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This is the {{Currency}} template. It is a metatemplate that provides the functionality for every other in-game currency template of this Wiki in order to provide a consistent appearance on all pages.

While {{Currency}} is usually called by other templates, it can also be used directly to display currencies on a page, but users may prefer the shorter "first-level" templates listed in the See also section below.

The template can also display real-world currencies if the type is set to ISO 4217 currency codes.

The order of currency symbol and number is preset and follows the in-game or real-world convention, usually symbol → number. Some in-game currencies as well as many real-world currencies use number → symbol, like Asphalt Overdrive Bills (Bills), Asphalt Streetstorm Diamonds (Diamonds), Euro (€) or Polish Złoty (zł). The order can be reversed with the order parameter if needed.


The syntax is as follows:

{{Currency | type = | <text> | order = }}



  • Optional. If type is omitted, <text> is displayed with neither symbol nor specific color.
  • Text. Any of the currency names listed in the See also section below or a real-world ISO 4217 currency code.
  • Not case sensitive, i. e. a8credits instead of A8Credits is also valid.
  • Dollar ($) symbols are always displayed with a preceding "AUD", "CAD", "HKD" or "USD" to avoid confusion.
  • Template calls with an unknown currency type will be displayed with a ? question mark.


  • Optional. If no text is provided, a stand-alone currency icon is displayed.
  • Text. Usually the number that follows the currency symbol.
  • Numbers without thousands separators are automatically formatted (10001,000). Other texts are also accepted.


  • Optional. If set to reverse, text and currency symbol are swapped, depending on the preset original order.


{{Currency|type=a8credits|1,000}} Credits 1,000
{{Currency|type=ANCreDiTS|1,000}} Credits 1,000
{{Currency|type=ancredits|1000|order=reverse}} 1,000 Credits
{{Currency|type=aobills|1000}} 1,000 Bills
{{Currency|type=aobills|1000|order=reverse}} Bills 1,000
{{Currency|type=a8tokens|Tokens}} Tokens Tokens
{{Currency|type=a8licenses}} Licenses
{{Currency|1000|type=EUR}} 1,000 
{{Currency|1000|type=TRY}}  1,000
{{Currency|1000|type=TRY|order=reverse}} 1,000 
{{Currency|1000|type=USD}} USD $ 1,000
{{Currency|type=nonsense|1,000}} ? 1,000
{{Currency|1,000 points}} 1,000 points
{{Currency|1,000}} 1,000

Handling interpreted characters

Templates have problems to handle parameter data that contains equal signs "=" or vertical bars "|".

For text that includes an equal sign "=", precede the text with 1=. For example:

{{Currency|type=A8Credits|1=2 + 2 = 4}}

Which renders this:

Credits 2 + 2 = 4

For text that includes a vertical bar "|", escape the bar(s) with &#124; or {{!}}. For instance like this:

{{Currency|type=A8Credits|&#124;2&#124; < 3}}

Or like this:

{{Currency|type=A8Credits|{{!}}2{{!}} < 3}}

Which renders this:

Credits |2| < 3

Sorting in tables

Note: This feature is currently disabled because the Fandom mobile view ignores display:none which results in double values displayed on mobile devices.

{{Currency}} adds an invisible leading span with the unformatted value of <text>. Setting the data-sort-type property of a table column to "number" enables sorting by currency values despite any formatting and leading currency icons. Example:

{| class="table-default sortable"
! data-sort-type="number" | Correct sorting by numbers
! Alphabetical sorting
| {{a8credits|300}}
| {{a8credits|300}}
| {{a8credits|30}}
| {{a8credits|30}}
| {{a8credits|200}}
| {{a8credits|200}}
| {{a8credits|2200}}
| {{a8credits|2200}}
| {{a8credits|4000}}
| {{a8credits|4000}}


Correct sorting by numbers Alphabetical sorting
Credits 300 Credits 300
Credits 30 Credits 30
Credits 200 Credits 200
Credits 2,200 Credits 2,200
Credits 4,000 Credits 4,000

Adding future currencies

{{Currency}} can be expanded for currencies of other Asphalt versions or future events. Please note that currencies on Asphalt Wiki use unique identifiers that are also used for color definitions. For example, the identifier a8tokens for Asphalt 8 Tokens can be used in several ways:

  • {{currency|type=a8tokens|Text}}Tokens Text (displays currency icon with text in currency color)
  • {{a8tokens|Text}}Tokens Text (first-level template, same as above)
  • {{color|a8tokens|Text}}Text (renders text in currency color)
  • {{color code|a8tokens}} → #31f3fa (returns hex code of currency color)

Hence, if a currency is added to the system, a new identifier is needed that will be used for the currency and the color definition. For example, if an Asphalt 8 event introduces the currency "Newcoins", you can add it as follows:

Create a new identifier

Currency and color identifiers start with the two-letter game code, followed by the name.

Create a new color definition

Go to the {{Color code}} template and add a new color definition with the identifier a8newcoins by following the instructions in the "Adding new colors" section.

Upload a new currency icon

Edits in this template

Copy and insert the following line below the INSERT NEW CURRENCIES BELOW THIS LINE comment in the template:

         | a8newcoins =[[File:Newcoins a8.png|{{{size|x13px}}}|text-bottom|link=page|caption]]


  • The identifier in lower case. Any upper case combinations will be detected automatically.

Newcoins a8.png

  • Filename of the currency icon you have uploaded.


  • Height of the currency icon. Can be left unchanged in most cases.
  • Make sure to edit only the digits between x and px.


  • Vertical alignment. Can be left unchanged in most cases.
  • text-bottom aligns the image with the lowest line of a font defined by the tails, for example the g in image.
  • baseline can be used for very small icons (~ x11px) and aligns the image with the lowest line without tails, for example the m in image.
  • Sometimes, middle fits better.


  • Pagename the icon links to when clicked.
  • If the currency does not have its own page, the parameter can link to overview pages like Currencies in Asphalt [...]. These pages can be found in Category:Currencies.


  • Caption of the icon that is displayed when the mouse pointer moves over it.

New first-level template

To make it easier for others to use the new currency, a new first-level template named "A8newcoins" can be created by copying the following line into a new template:

<includeonly>{{Currency|type=a8newcoins|{{{1|}}}|order={{lc:{{{2|}}}}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{documentation|Template:New currency/doc}}</noinclude>

Users can now type {{A8newcoins|1000}} which behaves exactly like {{A8credits|1000}} or other currency templates.



  • The identifier in lower case. Everything else has to be left unchanged.


  • When you add a new currency, remember to add it to the {{Currency templates see also}} overview.
  • If you haven't already done it while creating the new color definition, also remember to add the color to the {{Asphalt colors}} overview.

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  • {{Currency}}, the metatemplate called by all currency templates