• the 918 EDD came back. as for me, it won't appear, since i already have it, which also saves my sanity. and if you want to know, i won it in only one day, which is one of my greatest achievements in my entire career.

    now, i might make the episode where i get the 488 Pista. in your episode, i will help you take down the EDD by driving your 911 GT3 RS, which is one of my favorites in the game, because of the looks.

    after completing the EDD, that's where the fake betrayal comes in. you, Nick and Rouge will pretend you betray us. and i wouldn't mind if you roasted VIncent the same way Feuerrm roasted him after revealing your true intentions.

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    • ...AND signals my revenge has come.

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    • What will happen:

      After I finish the 918 EDD, the 918 breaks into pieces. Then Nick, Rouge and I turn our backs temporarily and capture three of your girls. Then take them to the VVS base and after some intergorration, I trick Vincent and his goons regarding Anais' hideout. When they got tricked, Nick and Rouge get 2 rigged X2s. While I release the captives and arrange an escape for them. While I call one of my friends to use my AHGT to fetch me and escape.

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    • now that's an awesome plan. they'll never see us coming.>:)

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    • Ah yes. Leave all the ideas you had here.

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    • now, here's the first script:

      TF2014: i got all the cars AND the Porsches for the EDD on my side. what are you gonna do about that?>:)

      Vincent: whatever i want. you can't stop me! i have an army!>:)

      TF2014: we have a Huayra BC.>:)

      TF2014's Pagani Huayra BC: *revs up his engine*

      the second script goes like this:


      a bunch of Vivendi goons appear

      TF2014: *pulls out his AK-47s* SUCK MY MUSHROOM *followed by rapid gunfire* TIIIIIIIIIIP, YOU, F***ING SON OF A BIIIIIIIIITCH!!>:( *kills all the goons*


      the third script goes like this:

      TF2014: well, Vincent. if you want to know............... the betrayal WAS FAKE ALL ALONG!>:)

      Vincent: WHAT?!O_O

      Rouge: turns out YOU were the fools.>:)

      Nick: the X2s you got are rigged with a nuclear bomb that will destroy the base. and it can't be removed, no matter what you do.>:)

      Mike458: DAMN IT! can't believe we fell for it!>:(

      Heihachi Mishima: and we would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling brats and that annoying idiot you hang out with!>:(

      Rouge: says the guy who got beaten by his son and his grandson.:P

      The crowd (from the SIKE! that's the wrong number! video): OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:D

      Vincent (with Ultimate by Denzel Curry playing on the background): well, then. now, tell me. do you bleed?>:I

      TF2014: that's.................................... WHAT I ASKED YOUR MOM LAST NIGHT!>:D

      The crowd (from the SIKE! that's the wrong number! video): OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:D

      as for the cars, you drive the 918, i drive the 911 GT3 RS. as for the other 3 Porsches and the other 4 cars, i'll leave that to you.

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    • Smashing idea!! Though I will make sure the captives run away first, then Nick and Rouge steal 2 VVS AF10s. As for me, that AHGT.

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    • Will I be involved? If so, maybe time for my P1 GTR to sit this one out and have the McLaren Senna take over his role.

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    • Bring in some ideas if u wanna be included.

      The story won't be out this week though since I need to make a draft on what to write first, and I have the 918 and AHGT to handle.

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    • @TransportFan2014 I have these ideas:

      • Master Chief joins us again (he is somewhat regularly featured in Azelfland's stories).
      • We are joined by a new hero, Dom the Sheep, from Dom's Expedition for the Sacred Potato (a Luxor mod by Sheepocalypse), who tells us that we must go for the Sacred Potato since it has magical powers that will help us in our battles (you can make up those magical powers as you go).
      • My P1 GTR decides to sit this one out as he is replaced by not one, but three new cars from the Forza Horizon 4 universe: the McLaren Senna, Maserati MC12 FE (aka the king of The Goliath), and Liberty Walk 650S (which is colored turquoise and will be driven by Spartan-II Fred-104).
      • As I reach the end of Apollo IE R&D Lab 3, some Promethean Crawlers appear and start scratching the Apollo IE right after I beat the Ultimate AI. The Crawlers are then splattered by your Huayra BC, resulting in the Crawlers dropping Boltshots and Suppressors.
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    • The first two will be applied when the VVS base gets thrashed while Vincent is out.

      Fourth one, will make a seperate part for it in the same episode. Same for third.

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    • At the mean time, I got le Trezor in a (possibly lowest) tune, with a lower rank than Damon D.R.'s tune.

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    • and as for me, i got the ED Design Torq. for real, this time. had to get the last blueprint through Exclusive Deals, after farming with my Huayra BC.:P

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    • @TransportFan2014 Noted.

      Also, if you want to know what the Liberty Walk 650S driven by Fred-104 will look like, here's a picture of it. (I actually did the design myself)

      10-12-2018 9-39-58 PM
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    • Seen. In the meantime, I just got the AHGT....

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    • @TransportFan2014 Congrats! I only recently started Lab 4 of the Apollo IE R&D with [1505 2040].

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    • Thanks P1 Boy!! And good luck with that.

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    • AND at the same time, I'm half-way from my 918. ^_^

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    • Just done the EDD. Now working on the episode (at least the draft).

      Even if I lost, it does not matter since I have the 45 BPs if I lose.

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    • congrats.:)

      also, you get the entire car in the revival.

