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This is the {{Game}} template. It accepts all common names and abbreviations of Asphalt games and returns the correct game name or game logo in any desired form. The default full name output is the corresponding page title on Asphalt Wiki, so it can be turned into a link just by adding [[ ]]. If the game name cannot be identified, nothing is returned.

Basic examples:

  • {{game|an}} → Asphalt Nitro
  • [[{{game|Asphalt 8}}]]Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • {{game|potato}}


{{game | game name | style | size =}}


game name

  • Required. Text. First unnamed parameter.
  • Not case-sensitive, accepts all common names and abbreviations with or without whitespace and colons.
    Example: {{game|AsphALT4 eliteRac ing}} → Asphalt 4: Elite Racing


  • Optional. Second unnamed parameter.
  • Defaults to the full game name if omitted or not set to one of the following options:
    • medium returns the medium abbreviation.
      Example: {{game|a7|medium}} → Asphalt 7
      If no medium name exists (like for Asphalt Xtreme), the full name is displayed.
    • short returns the two-letter code in lower case as listed in Asphalt Wiki:Manual of style.
      Example: {{game|Asphalt Street Storm Racing|short}} → as
      This is useful to get unique game identifiers, for example for conditional formatting within templates. The abbreviations are the same as the pre- and suffixes for constants like a9tokens, colour names like a8legendary and CSS classes like table-ax.
    • logo displays the long rectangular game logo if available.
      Example: {{game|Asphalt 6|logo}}Logo long a6
      All long game logos listed in Category:Game logos have the same ratio of width to height so they can be used alongside another in consistent layouts.
    • logo square displays the simplified square game logo if available.
      Example: {{game|Asphalt 7|logo square}}Logo square minimal a7
      The simplification mostly consists in the stylized game number being used without game name. For games that do not use a number icon, the full logo is displayed.


  • Optional, named parameter
  • Text in image size syntax like in [[File:Example.png|60px]]. Sets the size of the displayed image if applicable.
  • Defaults to x20px to fit in text lines.
  • Only used forlogo and logo square style.
  • size = 20px scales the image to a width of 20 pixels (px),
    size = x20px scales it to a height of 20 px.
    size = 20x20px scales the image to fit both width and height of 20 px.
  • Examples:
    {{game|a8|logo|size=150px}}Logo long a8
    {{game|a9|logo square|size=x60px}}Logo square minimal a9

Complete output overview

default (full) medium short logo logo square
Asphalt Urban GT Asphalt 1 a1
Asphalt Urban GT 2 Asphalt 2 a2
Asphalt 3: Street Rules Asphalt 3 a3
Asphalt 4: Elite Racing Asphalt 4 a4
Asphalt 5 Asphalt 5 a5 Logo long a5 Logo square minimal a5
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline Asphalt 6 a6 Logo long a6 Logo square minimal a6
Asphalt 7: Heat Asphalt 7 a7 Logo long a7 Logo square minimal a7
Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt 8 a8 Logo long a8 Logo square minimal a8
Asphalt 9: Legends Asphalt 9 a9 Logo long a9 Logo square minimal a9
Asphalt 3D Asphalt 3D ad
Asphalt Injection Asphalt Injection ai
Asphalt Nitro Asphalt Nitro an Logo long an Logo square minimal an
Asphalt Overdrive Asphalt Overdrive ao Logo long ao Logo square minimal ao
Asphalt Audi RS 3 Asphalt Audi RS 3 ar
Asphalt Street Storm Racing Asphalt Streetstorm as Logo long as Logo square minimal as
Asphalt Xtreme Asphalt Xtreme ax Logo long ax Logo square minimal ax

Advanced examples

  • {{currency|type={{game|asphalt 9|short}}tokens|100}}Tokens small a9 100
  • Usage with CSS classes:
{| class="table-{{game|Asphalt 8: Airborne|short}}"
! Header 1 !! Header 2
| Cell 1 || Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
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