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This template provides a list of Pro Kit Boxes with guarantees for selected cards in Asphalt 8: Airborne. It can be inserted on R&D, Championship or other pages to help players obtain Pro Kits for a vehicle, mostly combined with {{Pro kit box statistics mini table}}.

Pages containing this template are categorized under Category:Pages containing WikiProject Statistics data. When the template is inserted, the disclaimer {{Wikiproject statistics}} should also be added at the bottom of the page.


{{Pro kit box guarantees
  |engine = 
  |tech   = eimacrp
  |class  = dcbas
  |strict =


The parameters take the same values as in {{Pro kit box statistics mini table}}.

  • engine – optional, usually the official name without "engine", case-insensitive
  • tech – optional, string containing the first letters of all tech cards the vehicle needs (eimacrp), in any order, case-insensitive
    e – Early Tech
    i – Initial Tech
    m – Mid-Tech
    a – Advanced Tech
    c – Common Tech
    r – Rare Tech
    p – Pro Tech
    Example: tech = iem would display guarantees for Initial, Early and Mid-Tech.
  • class – optional, string containing the letters of all classes (dcbas), in any order, case-insensitive
    d – Class D
    c – Class C
    b – Class B
    a – Class A
    s – Class S
    Example: class = abc would display guarantees for Class B, C and A.
  • strict – optional, 1/0 or yes/no
    • 0 or omitted – also displays the current distribution of 1 Part Boxes (for example 1 Part - B Box 1 Part - B Box) to provide additional information for players on R&D and other event pages.
    • 1 – displays only guarantees in the strict sense (for example on Pro Kit Box statistics comparison where a list of all 1 Part Boxes would not make sense because the values are already included in the tables).


As there aren't many guarantees concerning single Pro Kit cards, it is possible that the template dispays nothing. However, if a new rule is added later, it will appear on all pages the tempate is used on without further maintenance.

{{Pro kit box guarantees
  |engine = v8
  |tech = ea


  • Daily Kit Box Daily Kit Box † – exactly 1 Mid-Tech or Advanced Tech with an average ratio of 4:1 (undocumented)

As there is no guarantee for Early Tech yet, nothing is displayed (if you do see a guarantee, it has been added after this documentation was written).

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