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This is the {{Font}} template. It can be used to assign fonts available on Asphalt Wiki to wikitext. It can also set text color and background color to avoid nested formatting templates.


{{fontfont name | text | color | font size | background | font weight | div = }}


font name

  • One of the font-family classes defined in the Fonts section of MediaWiki:Wikia.css, mainly:
    • a5, font-a5, eras
      Eras Bold ITC, main font of Asphalt 5.
      Example: Example text (owners), Example text (non-owners)
      Important note: Eras has no free licence and is therefore not implemented on Asphalt Wiki. Only users who have Eras already installed on their machine will see it (usually comes with Microsoft Office). Other users will see a bold Example Text in standard typeface instead.
    • a6, font-a6, hemi-head,
      ar, font-ar,
      ad, font-ad
      Hemi Head Bold Italic, main font of Asphalt 6, Asphalt Audi RS 3 and Asphalt 3D.
      Example: Example text
    • a7, font-a7, orbitron-zero
      Orbitron Zero, main font of Asphalt 7.
      Example: Example text
    • ai, font-ai, accidental-presidency,
      a8, font-a8,
      ao, font-ao
      Accidental Presidency, Latin main font of Asphalt Injection, Asphalt 8 and Asphalt Overdrive.
      Example: Example text
    • a8-race, font-a8-race, monkirta-pursuit
      Monkirta Pursuit NC, racing screen font of Asphalt 8.
      Example: Example text
    • a8-cyrillic, font-a8-cyrillic, cuprum,
      ao-cyrillic, font-ao-cyrillic,
      ax-cyrillic, font-ax-cyrillic,
      Cuprum Bold, Cyrillic main font of Asphalt 8, Asphalt Overdrive and Asphalt Xtreme.
      Example: Example text
    • a9, font-a9, rajdhani
      Rajdhani, main font of Asphalt 9.
      Example: Example text
    • an, font-an, clear-sans
      Clear Sans, main font of Asphalt Nitro.
      Example: Example text
    • as, font-as, font-play
      Play, main font of Asphalt Streetstorm.
      Example: Example text
    • ax , font-ax, asphalt-offroad
      Asphalt Offroad, main font of Asphalt Xtreme.
      Example: Example text


  • The text to be displayed.


  • Font color. Acceptable values are
    • Asphalt-specific colors like a8rare, a8legendary, etc. as listed in {{Color}},
    • RGB hex codes, e. g. #c9e72a, or
    • any of the web colors red, blue, green, moccasin, darkorchid, etc.

font size

  • CSS font-size property values like 15px, large or 150%.


  • CSS background-color property values, same as for color.

font weight

  • CSS font-weight property values:
    • normal, bold, or
    • a number between 100 and 700, where 400 is the same as normal, and 700 is the same as bold.
    • The template also accepts the non-CSS values medium (translated to 500) and semi-bold or semibold (translated to 600).
  • This parameter is only needed if a font has defined weights other than normal and bold.
    • Rajdhani, for example, has a medium and a semi-bold font weight which will be displayed if font weight is set to medium (500) or semi-bold (600).
    • Otherwise, bold font weights can be easier displayed with the wikitext markup ''' '''.


  • For complex formatting, it can be necessary to wrap the text in a <div> tag to override margins and line heights. div is the only named parameter and can take any additional CSS formatting. The following two lines do the same:
    • {{font|a9|Example|div=line-height:0.9em;}}
    • <div style="line-height:0.9em;">{{font|a9|Example}}</div>


No text:

  • {{font|Rajdhani}}Rajdhani


  • {{font|a9|Hello, world!}}Hello, world!

Text color:

  • {{font|a9|Hello, world!|a9highlight}}Hello, world!
  • If you only want to change the text color, use {{Color}} instead:
    {{font||Hello, world!|a9highlight}}
    = {{color|Hello, world!|a9highlight}}Hello, world!

Font size:

  • {{font|a9|Hello, world!||160%}}Hello, world!
  • As the Asphalt fonts are smaller than standard text, their default font size has been changed so that they have roughly the same size as standard text. If you want to display smaller or bigger text, you have to consider that the default font size is not 100 %, but:

Background color:

  • {{font|a9|Hello, world!|||a9highlight}}Hello, world!
  • If you only want to change the background color, use {{Background color}} instead:
    {{font||Hello, world!|||a9highlight}}
    = {{background color|a9highlight|Hello, world!}}Hello, world!

Text and background color:

  • {{font|a9|Hello, world!|black||a9highlight}}Hello, world!
  • The template can also be used to combine {{Color}} and {{Background color}} without setting a font:
    {{font||Hello, world!|black||a9highlight}}
    = {{color|black|{{background color|a9highlight|Hello, world!}}}}Hello, world!

Font weight:

  • {{font|a9|Hello, world!||||normal}}Hello, world!
    = {{font|a9|Hello, world!||||400}}
    = {{font|a9|Hello, world!}}
  • {{font|a9|Hello, world!||||medium}}Hello, world!
    = {{font|a9|Hello, world!||||500}}
  • {{font|a9|Hello, world!||||semi-bold}}Hello, world!
    = {{font|a9|Hello, world!||||600}}
  • {{font|a9|Hello, world!||||bold}}Hello, world!
    = {{font|a9|Hello, world!||||700}}
    = '''{{font|a9|Hello, world!}}'''


  • {{font|a8|Beat a Race Time of {{color|a8highlight|01:19:000}}||100%}}
    Beat a Race Time of 01:19:000
  • {{font|a8|RANK {{color|#00bafe|1605}} / 1653||150%}}
    RANK 1605 / 1653
  • {{font|a8-race|This is a car, not a submarine!|#ff3a18|180%}}
    This is a car, not a submarine!
  • {{font|a8-race|CITY HAVOC|a8highlight|100%}}
  • {{font|a9|&nbsp;DAILY&nbsp;||130%|bg a9|semi-bold}}{{font|a9|CAR LOOT&nbsp;||130%|bg a9}}
  • {{font|a9|{{color|a9green|FEATURED}} REWARDS||1.2em||semi-bold}}
  • Complex formatting with div parameter:
    {{font|a9|&nbsp;NEW CAR UNLOCKED&nbsp;||130%|a9highlight|semi-bold|div=margin-bottom:0.8em;}}
    {{font|a9|YOU HAVE UNLOCKED||105%|div=line-height:0.9em;}}
    {{font|a9|A NEW CAR!||105%|div=line-height:0.9em;}}


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  • {{Color}}, the main template called by all text color templates
  • {{Color code}}, the container template for Asphalt-specific color definitions
  • {{Background color}}, sets the background color only
  • {{Font}}, can set font face, text color and background color