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This template is dynamic and returns the current Asphalt 8 multiplayer season. It is not suitable for static lists. For a static season template, see {{Multiplayer season}}.

{{multiplayer season A8|countdown=1}} currently displays:

noneHeatspike Season

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This is the {{Multiplayer season a8}} template. It returns the current Asphalt 8 multiplayer season. In off-season periods, it returns "none" by default.

The template is a simple data container that has to be changed manually and is used by other templates like {{Tile multiplayer global bonus}} and {{Tile Asphalt 8}} to display the season name and change the color of the global bonus box to grey during off-season periods.

Be careful when you edit the template. Changes will be directly shown in the Asphalt 8 tile on the Asphalt Wiki main page. Changes also affect the behaviour of depending templates immediately.

  • The following section "Maintenance" describes how to change the data inside the template itself.
  • If you want to use the template on a page, see "Usage" below.


New season

If a new season begins, you have to change two parameters in this template:

season name

  • Name of the new season.
  • Can be a link if available: Example Season or [[Example Season]].

target date

  • Exact date when the season ends.
  • To avoid malfunctions, the parameter must have a strict UTC format:
    MMM DD, YYYY 00:00:00 UTC
    Example: Oct 18, 2020 16:15:00 UTC
  • Don't forget the UTC at the end. UTC means Coordinated Universal Time and is the same everywhere in the world. Otherwise, the parameter will be your local time which leads to false calculations for players in other time zones than yours.
  • If you are not sure what the season's exact ending date and time are, you can leave the parameter blank.
  • A good way to get the exact ending time of the season is to calculate it from the countdown shown in your game, considering the time zone you live in and its difference to UTC. As a season countdown does not show minutes or seconds at the beginning, you would have to watch when the game's displayed countdown hour changes. Multiplayer seasons do not necessarily end on full hours, but they mostly match at least a quarter of an hour (xx:00, xx:15, xx:30 or xx:45) .


The template does not need maintenance if a season ends. Depending on the settings editors used on their pages, the template displays either

  • "none" (default)
  • or hides itself completely.


{{multiplayer season A8| countdown= | remove= }}


{{#if:{{multiplayer season A8}} | ... | ... }}

Returning the season name

The examples in this section are static because of the template's different possible appearances depending on current multiplayer seasons. For the actual live display, see the infobox at the top of the page.

  • {{multiplayer season A8}} → Example season
    (none by default if off-season)



  • Optional. 1 or yes.
  • countdown=1 adds a countdown until the end of the season:
    {{multiplayer season A8|countdown=1}} → Example Season – Time left: 10d 5h


  • Optional. 1 or yes.
  • remove=1 hides the season name and countdown completely after the countdown has ended. This is useful for up-to-date lists of ongoing events—while other events have to be updated manually, the template hides itself automatically and will reappear when a new season name and target date are specified. Example:
During Season 1 Off-season During Season 2
Current events:
  • Example Vehicle R&D
  • Season 1 – Time left: 10d 5h
  • Example Vehicle Championship
Current events:
  • Example Vehicle R&D
  • Example Vehicle Championship
Current events:
  • Example Vehicle R&D
  • Season 2 – Time left: 14d 8h
  • Example Vehicle Championship
  • Omitting the parameter replaces season name and countdown with "none" after the countdown has ended. This is intended for single mentions like "Current multiplayer season:" which would display
    • Current multiplayer season: Season 1 – Time left: 10d 5h (during Season 1) and
    • Current multiplayer season: none (off-season).

The template cannot be used for static lists that are intended to stay even after an event has ended, for example in update articles that archive all events of an update. For these lists, see {{Multiplayer season}}.

In conditional statements

The template can also be used in conditional statements:

{{#if:{{multiplayer season A8}}|It's multiplayer time!|Meh. No MP.}} gives:

  • It's multiplayer time! (during season)
  • Meh. No MP. (off-season)

Technical details

This template uses JavaScript to display an active countdown. If JavaScript is disabled in a user's browser, the template only returns the season name without any countdown functionality.

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