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This template produces the hexadecimal color definitions for

  • Asphalt-specific colors reproduced in this Wiki (like #cf8df9 for rare items)
  • colors specific to Asphalt Wiki (like #31f3fa for A8 tokens full Asphalt 8 Tokens)

Its aim is to provide "telling names" for frequently used colors so that editors don't have to look up hexadecimal codes every time they want to give a specific color to text or other article elements.


{{color code| <name of color> }}


  • {{color code|a8rare}} → #cf8df9
  • {{color code|#00f000}} → #00f000
  • {{color code|red}} → red

{{Color code}} can be used at any place where a hexadecimal color definition is needed:

  • <span style="background:{{color code|a8coins}}">Text</span>Text

Please note that {{Color code}}

  • does not render text in the specified color. It only translates a color name into the corresponding hexadecimal code.
  • does not translate any web colors like "red" or "green". It is solely made for colors specific to this wiki and the Asphalt games.

See {{Color}} if you want to render text in a certain color.

Asphalt colors

In-game text colors
Name Color Used for Corresponding text color template
a7highlight #ffc600 Asphalt 7 highlighted text
a8common #abd2ff Asphalt 8 common items {{a8common|Text}}Text
a8rare #cf8df9 Asphalt 8 rare items {{a8rare|Text}}Text
a8legendary #f8a400 Asphalt 8 legendary items {{a8legendary|Text}}Text
a9uncommon #14bbe7 Asphalt 9 uncommon items {{a9uncommon|Text}}Text
a9rare #bf4cdc Asphalt 9 rare items {{a9rare|Text}}Text
a9epic #ffd800 Asphalt 9 epic items {{a9epic|Text}}Text
a8comet #f182e6 Asphalt 8 Comet
a8disruptor #7151ee Asphalt 8 Disruptor
a8forcefield #13f7a7 Asphalt 8 Force Field
a8hyperboost #ffbe00 Asphalt 8 Hyperboost
a8pulsewave #2b9dfe Asphalt 8 Pulsewave
a8surgestrike #ff0000 Asphalt 8 Surge Strike
a6highlight #7be2ff Asphalt 6 highlighted text
a8highlight #faa706 Asphalt 8 highlighted text
a9highlight #ff0054 Asphalt 9 highlighted text, primary
axhighlight #ffa904 Asphalt Xtreme highlighted text
a9green #c3fb12 Asphalt 9 green, primary
a9cyan #33eff9 Asphalt 9 cyan text, secondary
a9blue #2152ad Asphalt 9 blue text, secondary
a9grey #3f4b57 Asphalt 9 grey text, secondary
a9yellow #ffd300 Asphalt 9 yellow text, secondary
Asphalt Wiki currency text colors
Name Color Used for Corresponding currency template
a7dollars #a1e157 Asphalt 7 Dollars {{a7dollars|Text}}Dollars full a7 Text
a8coins #ff4825 Asphalt 8 5th Anniversary Coins {{a8coins|Text}}A8AnniversaryCoins Text
a86coins #ff4825 Asphalt 8 6th Anniversary Coins {{a86coins|Text}}A8 6th anniversary festival coins full Text
a8credits #fddc05 Asphalt 8 Credits {{a8credits|Text}}A8 credits small Text
a8enduro #fdab00 Asphalt 8 Enduro Points {{a8enduro|Text}}A8EnduroPoints Text
a8fcoins #0072ff Asphalt 8 Snowflurry Festival Coins {{a8fcoins|Text}}A8 festival coins small Text
a8flcoins #ff4825 Asphalt 8 Fast-Lane Festival Coins {{a8flcoins|Text}}A8 flcoins small Text
a8fuel #faa706 Asphalt 8 Fuel {{a8fuel|Text}}Fuel small a8 Text
a8fusion #fead00 Asphalt 8 Fusion Points {{a8fusion|Text}}A8Fusionpoints Text
a8hcoins #ff4825 Asphalt 8 Halloween Festival Coins {{a8hcoins|Text}}A8HalloweenCoins Text
a8fan #d13206 Asphalt 8 World Tour Fan Points {{a8fan|Text}}A8 fan points full Text
a8licenses #e09529 Asphalt 8 Licenses {{a8licenses|Text}}Licenses full a8 Text
a8scoins #e00f7f Asphalt 8 Showdown Festival Coins {{a8scoins|Text}}A8 showdown festival coins full Text
a8stars #faa706 Asphalt 8 Stars {{a8stars|Text}}Stars small a8 Text
a8tokens #31f3fa Asphalt 8 Tokens {{a8tokens|Text}}A8 tokens full Text
a9credits #ffc600 Asphalt 9 Credits {{a9credits|Text}}Credits small a9 Text
a9tokens #0090ff Asphalt 9 Tokens {{a9tokens|Text}}Tokens small a9 Text
a9tradecoins #ff0054 Asphalt 9 Trade Coins {{a9tradecoins|Text}}Trade coins small a9 Text
a9bp #d5d4d4 Asphalt 9 Blueprints (neutral) {{a9bp|Text}}Blueprint a9 Text
a9bpu #14bbe7 Asphalt 9 uncomon Blueprints {{a9bpu|Text}}Blueprint uncommon a9 Text
a9bpr #bf4cdc Asphalt 9 rare Blueprints {{a9bpr|Text}}Blueprint rare a9 Text
a9bpe #ffd800 Asphalt 9 epic Blueprints {{a9bpe|Text}}Blueprint epic a9 Text
ancredits #2697cc Asphalt Nitro Credits {{ancredits|Text}}An credits small transparent Text
antokens #3bc214 Asphalt Nitro Tokens {{antokens|Text}}An tokens small Text
anfuel #00aadf Asphalt Nitro Fuel {{anfuel|Text}}Fuel small an Text
anstars #f7bb00 Asphalt Nitro Stars {{anstars|Text}}Stars full an Text
ascash #84c6d2 Asphalt Streetstorm Cash {{ascash|Text}}Text Cash small as
asdiamonds #00def0 Asphalt Streetstorm Diamonds {{asdiamonds|Text}}Text Diamonds small as
axcredits #ffa904 Asphalt Xtreme Credits {{axcredits|Text}}Ax credits full Text
axtokens #31f3fa Asphalt Xtreme Tokens {{axtokens|Text}}Ax tokens full Text
axtickets #e99e13 Asphalt Xtreme Tickets {{axtickets|Text}}Tickets small ax Text
axbp #d5d4d4 Asphalt Xtreme Blueprints (neutral) {{axbp|Text}}Ax blueprints small bw Text
axbpd #618d91 Asphalt Xtreme Class-D Blueprints {{axbpd|Text}}Axcard back d Text
axbpc #0885c0 Asphalt Xtreme Class-C Blueprints {{axbpc|Text}}Axcard back c Text
axbpb #674f96 Asphalt Xtreme Class-B Blueprints {{axbpb|Text}}Axcard back b Text
axbpa #ee810a Asphalt Xtreme Class-A Blueprints {{axbpa|Text}}Axcard back a Text
axbps #f8c21e Asphalt Xtreme Class-S Blueprints {{axbps|Text}}Axcard back s Text
axstars #ffa904 Asphalt Xtreme Stars {{axstars|Text}}Stars full ax Text

