtreme Class-S Blueprints {{axbps|Text}}Class-S Blueprints [unknown color: axbps→] 
axstars  #ffa904 [no color] Asphalt Xtreme Stars {{axstars|Text}}Stars [unknown color: axstars→] 

Technical details

Before applying a color, {{Color}} calls {{Color code}} to see if there is an Asphalt-specific color name to be used.

To add a new color definition, go to {{Color code}} and follow the instructions in the "Adding new colors" section.

See also

Text color templates: Asphalt 9:

  • {{A9uncommon}}, {{9u}} for [unknown color: a9uncommon→]  rarity
  • {{A9rare}}, {{9r}} for [unknown color: a9rare→]  rarity
  • {{A9epic}}, {{9e}} for [unknown color: a9epic→]  rarity

Asphalt Streetstorm:

  • {{Asgray}} for [unknown color: asgray→]  rarity
  • {{Asgreen}} for [unknown color: asgreen→]  rarity
  • {{Asorange}} for [unknown color: asorange→]  rarity
  • {{Asblue}} for [unknown color: asblue→]  rarity
  • {{Asred}} for [unknown color: asred→]  rarity

Asphalt 8 (v5.0 onward):

  • {{A8common5}}, {{8c}} for [unknown color: a8common5→]  rarity
  • {{A8uncommon5}}, {{8u}} for [unknown color: a8uncommon5→]  rarity
  • {{A8rare5}}, {{8r}} for [unknown color: a8rare5→]  rarity
  • {{A8epic5}}, {{8e}} for [unknown color: a8epic5→]  rarity
  • {{A8legendary5}}, {{8l}} for [unknown color: a8legendary5→]  rarity

Asphalt 8 Vehicle Kits:

  • {{A8optimal}} for [unknown color: a8optimal→]  rarity
  • {{A8prime}} for [unknown color: a8prime→]  rarity
  • {{A8superb}} for [unknown color: a8superb→]  rarity
  • {{A8festival}} for [unknown color: a8festival→]  rarity

Asphalt Nitro and Asphalt 8 (until v4.9):


  • {{Color}}, the main template called by all text color templates
  • {{Color code}}, the container template for Asphalt-specific color definitions
  • {{Background color}}, sets the background color only
  • {{Font}}, can set font face, text color and background color

Currency templates: Asphalt 9 China:

Asphalt 9:

Asphalt Streetstorm:

Asphalt Xtreme:

Asphalt Nitro:

Asphalt Overdrive:

Asphalt 8:

Asphalt 7:


  • {{Currency}}, the metatemplate called by all currency templates