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This template can be used to specify the foreground color of a span of text. Acceptable values are

  • Asphalt-specific colors like a8rare, a8legendary, etc.,
  • RGB hex codes, e. g. #c9e72a, or
  • any of the web colors red, blue, green, moccasin, darkorchid, etc.

To set the background color of a span of text, use {{Background color}}.


{{color | <name of color> or <hex code of color> | <text>}}


  • {{color|a8rare|Hello, world!}}Hello, world!
  • {{color|#00f000|Hello, world!}}#00f000 (no color)

If the second parameter is omitted, the color value is displayed as text:

  • {{color|#00f000}}
  • {{color|red}}

Web colors

  • See Wikipedia: Web colors for a complete overview.

Asphalt colors

In-game text colors
Name Color Used for Corresponding text color template
a7highlight Asphalt 7 highlighted text
a8common5 Asphalt 8 common items (5.0) {{a8common5|Text}}a8common5 (no color)
a8uncommon5 Asphalt 8 uncommon items (5.0) {{a8uncommon5|Text}}a8uncommon5 (no color)
a8rare5 Asphalt 8 rare items (5.0) {{a8rare5|Text}}a8rare5 (no color)
a8epic5 Asphalt 8 epic items (5.0) {{a8epic5|Text}}a8epic5 (no color)
a8legendary5 Asphalt 8 legendary items (5.0) {{a8legendary5|Text}}a8legendary5 (no color)
a8common Asphalt 8 common items (pre 5.0) {{a8common|Text}}a8common (no color)
a8rare Asphalt 8 rare items (pre 5.0) {{a8rare|Text}}Text
a8legendary Asphalt 8 legendary items (pre 5.0) {{a8legendary|Text}}Text
a8optimal Asphalt 8 optimal items {{a8optimal|Text}}a8optimal (no color)
a8prime Asphalt 8 prime items {{a8prime|Text}}a8prime (no color)
a8superb Asphalt 8 superb items {{a8superb|Text}}a8superb (no color)
a8festival Asphalt 8 Festival items {{a8festival|Text}}a8festival (no color)
a9uncommon Asphalt 9 uncommon items {{a9uncommon|Text}}a9uncommon (no color)
a9rare Asphalt 9 rare items {{a9rare|Text}}a9rare (no color)
a9epic Asphalt 9 epic items {{a9epic|Text}}a9epic (no color)
asgray Asphalt Streetstorm gray items {{asgray|Text}}asgray (no color)
asgreen Asphalt Streetstorm green items {{asgreen|Text}}asgreen (no color)
asorange Asphalt Streetstorm orange items {{asorange|Text}}asorange (no color)
asblue Asphalt Streetstorm blue items {{asblue|Text}}asblue (no color)
asred Asphalt Streetstorm red items {{asred|Text}}asred (no color)
a8comet Asphalt 8 Comet
a8disruptor Asphalt 8 Disruptor
a8forcefield Asphalt 8 Force Field
a8hyperboost Asphalt 8 Hyperboost
a8pulsewave Asphalt 8 Pulsewave
a8surgestrike Asphalt 8 Surge Strike
a6highlight Asphalt 6 highlighted text
a8highlight Asphalt 8 highlighted text
a9highlight Asphalt 9 highlighted text, primary
anhighlight Asphalt Nitro highlighted text
aohighlight Asphalt Overdrive highlighted text
aoblue Asphalt Overdrive blue text, secondary
aodarkblue Asphalt Overdrive dark blue text, secondary
aopower Asphalt Overdrive power increase text
axhighlight Asphalt Xtreme highlighted text
a9green Asphalt 9 green, primary
a9cyan Asphalt 9 cyan text, secondary
a9blue Asphalt 9 blue text, secondary
a9grey Asphalt 9 grey text, secondary
a9yellow Asphalt 9 yellow text, secondary
Asphalt Wiki currency text colors
Name Color Used for Corresponding currency template
a7dollars Asphalt 7 Dollars {{a7dollars|Text}}Dollars a7dollars (no color)
a8bpcc Asphalt 8 common car Blueprints {{a8bpcc|Text}}Common Car Blueprints a8bpcc (no color)
a8bpbc Asphalt 8 common bike Blueprints {{a8bpbc|Text}}Common Bike Blueprints a8bpbc (no color)
a8bpcr Asphalt 8 rare car Blueprints {{a8bpcr|Text}}Rare Car Blueprints a8bpcr (no color)
a8bpcl Asphalt 8 legendary car Blueprints {{a8bpcl|Text}}Legendary Car Blueprints a8bpcl (no color)
a8bpbl Asphalt 8 legendary bike Blueprints {{a8bpbl|Text}}Legendary Bike Blueprints a8bpbl (no color)
a8coins Asphalt 8 5th Anniversary Coins {{a8coins|Text}}Anniversary Coins a8coins (no color)
a86coins Asphalt 8 6th Anniversary Coins {{a86coins|Text}}Festival Coins a86coins (no color)
a8credits Asphalt 8 Credits {{a8credits|Text}}Credits a8credits (no color)
a8enduro Asphalt 8 Enduro Points {{a8enduro|Text}}Enduro Points a8enduro (no color)
a8fcoins Asphalt 8 Snowflurry Festival Coins {{a8fcoins|Text}}Festival Coins a8fcoins (no color)
a8flcoins Asphalt 8 Fast-Lane Festival Coins {{a8flcoins|Text}}Festival Coins a8flcoins (no color)
a8nycoins Asphalt 8 New Year Festival Coins {{a8nycoins|Text}}Festival Coins a8nycoins (no color)
a8fuel Asphalt 8 Fuel {{a8fuel|Text}}Fuel a8fuel (no color)
a8fusion Asphalt 8 Fusion Points {{a8fusion|Text}}Fusion Points a8fusion (no color)
a8fusioncoins Asphalt 8 Fusion Coins {{a8fusioncoins|Text}}Fusion Coins a8fusioncoins (no color)
a8hcoins Asphalt 8 Halloween Festival Coins {{a8hcoins|Text}}Halloween Coins a8hcoins (no color)
