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The Tesla Model S is a full-size luxury electric sedan in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt 8: Airborne


The Tesla Model S is a low Class D car with the following rank statistics:

  • Starting rank: 551
  • MAX rank: 877 (+326)
    • This was changed to 1036 (+160) in the Showdown Update.
    • This was changed to 1015 (+139) in the Sixth Anniversary Update.
  • MAX+PRO rank: 938 (+61)
    • This was changed to 1069 (+33) in the Showdown Update.
    • This was changed to 1069 (+54) in the Sixth Anniversary Update.
  • Tuning Kit bonus: +74
    • This was changed to +41 in the Showdown Update
    • This was changed to +32 in the Sixth Anniversary Update
  • Nitro Efficiency: 7/12/17

As of the Seventh Anniversary Update, the Model S has been removed from the Garage for those that did not have it.

Note: This vehicle is no longer available for purchase.


The Tesla Model S has slower acceleration, slower nitro boost and weaker handling than the Audi R8 e-tron but has a longer nitro duration and higher top speed.


The Tesla Model S, being a low D Class car, is the most useful in Career mode to get stars. A stock Model S is good for competing Season 1 & 2 Class D races.

The Model S does have some use in Multiplayer at stock as it will be matched against the lowest-ranked cars like the Dodge Dart GT and Audi e-tron.


As of the Motorcycles Update, the Tesla Model S costs Credits 7,500 to purchase (originally Credits 2,500, then Credits 3,750).

Upgrades cost Credits ? while Pro Kits require 3 of each Common Drivetrain Common Drivetrain, Common Exhaust Common Exhaust, Common Suspension Common Suspension, Common Tires Common Tires and Fusion Coins 55,200.

As of the Seventh Anniversary Update, the Tesla Model S is no longer purchasable and has been removed from collections that had included it.