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The {{Tabs vehicle}} template is used at the top of vehicle pages to display a header with navigation tabs for pages belonging to the vehicle. It replaces the deprecated {{Car ParentTab}}.

The template has two purposes:

  1. To provide an easy way to add pages to new vehicle articles (see below: On new pages)
  2. To help reorganize the structure of existing vehicle pages which currently show a mixture of several concepts (see below: On existing pages).

Pages containing this template are categorized under one of the categories listed in Category:Vehicle subpages, depending on the page name ending in parentheses (stats, upgrades, mastery etc.). Overview pages are not categorized automatically.


{{tabs vehicle}}

The template does not need any parameters and can be inserted as-is. It automatically detects additional pages belonging to the vehicle and displays the corresponding tabs.

On new pages

"Additional pages" have the syntax Vehicle name (subpage name), for example: Dodge Dart GT (upgrades).

You don't have to create additional pages manually. The "Add page" link at the top right of the header lets you choose possible pages and preloads a draft page with basic content when you click on a link.

Tabs vehicle 1.png
In the example to the right, the McLaren Senna already has the pages

  • McLaren Senna (colors),
  • McLaren Senna (decals), and
  • McLaren Senna (Special Event)

for which the corresponding tabs are displayed (placed in the dropdown menus Custom and Events).

Tabs vehicle 2.png
Moving the mouse over "Add page" shows a dropdown menu with the remaining pages that can be created.

These pages are the only ones that are recognized and integrated by the template. Additional pages like McLaren Senna (something) will be taken for a new vehicle name with no tabs displayed at all. Instead of creating a new additional page, consider including the information on available pages.

On existing pages

If you want to use the template on an existing page that currently uses {{Car ParentTab}}, it is recommended to proceed the following way:

Tabs vehicle 4.png Tabs vehicle 5.png
  • Open the page with the Source Editor and replace the old instance of {{Car ParentTab}} with {{tabs vehicle}}.
Tabs vehicle 3.png
  • Click on Preview instead of Publish. The preview will display a message with a list of existing pages to be renamed. Only you see the message; other users still see the normal page and won't be irritated or start interfering with your renaming process by starting to rename pages themselves.
  • From the preview, open all the suggested renaming links in new browser tabs/windows.
Tabs vehicle 6.png
  • Rename the other pages as suggested. Make sure that all checkboxes are checked (except "Follow this page" unless you do want to). Leaving a redirect behind ensures that links to the old page aren't broken; renaming talk pages and subpages moves comments and subpages along with the main page.
  • Replace {{Car ParentTab}} with {{tabs vehicle}} in all renamed pages and publish them.
  • Only after all other pages have been renamed and {{tabs vehicle}} has been inserted, publish the waiting main page. The message with the pages to be renamed will not be shown any more if the above-mentioned steps have been performed correctly.

This leaves every vehicle page fully functional all the time without any yellow messages being displayed for other users.

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