• you read it right. i started last night and man, farming is hard, ever since i got the Devel Sixteen Prototype. so, here are some things to consider.

    after the mutiplayer cup, i get excited for getting the best Ferrari in the game, Enzo Ferrari himself (the car, not the founder). alongside the blueprints, we get a map of Venice, which was sent by Big Sister of the Riot Club, telling us about the derelict parts, which will be the Need For Speed Payback reference.

    for the recruitment of the Devel Sixteen Prototype, Lily, one of your childhood friends, tells us about its whereabouts, and after spending the day farming credits, Cynthia goes to get it and gets chased by Vivendi members. i will also make a reference to the stats of the real life Devel Sixteen Prototype for this scene.

    after that, we head for the Vanda Electrics Dendrobium championship and take down French Guiana with no problem. also, out of curiosity, what's Lily's favorite color? because i'll make a scene where Hanna teaches Lily the basics of boxing -even though she's not into it- and i'll go for a random favorite color for her. if i get it wrong, i'll correct it later. and while my team and i get through all that, you get to hang out with Lily, mostly as close friends. though, i'll need to ask your permission for the two aftermentioned scenes. while i make the new episode and farm at the same time, you can go ahead and check out my latest episode so far.

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    • Read your recent episodes. They are actually good but I have no time to comment since I was busy trying for top 500 in St Patrick's cup (in which I failed).

      And fir my two friends' colors, both have two favourites. Lily prefers white and black, while Naomi prefers blue and violet (if you wanna write bout the latter later).

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    • i'll write about Naomi's favorite colors and her joining Lily in taking up boxing in a later episode. and i corrected my mistake about Lily's favorite colors earlier. oh, and Azure Coast is in the championship, so expect a date in the funfair, just like last time, but without the Operation Skyhammer reference.

      now, for the Saint Patrick's day cup, i have no goal of ranking. just participating for fun. also, you might want to watch Feuerrm's run. he's really good and got top 25 in one try. i got top 7.000 -i'll end up at top 10.000 anyway- in my run, but that's fine. i'm not like TheHawtDawg1 or Feuerrm when it comes to TLEs.

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    • I am dangling in top 600

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    • close enough. with a bit of practice, you can do well. that's all i have to say about that. simply keep practicing and you'll get a very good time.

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    • okay. so, i saw your delayed episode. now, if you make it to Azure Coast, here's something you can add on that episode. after the Azure Coast Grand Finale, you can make a small reference to the mission "Running Dog" from GTA San Andreas, where you and Lily get to the funfair and see some Vagos members near it. you talk to them, by speaking English with a bit of Spanish, but one of the Vagos members insults you the same way Big Smoke gets insulted and they walk away. the two of you get angry at them for being total a-holes, you sneak behind one of them and hit him in the back with your baseball bat -which knocks him out-, kick him and then kill the second Vagos member who tries to run away.

      after that, the two of you hang out like nothing happened, going to the Ferris wheel, ice skating and then getting a plushie of your choice for Lily. besides, girls love plushies, because they're cute. also, "dating at the funfair after the Azure Coast Grand Finale" cliche, which is something i made up myself. and it's a cool one too.

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    • Maybe I can do the running dog part. But instead of the funfair part, I will prefer a point where after Naomi gets an insult from P1 Boy, one of your crew  punches P1 Boy back to Texas base (but not without getting punched by Lily), then I use an air tanker (a KC-135 to be exact), and pour fuel into the Texas base, where the fuel reaches one of the fort generators and autoignites.

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    • okay. sooooooooooo, who's gonna consult Naomi? that's the question.

      also, Vivendi might have a fourth base, because they're rich, like all villains.:P

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    • I think, Adam's (the hacker) brother, Brad will do.

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    • sounds good to me.

