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This is the {{Common boxes a8}} template. It calculates statistical values based on WikiProject Statistics data of the most common boxes in Asphalt 8: Airborne. Its behaviour is controlled by an unnamed parameter.

As the A8Box Finish Line Box Finish Line Box contributes many valuable cards but has been made VIP-only, it can be taken out of all lists and calculations by setting the parameter vip to 0 if needed.


{{common boxes a8 | <behaviour> | vip = }}



  • Required.
  • boxes, cards, list or #<parameter>. See examples below for details.


  • Optional.
  • If set to 0, all VIP-only boxes are taken out of the lists and calculations. Defaults to 1.


Number of boxes

{{common boxes a8|boxes}} → 10
{{common boxes a8|boxes|vip=0}} → 9

  • boxes simply returns the number of the most common boxes on which the other calculations are based.
  • The number is hard wired in the template code and must be adapted if boxes are added or removed.
  • Inexpensive (calls no other templates).

Number of cards

{{common boxes a8|cards}} → 16,554
{{common boxes a8|cards|vip=0}} → 14,484

  • cards calculates and returns the total number of cards of the most common boxes.
  • The number is returned with thousands separators. For further calculations with #expr:, separators have to be removed with {{formatnum:{{common boxes a8|cards}}|R}}.
  • Very expensive. {{Common boxes a8}} calls all 10 box templates which each call {{A8box-meta}} to extract the value. Total template calls: 21.


{{common boxes a8|list}} {{common boxes a8|list|vip=0}}
  • list displays a list of the most common boxes together with the cards from each box.
  • Extremely expensive. Template calls:
    • {{Common boxes a8}} calls 2x 10 box templates,
    • each of the 2x 10 box templates calls {{A8box-meta}},
    • half of the {{A8box-meta}} templates call {{A8box inline}} to display the box.
    • Total template calls: 51.

Weighted average

{{common boxes a8|#srotary2}} → 0.49
{{common boxes a8|#srotary2|vip=0}} → 0.37

  • #<parameter> calculates the weighted arithmetic mean for any specified parameter name of a Pro Kit Box template with the absolute frequency of the received cards being the weights. The parameter name must be preceded by #. See {{A8box-meta}} for a complete list of parameter names.
  • The preferred use of this method is to calculate realistic chances of getting cards from Pro Kit Boxes as the weighted average takes into account that some boxes are more frequent than others. The example above displays the weighted average frequency of Rotary Engines in percent. Other examples for weighted averages:
    • {{common boxes a8|#ra}} → 16.9 – official drop rates for rare cards in percent.
    • {{common boxes a8|#srare2}} → 17.36 – statistical frequencies of rare cards in percent.
    • {{common boxes a8|#smeanfusioncoins}} → 856.95 – statistical mean Fusion Point value per card.
  • Extremely expensive. Template calls:
    • {{Common boxes a8}} calls 3x 10 box templates,
    • each of the 3x 10 box templates calls {{A8box-meta}} to extract the values.
    • Total template calls: 61.
  • Warning: Although it is tempting to use the weighted average option to compare drop rates in tables, more than 49 uses of {{Common boxes a8}} on a page are likely to exceed the maximum template include size per page if other templates are also used. The page will then be categorized under Category:Pages where template include size is exceeded. The parsing of the page will stop at the point the include size is exceeded; table rows may not be displayed or calculation errors may appear if the parsing stops in the middle of sub-template calculation calls.

See also

  • {{A8box-meta}} – list of extractable parameters and further details on single parameter calls
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