Adding new colors

Edits in this template

{{Color code}} can easily be expanded for new color names by copying and inserting the following line below the INSERT NEW COLORS BELOW THIS LINE comment in the template:

    | newcolor = {{hash}}00ff00


  • Name of the new color in lower case. Any upper case combinations will be detected automatically.


  • RGB color hex code of the new color, where {{hash}} replaces the # sign.

New first-level text color template

If you have added a new text color, you can make it easier for others to use the new color by creating a new first-level template named "A8Newcolor". Copy the following line into a new template:


Users can now type {{A8Newcolor|Text}} which behaves exactly like {{A8Rare|Text}} or other text color templates.



  • Name of the color. Everything else has to be left unchanged.

See also

Text color templates:

  • {{A8common}}, the short version for the Asphalt 8 common color
  • {{A8rare}}, the short version for the Asphalt 8 rare color
  • {{A8legendary}}, the short version for the Asphalt 8 legendary color
  • {{A9uncommon}}, the short version for the Asphalt 9 uncommon color
  • {{A9rare}}, the short version for the Asphalt 9 rare color
  • {{A9epic}}, the short version for the Asphalt 9 epic color
  • {{Color}}, the main template called by all text color templates
  • {{Color code}}, the container template for Asphalt-specific color definitions
  • {{Background color}}, sets the background color only
  • {{Font}}, can set font face, text color and background color

Currency templates: Asphalt 8:

Asphalt 9:

Asphalt Nitro:

Asphalt Streetstorm:

Asphalt Xtreme:

Asphalt 7:


  • {{Currency}}, the metatemplate called by all currency templates


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