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    • And, regarding the farming cars, I don't just have the Huayra BC. I used to use the Veneno before transitioning to the Huayra BC. The MP4-31 is used in the 6th race in McLaren Legends season during the festival events. So that's 3 cars, not just 1.

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    • that's pretty cool.:)

      for my farming cars, i use my 675LT, my Huayra BC and my recently fully PROed MP4-31. so, i'm kind of ahead of you when it comes to farming.:P

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    • And finally I am done- with both your suggestions AND P1 Boy's. Took me nearly 5 hours to complete it....

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    • I'm ALMOST to the 918, as I'm just 6,000 EPs away from the 918...

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    • well, i'm not surprised that the X2's championship would be revived. and i still don't want to think about it. you know my fiasco with it. like with mine, Stan the Rocket - the supposed to be Roaring Thunder's driver- will work undercover for us.

      as for ideas, here is the first script for the final tour:

      Adrian Heat: yeah. the deal was eight races. it won't happen again.>:I

      Vincent (on the phone): i'm afraid i can't help you anymore.>:I

      Adrian Heat: YOU CAN'T DO THAT! WE HAD A DEAL! just give me one more chance! i can take them!O_O

      Vincent (on the phone): no. you're trash. your whole crew is trash. we're through. goodbye, Adrian.>:( *hangs up*

      Adrian Heat: *angrily throws the phone to the ground and breaks it*

      at the pit stops


      basically, it's supposed to be a reference to Need For Speed Undergorund 2, which i did a long time ago. after you beat the championship, the second one would be like this:

      Adrian Heat: um, remember the whole cheating thing? it was all just a prank. ._.

      Me: just kill him already! i'm sick and tired of his bulls**t!>:(

      Shadow: *pulls out an AK-47* SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!>:D

      Shadow Azelfland: *takes the AK-47 and throws it away*

      Shadow: WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!>:(

      Shadow Azelfland: i'm not hearing any of your crap. capische?>:(

      Shadow: hm. touche.-_-

      Cynthia: you know what, i'll give you the same brutal death like i did to the Conglomerate head ten months ago.>:( *beats the everliving crap out of Adrian Heat*

      TF2014: whoa!:O

      Me (making my Mortal Kombat announcer impression): FINISH HIM!>:)

      TF2014: whoa!:O

      Me: what?>:I

      Cynthia: *slices Adrian Heat in half with her chainsaw*

      Me (making my Mortal Kombat announcer impression): Cynthia wins. flawless victory. FATALITY!>:)

      Cynthia: serves you right, jerk!>:(

      Hanna: at least we don't have to deal with this idiot anymore.>:P

      so, what do you think?:)

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    • Time for revenge.

      And if the AF10 comes, time to grind parts. I am not gonna bother going for the Trash.

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    • IMMA REVENGE TO GET MA X2! (AND the 918 is in my garage)

      AND MAX PROed my MP4-31~ :)

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    • and i made my episode. it's partially casual to say the least.:P

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    • and for the final battle against TweakRacer, i got an idea that i had in mind:

      you can check it out if you want to. which involves Nuke. and Vivendi being on our side for the final battle.:P

      and before you ask, Vivendi joins us only because they want to do the same thing with us: take down TweakRacer. and because they made a temporary truce with us.

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    • While I just got the Jaguar Project 7 and the MP4/8. The Jaguar will be recovered from the apocalypse.

      And I hope to get 200 cars ASAP; eventually real life stuff will force me to stop my progress- wether I want it or not. Maybe it will happen after the Translyania Update- or later, but idk. It will happen,but I cannot predict when it will happen.

      Hope the Weber, C 63, Icona, Falcon, Zenvo TS1, SCG and Concept S events come before my time to go for good- this time without being able to return to the game.....

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    • um, you said till the christmas update of 2019. not till you get 200 cars.

      also, i got the regular F-Type. it costed 525 tokens to get.:P

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    • I DID say 2019 Christmas Update, but who knows, I will be forced to exit early.

      I cannot exactly know when I have to quit, so the 2019 Christmas update is basically a benchmark.

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    • well, i have more ideas about the final battle. this is what would happen after the rap battle:

      NukeStar: argh........... you idiot............ you know i'm not good at those. even if you're an a-hole, you're still my friend and i still care about you............. or something like that.:I

      TweakRacer: *gives in to the power of rejection* NO! *turns back into his Panda form* IT'S TOO LATE FOR THAT!>:(

      NukeStar: i knew you'd say that. so, i went on a journey.:I

      TweakRacer: hm?:I

      NukeStar: yes. i traversed the deepest oceans, explored the wildest valleys and space, just to find............ A THERAPIST FOR US!:D

      Everyone: *applauses*

      TweakRacer: WHAT?! WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS?!>:(

      NukeStar: Tweak, meet doctor Anais, our therapist.:)

      Anais: sup?:P

      TweakRacer: HUH?! Anais?! why are you helping them?!O_O

      Anais: because................ *inhales* THE VVS, MY HUSBAND AND I ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE EVIL ONES HERE, NOT YOU!>:(

      TweakRacer: but.............. you're not even a therapist.:I

      Anais: actually, before i became a writer and before Vincent and i went all crazy and evil, i got myself a psychiatrist degree.^_^ *shows her psychiatrist degree*

