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This is the {{Table header stats a8/doc}} template. It is used together with {{Table row stats a8}} to build stats tables for Asphalt 8 vehicles.

The template replaces the now deprecated {{A8CarStatsHeader}}.

Pages containing this template are categorized under Category:Pages using template Table header stats a8, a hidden tracking category until all instances of {{A8CarStatsHeader}} are replaced.


{{table header stats a8 | footnote= |
  {{table row stats a8 | <parameters>}}



  • Optional. If set to 1 or yes, the template displays a footnote for missing speeds in mph or km/h that have been automatically calculated by the template and are displayed in grey.
  • If omitted, no footnote is displayed.

See {{Table row stats a8}} for all other table row parameters.



{{table header stats a8|
{{table row stats a8|u=mpt|class=B|rank=1638|ranktk=43|a=1.59|ts kmh=345.8|ts mph=214.8|h=1.370|n kmh=74.3|n mph=46.1}}


Upgrade level Rank Acceleration Top speed Handling Nitro Total speed
MAX PRO Tuning Kit +43 B1638 1.59 s 345.8 km/h
214.8 mph
1.370 Gs 74.3 km/h
46.1 mph
420.1 km/h
260.9 mph

With footnote

{{table header stats a8|footnote=1|
{{table row stats a8|u=mp|class=B|rank=1681|a=2.33|ts kmh=394.6|ts mph=|h=1.236|n kmh=50.4|n mph=}}


Upgrade level Rank Acceleration Top speed Handling Nitro Total speed
MAX PRO B1681 2.33 s 394.6 km/h
245.2 mph*
1.236 Gs 50.4 km/h
31.3 mph*
445 km/h
276.5 mph*

*Grey speed values indicate automatically calculated fields. They may differ from actual in-game stats due to rounding errors. You can help Asphalt Wiki by adding the missing values.

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