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Explore the future with the Terra-9 track, celebrate its beauty and take a ride down the streets of the city and through the amazing landscape and buildings!
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Terra 9 is a location in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt 8: Airborne


Added in the Seventh Anniversary Update, Terra 9 has 4 track variants:

Cloudtop Avenue Cloudtop Avenue Track starts at a waterside road and goes through the residential section
Metal Garden Metal Garden Track starts in an underground tunnel and goes through the industrial section
Gearshift Greenway Gearshift Greenway The reverse variant of Cloudtop Avenue
Neon Pursuit Neon Pursuit The reverse variant of Metal Garden

Terra 9 is a technical track consisting of multiple split paths, long straightaways, spiral curves, and U-bends.


  • Cars with superb handling, drifting radius, and nitro efficiency are recommended.
  • At the waterside section of the track, multiple corners have a shortcut that can be taken for a tighter racing line.
  • On Cloudtop Avenue and Gearshift Greenway, near the middle of the track, there is a section with two curved tracks and two straight tracks trailing off from them. It is possible to switch lanes in this section either by flying off the edge of the inner curved track or by using any of the four barrel roll ramps along the straight tracks.
  • On Neon Pursuit and Metal Garden, in the large open section of the track with balconies, there's a section of track that can only be accessed by dropping down from the balcony above. It cannot be accessed from underneath, since it is raised up on a platform. There is a yellow nitro pickup along this section of track.
    • There are two of these platforms since the balcony section of the track is mirrored along the central axis. There's one platform on the left and one on the right.
  • On Metal Garden (but not on Neon Pursuit), there is a bug-based shortcut towards the end of the track. In the section with two barrel roll ramps flanking two flat spin ramps above a tunnel, the two barrel ramps dip slightly into a void between the platform behind the ramps and the slope in front. If the player drives into the void through the bottom of either one of the barrel ramps, then they will instantly be teleported onto the base of the slope, moving forward several meters. This cuts off at least one tenth of a second from the player's lap-time as long as they had sufficient nitro in their tank before teleporting.



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