      Luigi: wow. Azelfland, where's YOUR degree?:I

      Me: heh! an intellectual like me has the best kind of degree. a degree in memes!:D *shows a poorly drawn meme degree*

      Luigi: ooooooh.........:(

      Anais: *puts on her glasses* okay. let's do this thing.>:I *turns off the lights and leaves a spotlight on TweakRacer*

      TweakRacer: huh?! what the-?!O_O

      Anais: so, Tweak. tell me how you feel.:)


      Anais: i see a lot of repressed emotions and pent up rage. Nuke, is there something you want to say to Tweak?:)

      NukeStar: TweakRacer...... my friend................ somewhere, deep down in my heart.......:(

      TweakRacer: ......................:(

      NukeStar: .......i still love you.:')

      TweakRacer (getting emotional): *turns back to normal* NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!:'D

      Both: *hug it out*

      Persephone: awwwww.:3

      Wanda: ech!>:(

      Sean: yeah! we did it!^_^

      Bowser (in Michael Rosen's voice): noice.:)

      Luigi (crying): i'm not crying. YOU'RE crying.;_;


      Emily: hooray! yippee!^_^

      Heihachi Mishima: borrring.-_-

      Me: well, i'm glad everything turned out okay.:)

      Audi R8 tyke: now what? almost the entire world was destroyed.:I

      Cynthia: um............... do you guys want to play games?^_^

      Everyone: HECK YEAH!:D

      Vincent: well, you did great.:)

      Anais: i had to do what i had to do.:I

      Azelfland.exe: starting tommorow, we'll get back to making these fools suffer.>:I

      Vincent: agreed.:P

      Azelfland.exe: but now, i'm hungry. do you guys want to go for some pizza?:)

      Vincent: sure.:)

      Anais: sounds good to me.:P

      so, what do you think?:)

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    • Maybe a good idea, but 2 days after the end of the truce, I will grab back the wife as the same barrier to disallow VVS from performing certain damages.

      Oh, before the rap battle, the zombie army will be taken care of by some plants....

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    • a reference to Plants VS Zombies. pretty cool.:)

      plus, TweakRacer controls them with his staff. so, breaking it will turn the zombies back to normal. and by "back to normal", i mean that the zombies all around the world would be people again. even our friends will turn back to normal.

      for the EDD ideas -new or revived-, i thought of this: Metal Azelfland, Shadow Azelfland, Silver Azelfland, the VVS and i get dragged to the rejection dimension. which would be where the EDD would take place. TheHawtDawg1, Feuerrm, TheHedgehogOne and Alice join a bit later and we take them down. TweakRacer also reveals the girls, our friends and the Mario Bros. as zombies, signifying that we have to do this ourselves. i have ideas for it, but i'll tell you more later.

      also, the jammers that prevented using our powers? those can be used as OUR barriers anytime the VVS tries to blow up our garages. also, Azelfland.exe doesn't let Vincent blow up our garages anymore after the beginning of the X2 championship. so, kidnapping Anais again might be redundant. not that there's anything wrong with that.

      also, i'm still curious as to what your friends cosplayed as during the Halloween festival.

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    • Basically I am taking Anais back so that Vincent will think twice about abusing your girls. If he does, my friends will have fun with her..... regarding the cosplay, will figure next time.

      Oh, my three friends will sometimes make use of her therapist degree when needed. Since she did help in the temporary truce, when I recapture her, I will place her in the same room in my current garage, but I will only chain her hands to a certain spot and allow her to make some movements and tell my friends to not do any abuse (unless if the conditions require them to do so). And after 4 warnings, I will glue her back to the floor- again. The recapture for the rest of her life mainly serves as her punishment,though it will be lightened.

      Will only release her after you get either the Icona or the RS01, but that release will only happen after I tackle the relaunched Concept S R&D, and of course-after pplacing all the plants- to make sure the zombies do not reach her after she is released- temporarily.

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    • I like your ideas. Meanwhile, I got the Hussarya GT yesterday, but I am really thinking twice about doing the Rimac R&D even though I have 34 ⚡ Electric Engines. So I made some ideas for the upcoming episode:

      • The Halo Squad stops by my garage to discover my newly acquired Hussarya GT and Renault Trezor.
      • A delivery truck arrives carrying my newly assembled Zenvo ST1, and Fred-104 has the ST1 delivered to my garage. He then keeps the ST1 sealed tight in a safe place underground while he gives TF2014 and Azelfland the intel they need.
      • Chief and Fred discover an unprimed bomb in the Hussarya GT, defuse and remove it, and learn that someone working with the VVS may have planted it. However, right after removing the bomb, Chief suddenly feels faint and has bad memories of being imprisoned in a Cryptum (see "The Breaking" on Halopedia or Halo Nation) before Kelly-087 and Fred snap him out of it.
      • My LW 650S gets swapped out for a LW 650S Spider with the same livery.
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    • Will keep them for the episode after my next one since the next one is rather short.

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    • Also, I reached 1600+ licenses, but I am not claiming the Boat yet (I will claim it when I am gonna recapture Anais after Tweaks is neutralised).

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    • the MV Agusta bike is available for a few days. and i got it for 2.400 tokens with 2.475 tokens left. also, i kinda acted like Spongebob on this one. in all seriousness, though, what's done is done. i got the bike. and it's no big deal, really.:P

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    • Bought as well to thrash Class C TLEs.

