• first of all, congrats on getting the Alfieri. second, i got some new ideas.

    the 2017 Ford GT is my personal favorite car of all time in real life, if you didn't know. now, just like with the Sesto Elemento, i'll be bringing this car with me, wherever i go.

    for his personality, i thought of this: mixing the personalities of two of my favorite cars in Asphalt 8. the Sparta's Sparta ramming when one makes the reference to the 300 movie and the desire to come with me on every adventure, like the Sesto Elemento. and to make things more interesting, every time my 2017 Ford GT is triggered -hence the Sparta ramming-, he'll turn into his LeMans version. but he'll still yell "THIS! IS!! SBARRO SPARTA!!!" to make the reference to the 300 movie better. also, the very first update of Asphalt 9 will happen in a few days and my Corvette will feel like her old self again AND there will be 2 cars added: a Ferrari i've never heard of and a Lotus i've never heard of. and those are the Ferrari J50 and the Lotus Elise Sprint 220.

    and about the fake betrayal, all the ideas we had until now will be settled after the 918 EDD. just remember them once we get to that point.

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    • A sample script will be nice, so that I don't forget it.

      And the Aprilia is no longer a BP bike- it has to be obtained as a whole.

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    • speaking of the Aprilia, the R&D is going to be another one of those R&Ds that want to kill us.-_-

      goddamn it.-_-

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    • Meanwhile, I got the 308 GTS and the (STINKING) Shelby Cobra.

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    • I got enough licenses to get the Cobra, but I am not claimijg it unless:

      1) The Retro collection is the last source I can get Class S upgrades

      2) Part of an Asphalt Stories episode, where either the punishment period of the PCG expires, or the PCG evaded punishment and broke it out of the locker.

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    • Any idea what scripts for those ideas do you have? So that I know how to arrange them later.

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    • i also have another idea. in every episode, if Tweak dies, there will be a "TweakRacer died" counter that will go up. the same goes for Nuke. every time they insult Gameloft or they don't do what i say, they get a death, either by Cyril who will pull a Sub-Zero on them and rip their heads off OR me zapping them to death or burning them alive. the first one would go like this:

      Cyril: *grabs TweakRacer by the neck and rips his head off*

      Me (making my Mortal Kombat announcer impression): Cyril wins. flawless victory. FATALITY!>:)


      Cynthia: YOU BASTARDS!>:(

      TweakRacer: *respawns* are we seriously going to have that gag where everytime i die or Nuke dies, a counter of our own goes up?!>:(

      Me: knowing that you'd react like this, yes.:P

      that would be a great reference to the South Park series.

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    • Will consider that.

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    • and for the next episode, here's what i thought. we have to make a reference to that one mission in GTA San Andreas where you go pick up Johny Sindacco from the San Francisco hospital and you have to save him from the mafia. here's the script i made:

      Kent Paul: Matt, liven yourself up. TF2014 is here.:P

      Matt: *gets up* hello.:(

      TF2014: what's happening?:I

      Maccer: eh, there's some top fanny down that pool, Pabsy.:P

      Kent Paul: leave it out, dimlo! what's wrong with you?! *talks to Matt* well, are you gonna tell him or shall i?:I

      Matt: ................... i'm really screwed.:(

      Kent Paul: crack on, Matt. spit it out.:I

      Matt: i threw it all away. okay, i had the power, the money, the ladies, but i couldn't lay off the blow, so i went into rehab. and everything went downhill, but so what? so, when i came out, i started representing Gameloft -again-, and that's how i ended up here. but no one family would trust another to run the casino, so i was put forth as a neutral party. so, now i spend my days waiting for one family to cap me and blame the other one. my only friend is a bird named Tony!>:(

      Tony: *parrot screech* i never f***ed anyone over in my life who didn't have it coming to 'em! *parrot screech*

      TF2014: s**t, let me think about this. you have to break it down for me real quick.>:I

