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This is the {{Ifexist vehicle subpages/doc}} template. It is a helper template for {{Tabs vehicle}} and returns 1 if one of the following pages exist, otherwise it returns an empty string. It can be used with {{PAGENAME}} as value for string to check if there are old pseudo-subpages containing a wrong slash or special event pages for a vehicle page before proceeding.

If strips off any text after a backslash (\) to get the base vehicle name and search for "sub"-pages. It does not strip off any text in parentheses, like "upgrades" in "BMW M2 (upgrades)".

  • string\Performance Stats
  • string\Upgrades
  • string\Color Customization
  • string\Decals
  • string\Gallery
  • string\Miscellaneous
  • Car Mastery/string
  • Championship/string
  • Drive Syndicate Special Event/string
  • Enduro Double Down/string
  • Grand Prix/string
  • Research & Development/string
  • Special Event/string
  • Special Project/string
  • World Tour/string


Use the format {{Ifexist vehicle subpage|string|return if true|return if false}}. The 2nd and 3rd parameters are used to define the output of the template if the condition is true or false, respectively. If not defined the default output is "1" if true and empty if false.


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