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    • PEOPLE, ALERT! THE MURCIELARGO HAS TOKEN ONLY UPGRADES (Lv2->Lv3 Top Speed costs 500 tokens)!

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    • I think I have some B upgrades.

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    • I have 375 Tokens from the 918's Mastery.

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    • Centenario also has these dreadful upgrades -.-

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    • luckily, the Centenario is an R&D car, so it's no big deal.

      if it has 4 or 3 upgrades, then it's going to be easy to get rid of.

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    • also, my episode is finally here.:P

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    • And you want to know what bullshit is present in the Centenario R&D??? ZERO FREE UPGRADES.

      What a way to ruin our holidays.

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    • (Russian foul languages)

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    • i pretty much thought of some references to the zombie apocalypse. here's the first script:


      Mike458: pffff. so what?!>:P

      Vincent: just three weeks ago, TweakRacer turned almost the entire world into a post apocalyptic nightmare! don't worry, you'll get over it. besides, once we take down your entire token stash, you won't be able to get another car OR bike.>:)

      the second one will go like this:

      Diana: well, time to go home.:P

      Me: agreed. at least it's better and just as good as getting the Murcielago than some whiny idiot that happens to have a worse luck than mine.:P

      TweakRacer (hearing what i said): WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!>:( *gets ready to give in to the power of rejection*

      NukeStar: *gives Tweakracer a friendly pat on the shoulder*

      TweakRacer: hm?:I

      NukeStar: not today, my friend.>:I

      TweakRacer: aw, man...:(

      pretty cool, right?:P

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    • Hmmm.....

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    • well, don't think about it too hard. Nuke only prevented Tweak from giving in to the power of rejection, because Tweak and Nuke are good friends and Nuke cares about Tweak and because he was concerned about the fact that Tweak still has the power of rejection inside him. and because he didn't want a second zombie apocalypse to happen.

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    • Maybe writing that Tweak gets a date (will) halt his power of rejection....

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    • actually, i have a better idea. a power-of-rejection exterminator. as the name says, it gets rid of Tweak's power of rejection.

      though, Tweak getting a date wouldn't be a bad idea, either. i just can't decide which one is more efficient.:I

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    • And I am waiting for the Falcon, Weber and C 63.

      I will use the Apollo N and Arash events to grind V8s.
      AM January

      A8 - Asphalt Moments January 2019

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    • the only one i don't have is the "Trash As F**k 10".:P

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    • I'll go for the RX-8 SE, the Vanda and the Falcon F7 (For the Arrinera). I think the script go like this when the RX-8 SE episode debuted:


      Me: ... O_O

      The lab technician: I'm the only one who can escape. Help us to return them to normal, and the SE's yours!

      Me: OK. :)

      At the lab...

      Myy RX-8: Bro! O_O

      My RX-8 SE (being zombiefied): Must eat...brains.

      Other lab techs (Also being zombified): ...Brains. (Groans)

      My MP4/8: I think we should think of a way to return them to normal, along with the SE. >:|

      My AHGT: ...AND to find out who's the culprit for this mess.

      (Spoiler alert: It's Herobrine who did this, along with Entity303.)

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    • well, guys. i missed my chance of taking part in the Infiniti Vision GT. but i had 3 V8s, so i knew i was gonna lose the R&D anyway. oh, well. V8 cars are cliche anyway.:P

      also, this is how i would make the review about the Murcielago (just for the giggles):

      regardless of your opinion on the Murcielago, i think we can all settle our differences and agree to this review about it.

      Vincent Bollore must've said: "let's take an overdone concept, make it as s***ty as possible, give it 4 token-only upgrades in a championship and release it into the world so we can watch the fandom squirm".

      so, wht do you guys think?:)

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    • Yup, me too.

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    • I am definitely going for the F7 since I narrowly lost it the first time its event was rerun. And then I am getting the Icona Vulcano assembled today. I already snagged the RX8 SE, Ariel Atom, C63, Weber, and AF10 (I regret having gone for the latter, though).

      As for the other events, I will probably deal with the SLR's EDD first and then go for the VE Dendrobium. I might skip the Apollo N though.

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    • for me, it's the Trash As F**k 10, since i got the rest in their revivals (except for the Apollo N and the RX-8 SE, which i got on their launch). and i'm also getting the Vulcano V12 Hybrid, except i have a storage problem. it's almost full and can only fit 1005 cards.:P

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    • Meanwhile, I beated Lab 1 of the RX-8 SE R&D.

        Loading editor
    • nice.:)

      like i said before, i'll get the Vulcano V12 Hybrid tommorow -which for some reason it reminds me of the Vulcano Titanium- and assemble it. no need for the EDD whatsoever. and the episode about it will come soon.:)

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    • Congrats on getting the Vulcano! Mine is now assembling (will assemble in less than 6 hours). I also snagged the Falcon F7 with an upgrade setup of 1525 5353 (B1643/1690). But how? I doubled all the way from the first Ace Race to the end of the last Tier, saved, and then doubled from the first Ace Race until the game stopped me after the completion of the second Ace Race, after which I got the car at long last.

        Loading editor
    • I also got the Vulcano parts, and dang it, it's a Chinese car. They say it'll explode. :P

        Loading editor
    • While I managed to finish all tiers in one shot with 0505 5252.