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    • okay, so i checked your newest episode and the "Running dog" reference was spot on, i'm not gonna lie. i did a similar thing a long time ago, during the revival of the MP4-31 championship, after i completed Azure Coast, only it's a little more accurate to the mission itself.

      now, i thought of another thing for the future. making a reference to "Busting in, part 2" from Bully scholarship edition, where Audi R8 tyke gets his ass kicked by TweakRacer the same way jimmy Hopkins kicks Edgar's ass. and all because R8 tyke mocked the boss of Gameloft with his Asphalt stories style blog of hypothesis (if drifting was removed). the dialogue would go like this:


      Audi R8 tyke: no, no, no!O_O

      TweakRacer: *drops the big pipe* GOOD! THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! now, what made you think it was a good idea in the first place?!>:(

      Audi R8 tyke: aw, man. i hate Vivendi. they wanted me to mock the boss of Gameloft. Vincent said we'd make them pay.:(

      TweakRacer: wait a second! Vincent?! that backstabbing, two-faced sociopath put you up to this?! huh! i bet he said to kill Azelfland and rule the world or something.>:(

      Audi R8 tyke: hey, how did you know?:I

      TweakRacer: 'cause he told me the same garbage. didn't do me any good either. *helps R8 tyke get up* come on. you're gonna help me and my friends make Vivendi pay for their mischief.>:(

      after that, R8 tyke will tell Tweaks how he met me and Tweaks will explain everything that happened up to this point. and he'll introduce him to us. also, later in the series, i might add you and Lily warming up to each other. oh, and Naomi coming to my garage from work and taking up boxing. that's all i have for now.

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    • Waiting...

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    • it's ready. sorry it took so long.

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    • Well right now, if you know, an event featuring bikes only is on. First bike event, guzzled my 3000 tokens....

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    • i already knew that. that EDD devoured a lot of my tokens and i'm sitting at 5.275 tokens. also, there is a bug that doesn't let you assemble the Yamaha FZ-10, once you get all the blueprints. i got all of them, but the bike isn't visible. i even get a notification about it on the pro kits section, but if i go assemble it, i end up on the Dart instead.

      now, i thought of a good idea for it on both prespectives, which you can write. after we both get all the blueprints, Vincent breaks his promise of getting the FZ-10. also, plot twist incoming: Flora's parents are alive and in a cage. for their names, i thought of giving them French names, since Flora and Chica can speak French. their father is named Pierre the Cat and their mother is named Esmarelda the Cat. after Flora and Chica free their parents and kick Vincent and P1 boy's butt, Pierre and Esmarelda explain everything that happened on that day, 9 years ago and tell us that we can visit them on the weekends, when we have time. and yeah. Flora and Chica won't believe it, but they forgive their parents anyway. also, after we take down the Vanda Electrics Dendrobium championship -bad news is, the last tour is San Diego Harbor-, this is a dialogue you can use for later:


      McLaren P1 boy: get outta my face. i race straight up!>:(

      Vincent: you better remember who you're talking to!>:(

      McLaren P1 boy: or what?! i don't need you.>:(

      Vincent: OH, REALLY?! then what are you gonna do without me?! you're nothing! it's only a matter of time before I run the show.>:I

      McLaren P1 boy: then maybe i'll make sure you don't.>:( *gets in his McLaren P1, shifts to first gear and drives away*

      after that Need For Speed underground 2 reference, P1 boy joins us and apologizes to the girls for the insults and to me for betraying me. also, i'm thinking of making someone else Vincent's right-hand man. and it's going to be none other than Mike458. only he'll be Vincent's permanent right-hand man. no way will he change his mind about him. ever.

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    • I will do it when the Vanda Championship is done.

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    • Just completed the episode in which you saw that I am about to retire soon. 

      And since that episode covers that one annoying part of the EDD I dropped a reference on something equally frustrating in it.

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    • guess i'll take it from here. but Lily and Naomi will still come to the gym in my garage during your "retirement". also, that "ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN, CJ!" part fitted so well with that one rigged race.

      also, there will be new characters. hopefully you'll be checking out my posts and R8 tyke's posts every once in a while.

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    • remember when you said you'd come back once the Aventador SV EDD would be revived? the good news is, it got revived. the bad news is, it got revived during the Riviera championship, even if you're ahead of me by now.

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    • Well, I just got both. And made it thru the SV EDD without any tokens spent (apart from V12 boxes)

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    • dang. nice one.^_^

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