a8fan Asphalt 8 World Tour Fan Points {{a8fan|Text}}Fan Points a8fan (no color)
a8helmets Asphalt 8 Helmets {{a8helmets|Text}}Helmets a8helmets (no color)
a8licenses Asphalt 8 Licenses {{a8licenses|Text}}Licenses a8licenses (no color)
a8scoins Asphalt 8 Showdown Festival Coins {{a8scoins|Text}}Festival Coins a8scoins (no color)
a8stars Asphalt 8 Stars {{a8stars|Text}}Stars a8stars (no color)
a8bluestars Asphalt 8 Blue Stars {{a8bluestars|Text}}Blue Stars a8bluestars (no color)
a8tickets Asphalt 8 Season Tickets {{a8tickets|Text}}Season Tickets a8tickets (no color)
a8gauntlettickets Asphalt 8 Gauntlet Tickets {{a8gauntlettickets|Text}}Gauntlet Tickets a8gauntlettickets (no color)
a8goldengauntlettickets Asphalt 8 Golden Gauntlet Tickets {{a8goldengauntlettickets|Text}}Golden Gauntlet Tickets a8goldengauntlettickets (no color)
a8gauntletbadges Asphalt 8 Gauntlet Badges {{a8gauntletbadges|Text}}Gauntlet Badges a8gauntletbadges (no color)
a8tokens Asphalt 8 Tokens {{a8tokens|Text}}Tokens a8tokens (no color)
a8viplevel Asphalt 8 VIP Level {{a8viplevel|Text}}VIP Levela8viplevel (no color)
a8vippoints Asphalt 8 VIP Points {{a8vippoints|Text}}VIP Points a8vippoints (no color)
a9credits Asphalt 9 Credits {{a9credits|Text}}Credits a9credits (no color)
a9seriesscore Asphalt 9 Series Score {{a9seriesscore|Text}}Series Score a9seriesscore (no color)
a9tickets Asphalt 9 Tickets {{a9tickets|Text}}Tickets a9tickets (no color)
a9tokens Asphalt 9 Tokens {{a9tokens|Text}}Tokens a9tokens (no color)
a9syndcoins Asphalt 9 Syndicate Coins {{a9syndcoins|Text}}Syndicate Coins a9syndcoins (no color)
a9syndpoints Asphalt 9 Syndicate Points {{a9syndpoints|Text}}Syndicate Points a9syndpoints (no color)
a9hazard Asphalt 9 Hazard {{a9hazard|Text}}Hazard a9hazard (no color)
a9keys Asphalt 9 Keys {{a9keys|Text}}Keys a9keys (no color)
a9lp Asphalt 9 Legend Points {{a9lp|Text}}a9lp (no color) Legend Points
a9tradecoins Asphalt 9 Trade Coins {{a9tradecoins|Text}}Trade Coins a9tradecoins (no color)
a9bp Asphalt 9 Blueprints (neutral) {{a9bp|Text}}Blueprints a9bp (no color)
a9bpu Asphalt 9 uncomon Blueprints {{a9bpu|Text}}Uncommon Blueprints a9bpu (no color)
a9bpr Asphalt 9 rare Blueprints {{a9bpr|Text}}Rare Blueprints a9bpr (no color)
a9bpe Asphalt 9 epic Blueprints {{a9bpe|Text}}Epic Blueprints a9bpe (no color)
9cvouchers Asphalt 9 China Vouchers {{9cvouchers|Text}}Vouchers 9cvouchers (no color)
ancredits Asphalt Nitro Credits {{ancredits|Text}}Credits ANCredits (no color)
ancreditswhite Asphalt Nitro Credits white {{ancreditswhite|Text}}Credits ancreditswhite (no color)
antokens Asphalt Nitro Tokens {{antokens|Text}}Tokens ANTokens (no color)
anfuel Asphalt Nitro Fuel {{anfuel|Text}}Fuel anfuel (no color)
anstars Asphalt Nitro Stars {{anstars|Text}}Stars anstars (no color)
anvipcoins Asphalt Nitro VIP Coins {{anvipcoins|Text}}VIP Coins anvipcoins (no color)
anviplevel Asphalt Nitro VIP Level {{anviplevel|Text}}VIP Level anviplevel (no color)
aobills Asphalt Overdrive Bills {{aobills|Text}}aobills (no color) Bills
aoenergy Asphalt Overdrive Energy {{aoenergy|Text}}aoenergy (no color) Energy
aogold Asphalt Overdrive Gold {{aogold|Text}}aogold (no color) Gold
aostars Asphalt Overdrive Stars {{aostars|Text}}aostars (no color) Stars
ascash Asphalt Streetstorm Cash {{ascash|Text}}ascash (no color) Cash
asdiamonds Asphalt Streetstorm Diamonds {{asdiamonds|Text}}asdiamonds (no color) Diamonds
asbp Asphalt Streetstorm Blueprints {{asbp|Text}}asbp (no color) Blueprints
assubscribers Asphalt Streetstorm Subscribers {{assubscribers|Text}}assubscribers (no color) Subscribers
aseventpoints Asphalt Streetstorm Event Points {{aseventpoints|Text}}aseventpoints (no color) Event Points
asdriverrating Asphalt Streetstorm Driver Rating {{asdriverrating|Text}}asdriverrating (no color) Driver Rating
axcredits Asphalt Xtreme Credits {{axcredits|Text}}Credits axcredits (no color)
axtokens Asphalt Xtreme Tokens {{axtokens|Text}}Tokens axtokens (no color)
axtickets Asphalt Xtreme Tickets {{axtickets|Text}}Tickets axtickets (no color)
axbp Asphalt Xtreme Blueprints (neutral) {{axbp|Text}}Blueprints axbp (no color)
axbpd Asphalt Xtreme Class-D Blueprints {{axbpd|Text}}Class-D Blueprints axbpd (no color)
axbpc Asphalt Xtreme Class-C Blueprints {{axbpc|Text}}Class-C Blueprints axbpc (no color)
axbpb Asphalt Xtreme Class-B Blueprints {{axbpb|Text}}Class-B Blueprints axbpb (no color)
axbpa Asphalt Xtreme Class-A Blueprints {{axbpa|Text}}Class-A Blueprints axbpa (no color)
axbps Asphalt Xtreme Class-S Blueprints {{axbps|Text}}Class-S Blueprints axbps (no color)
axstars Asphalt Xtreme Stars {{axstars|Text}}Stars axstars (no color)