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    • a note for TF2014: the bad guy in the Infiniti Vision Gran Turismo R&D is Dr. Infinity, who wanted to take your Infiniti Vision GT for himself. i know this because i saw the official article with the quotes of the R&D on this very wiki. since you beat the R&D, you might want to use this script:


      Dr. Infinity: is that all you got weakling?>:)

      ThunderWolf: you think so? i pressed your hidden pressure points. there's no point in fighting back. you're already dead.>:)

      Dr. Infinity: WHAT?! (his body inflates) YOU MUST BE JOKING!O_O (explodes into a bloody mess)

      so, what do you think?:)

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    • Smashing idea!! I will make sure it adheres to your next plan- bypassing the challenges.

        Loading editor
    • and my episode is ready.:)

        Loading editor
    • well, it looks like i checked the new multiplayer season. and champion league gives the HTT, which is actually a good move for veterans like us but a bad move for beginners. it also gives a whopping 1.000 tokens on pro and champion leagues, which is awesome.

      even though i'm not into multiplayer, this season might be interesting.:)

        Loading editor
    • Will get cracking!

        Loading editor
    • YES, I GOT THE RX-8 SE, and I was like screaming 'TAKE MY TOKENS AND GET ME DA KEYS FFS' when I was approaching to the final AI. Now, I'm advancing in the Vanda Championship. :D

        Loading editor
    • Now working on he Trash AF10, but stealing V8s instead of investing.

        Loading editor
    • I plan to do so in the Atom V8 Championship.

        Loading editor
    • I'm now doing the Nissan 370Z SE R&D and will likely do the VE Dendrobium Championship. As for Apollo N, I might skip it altogether.

        Loading editor
    • i'll go for the 370Z SE once i get enough credits.:P

      but even then, i'll still go for it, since i have 27 V6s for it. and 2 more in boxes that give a guaranteed V6 each.

        Loading editor
    • a note for R8 tyke and TF2014: been a busy week for me. which is why i haven't done my episode.................. well, that and because i'm still waiting for your episodes.

      also, i started the 370Z SE R&D and got to 5553 4142 as of test 3.

        Loading editor
    • Well, then good news for you. My new epiosde is completed, but not yet released. Maybe sometime later...

        Loading editor
    • Next episode wont be out till at least 20/01/2019,since I have been sidetracked by PUBG.

        Loading editor
    • I already reached Lab 3 of the 370Z SE R&D with 5555 5353 and will likely MAX+PRO the 370Z SE before even reaching Lab 4. So far, the R&D has been going well for me. No failed tests, no hard tests.

      @TransportFan2014 Will Chief and the rest of the Halo Squad be involved in your 01/20/2019 episode?

        Loading editor
    • Yes, at the Infiniti part.

        Loading editor
    • for my episode, the Supra will make a "Look at this dude" roast on the 370Z SE because of her looks AND assuming her gender. then, the 370Z SE will knock down my Supra for thinking she's a guy. i thought of adding a counter that goes up every time the Supra is wrecked to replace the "TweakRacer/NukeStar died" counter since Tweak and Nuke don't die as often anymore and it would get old. it's also supposed to be a joke about the liceinsing issues with Toyota. and this will happen:


      Cynthia: YOU BASTARDS!>:(

      as for the Lightning LS-218, there's something to think about. you know how when you change the bikes' color, the rider's suit also changes color for most of the bikes? well, i thought of having the girls ride the bikes, based on their favorite colors and i would use the LS-218. after the EDD, Cynthia will be the one riding that electric bike. you can pretty much do the same with Lily, Naomi and Sarah. i'll give you more info about it to consider later on.

        Loading editor
    • But... my friends won't be doing any Asphalt related stuff.

        Loading editor
    • Meanwhile, I do very outrageous stuff with my cars...

        Loading editor
    • oh. right. i forgot about that.

      as for me, i'm going all out on the farming, just so i can fully upgrade the Lightning LS-218 and doing the 370Z SE R&D at the same time.:P

        Loading editor
    • well, guys, i got myself the 370Z SE. for the final test, here's what happens. the R&D technician made a bet with the tech team leader that i would not win the race. with the help of Jiggy 2000 -the AI from the Concept S R&D-, we plan to give the tech team a surprise. as seen in other R&Ds, his weakness was taking the outside of the turns. but this time, he does it on purpose to help me win, even though it's a rematch from last time.

      what happens next is that after i win, the R&D technician rewards me with the 370Z SE, but the tech team leader doesn't take kindly to me winning and becomes a sore loser. so, after he throws the "you're a wannabe pro" insult, i simply beat the everliving crap out of him. as for the fatality, it has to involve a new move i learn during that fatality: the Fire Punch. so, i'm gonna need a bit of creativity on the Fire Punch fatality on the tech team leader. after that, it can also be used as part of my powers. and by "as part of my powers", i meant the Fire Punch.

        Loading editor
    • Once the AF10 R&D expires I will get working on the Weber EDD and finally the C 63 (the Weber EDD lasts 8 days, leaving 4 days for me to start the C 63).

        Loading editor
    • well, good luck on the C63 R&D, bud. as for me, i already have it since the Porsche update.:)

        Loading editor
    • Now working on the Weber EDD, and the XDiavel R&D is on. 

      After these 2 R&Ds, I will stop collecting cars (unless they have at least one niche). Not after the Centenario fiasco, not anymore.