      Matt: okay, okay. the Sindaccos are on the warpath. okay? i mean, something terrible has happened to Johny. i mean, he's in a shock-induced coma at the hospital across town. now, the Forellis. they will take this opportunity to rub him out. now, if ANY hit succeeds between the families on MY turf, I WILL GET THE AXE, BULLET, MACHETTE, WHATEVER-

      TF2014: okay, okay. relax. i'm gonna shoot over to the hospital and move the body or something.>:I

      Kent Paul: there you go, my love. things ain't so bad, are they?:)

      Matt: ugh..............:(

      Tony: badabing!

      outside of Caligula's

      TF2014: so, here i am. about to try and rescue some guy Hanna scared half to death. if he wakes up through all this, i'm screwed.:I

      so, what do you think?:)

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    • Well, a nice reference...

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    • now, for the part where Wanda and Persephone head to your garage to torture Anais, just remember that Roger and Danny are their brothers as well, hence the confirmation in the episode where i get the 2018 McLaren X2.

      if you get the MP4-31, there are two choices you can make to make Roaring Thunder's boss pay for his crimes. you can force him to suffer the ultimate punishment OR you can kill him. also, Adrian Heat will just knock him down like Big Bear knocked down B Dup in the mission "beat down on B Dup". those choices still apply even if you don't get the MP4-31.

      and for halloween, there will be cosplaying, like in my Halloween special i made last year. i know what the girls will be cosplaying as, but here's the thing. Emily will be cosplaying as Bruce Lee-because she knows the Jeet Kun Do Kung-Fu style and because she's a big fan of Bruce Lee- but i haven't made up my mind about what Loraine will be cosplaying as. as for your friends, you can tell me.

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    • Will put it in. Plus I also retrieved the QUANTINO (fortunately the MP4-31 and QUANTINO are not in my garage when R8 Tyke blasted music to Anais' ears :P

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    • congrats. it's a great alternative if you don't have the RX-8, but i doubt it will be useful in the events, since you have the RX-8. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, just like my electric cars and my SCG 003S and my Pininfarina H2 Speed, it will have an IQ of 300.:)

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    • Yep. High IQ to help with the plot to wreck the VVS base 6.....

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    • Oh, since I got the MP4-31 in my 2nd account, I'll depict that Scrooge McDuck (yes, Ducktales characters are destinied to return) bought Roaring Thunder from Vivendi while I'm racing. Then, Adrian Heat (who is the *former* boss of Roaring Thunder) gets locked up in my SV the same way Anais get locked inside my RX-8 and my SV will set off to you guys. Does it sound good?

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    • Maybe with getting tortured as well.

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    • AND I've got the partial structure of Vivendi (and their plans) in the new extra I've made.

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    • now, i'm back in Asphalt 8, guys!^_^

      for the episode, i'll make a reference to the mission "A home in the hills" where i get back my old garage from Big Poppa and shoot down the Vagos with Woozie's gang (except i zap and burn them). there will also be the part where i chase him with my Sesto Elemento and knock down his whatever-pink-car-he-drove-in-GTA-San-Andreas, but also killing him.

      also, i got my Pininfarina H2 Speed to 2 stars in Asphalt 9 and i painted her pink just for the giggles. you could say i have a weird taste in car colors.:P

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    • That's good.

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    • so, i made the first episode of season 10, AKA the TweakRacer arc.

      hopefully Tweak, Nuke, Sunny, Surf and Tobias won't find out about YOUR message wall, MY message wall and R8 tyke's message wall and try to annoy us. that would suck SO BAD!

      oh, and let R8 tyke know as well. also, a friendly tip. stay away from any comments related to Tweak, Nuke, Sunny, Surf and Tobias. we need to keep a low profile.

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    • They will probably try to gang up on the message wall. Seems like they know the recent activity function.

      Anyway if that happens, show as much sarcasm as well and (pretend to) agree with these guys. They won't stop so use some sarcasm as a plan B.

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    • good idea.

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    • A FANDOM user
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