Data included.
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This template is used to tag comments and wall messages for inclusion in the following tracking categories:

It should be used only by members of WikiProject Statistics to replace the {{New data}} tag after new box content data has been included in the database.

This template only categorizes if it is placed in a comment (namespace 1, "Talk") or a message wall/forum message (namespace 1201, "Thread").

CAUTION: Categorized wall messages are only shown in the Data contributions category if the category is displayed in "Category Exhibition" mode! Therefore posting data in a comment should be preferred.


Edit: {{data included|user|date}} ~~~~
  • user – username of the contributor
  • date – date of the user's post (not the date when the box was opened)

The ~~~~ adds the username of the person who added the tag.


Edit: {{data included|Example user|20 mar 2019}} ~~~~


Edit: Data included. Guy Bukzi Montag (talk) 05:56, March 26, 2019 (UTC)

with the page being categorized under

  • [[Category:Data contributions|(page name)]]
  • [[Category:Data contributions by Example user]]
  • [[Category:Data contributions by date| 2019-03-20]]

The Data included. tag links to Category:Data contributions by Example user which produces a red link if the category has not been created; otherwise the link is green.

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