        Loading editor

      i was planning on going for the Trash As F**k 10, but if the XDiavel S is here, i'm going for it instead.:)

        Loading editor
    • I just disposed the AF10 after test 53 yesterday. I have 48 V8s so enough, but I am lacking mids instead :P

        Loading editor
    • for me, it's a lack of mid-techs. BUT the XDiavel S requires Rare Techs instead and 16 V-Twin Engines. i have 11 after the Lightning LS-218 EDD -which was as bad as the Yamaha FZ-10 EDD, FYI- and a few B class bike parts, except for 7 bike exhausts. so, this R&D should be a breeze.

      also, for my episode, i'll include getting the LS-218 and the 370Z SE two days apart from both events. and what Vincent is planning during that EDD.

        Loading editor
    • After the Weber EDD, I will depict a part where I rescue Sarah's sister (name to be revealed later), who does something so that all VVS goons will attack each other (they will still be attacking us though)

        Loading editor
    • i think it will be just like those bar fights in western movies where the slightest misunderstanding ends up everyone in the bar beating up each other. i like that.:)

        Loading editor
    • At the meantime, I retrieved my YZF-R6 in the Lightning EDD (But no Lightning bike)

        Loading editor
    • And I finished the Weber EDD.

      Will participate in the Diavel S R&D this Sat (participation period does not allow me to participate on Tuesday).

      While I will participate in C 63 R&D next Wed.

      Cuz I am busy next Mon-Thu, I will hold off these R&Ds for later to avoid clashing.

        Loading editor
    • now, here's something i thought. since Tweak hates us, i thought you could use this script. it's basically what happened between Tweak and Wanda when Wanda -on purpose- revealed Tweak's true intentions before the Asphalt Moments update and that he wasn't a human at all, but a panda disguised as a human, hence the Black Panda form he had in the TweakRacer arc. the script goes like this:

      Wanda: Tweak? where are you? (finds Tweak in her room) oh, there you are. look, i'm sorry for telling everyone the truth about you. i thought they needed to know.:(

      TweakRacer: you thought i needed everyone to know about my true intentions?>:(

      Wanda: well, yes. i wanted t-


      Wanda: Tweak, you're scaring me..........D:

      TweakRacer: I TRIED SO HARD TO GET TO WHERE I AM NOW........ AND NOW IT'S ALL RUINED BECAUSE OF YOU! to think... the lies i told...>:(

      Wanda: Tweak? i-

      TweakRacer: the scams i had to pull to get here. AND NOW IT'S ALL GONE!>:(

      Wanda: but Tweak-


      Wanda: w-what? you tricked me?D:


      Wanda: you mean...... you didn't do it because we're more than friends?:'(

      TweakRacer: HELL NO!>:(

      Wanda (heartbroken): (starts crying)


      Wanda (crying): Tweak, that's not nice!;_;


      Persephone: man, i knew he was an asshole all along. he's been using to prove something that is not true.>:(

      Diana: something tells me my twin brother, Cyril, is possessing him. we'll need to get him out of Tweak's body somehow.:I

      Persephone: guess we'll need Azelfland to help us tommorow. i'll just go give Wanda a bit of consolation. i felt really sorry for her.:(

      so, how's that?:)

        Loading editor
    • We better restrict the bad guys to the VVS, and avoid antagonising other users.

        Loading editor
    • actually, you're right. but like i said before, this script happened before the Asphalt Moments update and before the TweakRacer arc, where Tweak had his time as a main villain in his own arc.

      in this one, he WAS working for Vincent when he was undercover. heck, he even used Cyril's identity to trick all of us to thinking that he was with us. AND he was still a panda, only he was disguised as a human. the whole "panda curse" thing was nothing more than an excuse to use us to his advantage.

      also, we need a reference to the mission "Beat Down on B Dup". it would be hillarious to see Tweak getting knocked down from Big Bear the same way Big Bear knocked down B Dup in the end of the mission.:P

      speaking of Big Bear, there's one thing i don't get all these years. where does Sweet even take him to? to a Cluckin' Bell or something? because, with a bit of debugging, there are files of Big Bear before he got skinny. or something like that. i know few things about game developping and debugging.

        Loading editor
    • Well Idk about all that debugging.

        Loading editor
    • welp, my episode is ready. you'll love the end.:)

        Loading editor
    • I just got done writing my newest episode. It's about me permanently escaping AsphaltLand for good (as my operations in AsphaltLand have permanently ceased as of January 30, 2019) while I get accompanied by Spartan Edward Buck and Fred on the way. It will have references to House of the Dead and Rumble Roses (you'll find the Rumble Roses references in the full story when I post it later). Here comes a preview:

      {0.73 miles to the Pelican}

      (a group of VVS goons in three Arash AF10s appear, step out of the cars, and open fire)

      Buck: “Contact!”

      (the goons by the black AF10 open fire with their guns, and only one of the goons lands a hit on Fred, causing his energy shields to flare. In retaliation, Buck shoots them with a Pool of Radiance Fuel Rod Cannon, killing both of them and destroying the black AF10 after the third fuel rod explosion)

      Me: “How do you like my low-fat, all-hardlight diet!” (fires the Heartseeker on the goons by the yellow AF10 with a charged shot that not only eliminates and disintegrates the goons, but also destroys the yellow AF10, all at once)

      (Fred then pops the tires on the red AF10 with The Answer and throws a plasma grenade at it to heavily damage it. He takes a LightRifle bullet from one of the goons by the red AF10, which brings his energy shield levels to only 56%)

      Fred-104: “Taking fire! Cover me while I deal with the red AF10 goons.”

