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This template removes the last word of the first parameter, i.e. the last non-space token after the last space. Use |1= for the first parameter if the string may contain an equals sign (=). By default, words are delimited by spaces, but the optional parameter |sep= can set the separator to any character.

Some separators have to be escaped with a percent sign to be accepted, as they are magic characters for Lua patterns: ^$()%.[]*+-?) (see example below and Lua reference on Mediawiki for further details).


One parameter (space as separator):

  • {{Remove last word|string}}
  • {{Remove last word|1=string}}

Two parameters (user-defined character as separator):

  • {{Remove last word|string|sep=character}}
  • {{Remove last word|1=string|sep=character}}


Escaping magic characters:

  • {{Remove last word|Nissan GT-R (R35) (upgrades)|sep=%(}} → Nissan GT-R (R35)

Caution: The last space after (R35) is not trimmed. This can lead to unexpected results if used with expressions like {{#ifeq: ...}}.

  • Solution with {{Trim}} to remove leading and trailing spaces:
    {{Trim|{{Remove last word|Text (1) (2)|sep=%(}}}}Next → Text (1)Next

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