Technical details

Before applying a color, {{Color}} calls {{Color code}} to see if there is an Asphalt-specific color name to be used.

To add a new color definition, go to {{Color code}} and follow the instructions in the "Adding new colors" section.

See also

Text color templates: Asphalt 9:

  • {{A9uncommon}}, {{9u}} for a9uncommon (no color) rarity
  • {{A9rare}}, {{9r}} for a9rare (no color) rarity
  • {{A9epic}}, {{9e}} for a9epic (no color) rarity

Asphalt Streetstorm:

  • {{Asgray}} for asgray (no color) rarity
  • {{Asgreen}} for asgreen (no color) rarity
  • {{Asorange}} for asorange (no color) rarity
  • {{Asblue}} for asblue (no color) rarity
  • {{Asred}} for asred (no color) rarity

Asphalt 8 (v5.0 onward):

Asphalt 8 Vehicle Kits:

  • {{A8optimal}} for a8optimal (no color) rarity
  • {{A8prime}} for a8prime (no color) rarity
  • {{A8superb}} for a8superb (no color) rarity
  • {{A8festival}} for a8festival (no color) rarity

Asphalt Nitro and Asphalt 8 (until v4.9):


  • {{Color}}, the main template called by all text color templates
  • {{Color code}}, the container template for Asphalt-specific color definitions
  • {{Background color}}, sets the background color only
  • {{Font}}, can set font face, text color and background color

Currency templates: Asphalt 9 China:

Asphalt 9:

Asphalt Streetstorm:

Asphalt Xtreme:

Asphalt Nitro:

Asphalt Overdrive:

Asphalt 8:

Asphalt 7:


  • {{Currency}}, the metatemplate called by all currency templates