      (Buck performs a thruster evade to the right to take some of the enemy fire and allow Fred to recharge his energy shields. Buck then does a running Spartan Charge on the goon that fired at Fred with a LightRifle, killing the goon and causing the red AF10 to flip over on its side multiple times)

      Fred-104: “Thanks for covering me, Buck. We still got a long ways to go.” (shoots the last red AF10 goon with his DMR)

      (all three of us continue running to the Pelican, which we can clearly see from a distance)

      EDIT: It's up now. It's called "End of the Road".

        Loading editor
    • My operations will cease next year for good; I will escape with an Airbus A330 from AsphaltLand.

        Loading editor
    • It's not directly shown in my episode, but I escaped in a D79-TC Pelican.

      EDIT: I modified the episode to specify the Pelican model.

        Loading editor
    • @P1 Boy I hope I don't get copyrights for taking and modding the Blue Team script since I wanted to include the part where you were building the Icona- prior to the garage's destruction- leading to your escape

      Edit: already posted the episode which has your latest ideas- and hope it does not result in any inconsistencies with your escape.

        Loading editor
    • The Vanda that's destroyed in your episode was in fact colored red. The one that's in my episode is orange, and was likely a second copy that was supposed to be sent to my garage in case I wanted to continue with the Championship.

      And no, I don't think you'll get copyright penalties for taking and modding the Blue Team script. Besides, we've all been making references to various GTA missions in previous Asphalt Stories episodes anyway (e.g. the ones in San Andreas and IV, although I haven't seen a Vice City mission reference yet), and we haven't gotten any flak from anyone for that.

        Loading editor
    • Well, then the orange one was wrecked off-scene; I have not thought of any way to write about the orange one.

        Loading editor
    • for my episode, you know how in some series like Spongebob, there's the "you and what army?" line? well, i thought of this:

      Azelfland.exe: you won't even last a couple seconds against me. Hanna and Loraine will soon be toast.>:)

      Tails: oh, yeah?! you and what army?>:)

      Azelfland.exe: *summons 3000 demons to assist him*


      Sonic: you just had to ask, didn't you?T_T

      it's just going to be there for a bit of comedy.:P

        Loading editor
    • I had no idea about the line since I have never watched it for approximately 8 years.

        Loading editor
    • Guys, I finally got the SLK SE. :)

        Loading editor
    • well, i got the XDiavel S and beat the final AI unboosted.:P

        Loading editor
    • I am at Lab 4 of the XDiavel and Lab 3 of the C 63 R&Ds, trying to get them both.

      As for the TVR SE, I am boycotting its event due to it following the Centenario R&D footsteps. I cleared Lab 2 with just 0303 0000 and will try to go as far as possible.

        Loading editor
    • Meanwhile, I'm at the Venice Tour in the Atom V8 Championship, and I had 17 Upgrades and 11 Pro Kits on my SLK SE, and altogether spent me all free upgrades from the collections.

        Loading editor
    • New episode up! It's called Vehicular Evacuation and it depicts the events between TF2014's Entering cooldown mode episode and my End of the Road episode.

        Loading editor
    • speaking of my episode, i got more ideas.

      idea 1: after we rescue Hanna and Loraine, the LS-218 will inform us that he upgraded the boxing ring in the gym with his IQ of 300. it can now create a realistic illusion of Anais. he also tells us that the girls can use it to burst their anger on her when needed and/or to improve their skills. Sarah and Kimberley can also work out in the gym. but i still have no idea about Sarah's favorite colors. oh, and Kimberley's favorite colors too.

      idea 2: remember Jiggy 2000 from the Concept S R&D? well, after beating him on the second try -while unboosted-, he admits defeat once again and i tell him to send you my regards if you get there.

      idea 3: instead of the VVS, it's Tweak who tried to rig the challenges in the XDiavel S R&D -on my run, that is-, but failed miserably. so, we just drop a couple of roasts on him. also, we need a reference to the mission "Beat Down on B Dup" at some point, in your own episodes. i know you said making him an antagonist is a bad idea nowadays, but remember, we still hate him and he hates me, he still wants Gameloft to fear his wrath, his comments are like a new form of torture and he even had his time as the main bad guy in his arc.

      well, that's it. now i'll need your opinions on this.:)

        Loading editor
    • Regarding the gym part, they will only come after I shut operations down (for safety reasons).

        Loading editor
    • Agreed.

        Loading editor
    • Also, before they are given another clearance to return to your garage, I need to hide my friends somewhere not related to AsphaltLand (aka cities that do not appear in the main Asphalt titles aka New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago etc). Seeing how your girls get kidnapped by the VVS (mine and occassionally, R8 Tyke's included), I am very concerned about their safety. So, before they can come to your garage, I need to make them lay low, and away from VVS interfering (in areas away from AsphaltLand, ofc)

        Loading editor
    • fair enough.:P

      buuuuuuuuuuut to go undetected, Flora would build a teleporter in my garage and the place where you'll hide your friends. it will make things a lot easier for us.

        Loading editor
    • Maybe :P

      I am currently deciding where they should hide, I intended NYC as their hiding spot but they might decide to hide in Boston instead.

        Loading editor
    • i'll just put that they're hidden in Boston in my episode, if that helps.:I

        Loading editor
    • That will do.

