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This is a metatemplate used to create a new News template for the modular system. It provides the necessary code and comments with instructions how to adapt it.
  • For a how-to guide, see Asphalt Wiki:New news item.
  • For details how to use news templates in articles, see Help:News modular system.
  • The text below is displayed on every news template page in order to show the effects of edits. (Errors will disappear there.)
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This template has to be published TWICE to be implemented correctly. After saving, just click Edit and then Publish again.

  • To add news, see Asphalt Wiki:New news item
  • For an explanation of the parameters in this template, see {{News}}.
  • For details how to use news templates, see Help:News modular system.
  • This documentation is automatically generated for all news templates. It shows the effects of your edits on the different display styles.

style = tile (default)

How it will appear on News pages:

See top of this page.

style = feed

How it will appear inside a news feed (shortened text):

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style = inline

Full text, without surrounding design elements:

– [[User:|]]</includeonly><noinclude>
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