        Loading editor
    • and it's ready. as for Sarah and Kimberley's favorite colors -since they'll also work out in the gym-, you can tell me now or later.:P

        Loading editor
    • Wait- Kim does not enjoy working out at all. Sarah has no specific favourite colour.

        Loading editor
    • oh.:I

      also, you're gonna laugh on what's going to happen to Azelfland.exe if you know your memes from 2017.:)

        Loading editor
    • ..... but any colour close to pink/purple will do.

      And regarding the escape, nearly all the weapons used by Kim and I will be the ones used by the Halo Squad- except the Uzi and AWM (Kimberley will handle he AWM since she is an expert with bolt-action rifles).

        Loading editor
    • as for my next episode, once i get the AF10, i'll make another reference to the final chase from the 2005 Need For Speed Most Wanted and there will also be a part where the Trash As F**k 10 does a 360 on the ground, considering those are possible in Asphalt 9.

      speaking of the AF10, i'm nearing the third AI race and the first of two on lab 3 with 5555 4142. i'll get it with the same tuning TheHawtDawg1 used but with some extra handling. and i'm planning to ditch the Sagaris SE. having the original is more than enough for me.

        Loading editor
    • Hey, in my new episode, my B2, along with some of my Chinese cars, turned communist and starts to spread communism. Watch out for them in the AF10 R&D.

        Loading editor
    • In my new and upcoming episode, here's what will be depicted: I go aboard the UNSC Infinity, permanently safe from the VVS, and I chat with Captain Lasky and Commander Palmer. Then the VVS continue fighting with each other right as the Warden Eternal and his Prometheans start attacking them. Finally, back at the Infinity, I stare out a window, with Earth down below (this is a reference to the epilogue of Halo 4), and the last few dialogue lines are based on a few ending lines from the Halo 5 mission "The Breaking". Want a preview? Here you go:

      Kelly-087: "How are you gonna move on from your AsphaltLand journeys and ordeals?" (I do not respond)
      Linda-058: "We're with you."
      Fred-104: "All the way to the end, brother." (the three Spartan-IIs hug and pat me)

      @Audi R8 tyke I read that new episode of yours and the ending to that was really weird.

        Loading editor
    • the quest, however, continues.:P

        Loading editor
    • While after Az got the Trash AF10, Kim and I will be planning to escape- not sure if I will need escort of some of Az/R8 Tyke's crew members (the Halo Squad already offered help by sending in heavy artillery) during my permanent departure- until I board that plane, of course.

      While you guys know what type of plane I am using, I have to point specifically which one (since a plane does bear many different registration numbers+liveries).

        Loading editor
    • for me escaping the goons and Vincent himself, i thought of four possible scripts of what the dispatch says. here's one of them:

      Vivendi's dispatch: patrollers nearby, we have a code 6 driver attempting to escape custody. suspect was last seen heading west-bound of Rome. all units standby for the order.>:I

      Vivendi goon: any more details from that call?>:I

      Vivendi's dispatch: suspect vehicle is a black Arash.>:I

      the permanent script after the dispatch would be this:

      Me: that's racist!>:(

      Arash AF10 (triggered): WHAT DID THEY SAY ABOUT ME?!>:( *knocks down one of the Centenarios*

      i have three more scripts for the dispatch. i'll share those later. also, after i share them, i can only choose one of the four scripts for the dispatch.

        Loading editor
    • well, guys. i got the Trash As F**k 10. after three years of its R&D tormenting me. it was so satisfying to finally get revenge on my first ever R&D.^_^

        Loading editor
    • While I disposed mine. I also dumped the Sagaris, and will do the same for any garage queens that follow the Centenario's footprints. BUT,I might go for the AF10 if it comes back a 4th time (if I solved my mid-tech and V8 crisis); might do the same for the Icona and Zenvo TS1 (also ditched due to the V8 crisis).

      And speaking of the "no-date" part, I might go against that oath and take Kim as one (obviously I won't look for dates in real life), over concerns that the VVS will continuously humiliate her (unfortunately the oath violation may be permanent).

      But everything else is no longer my primary concern during the shutdown process, my main concern is to keep her safe till we regroup with those in hiding at the 101st floor of 1 WTC, where the observatory is.

        Loading editor
    • i ditched the Sagaris SE as well. having the original is more than enough for me.

      as for your oath violation, it's okay, bud. it's Valentine's day today. it's no big deal. also, in my episode, i had to deal with R8 tyke's communist cars. so, Flora had to make a communistator, which has the same effect as the naughty-thoughtinator, except it eliminates any thoughts of communism.

      also, here's the 2005 Need For Speed Most Wanted reference once again:

      Bowser: so, what do we do with Azelfland?>:I

      Vincent: i want every single unit after Azelfland.>:I

      Mike458: everyone?>:I

      Vincent: EVERYONE!!!>:(

      basically, he'll chase me through Rome just like he chased me through Barcelona. and my garage will be moved to Paris during the chase. the message Vincent he sents is the following:

      Vincent (in a recorded messsage): hey, hotshot. hey, thanks for helping us out. we've been able to, once again, ruin your token stash in the Arash's R&D. now, i'd take that into consideration if you gave yourself up. so, what's it going to be?>:)

      Me: we all know the answer to this, Vincent. i'm not going down without a fight.>:I

      that's all for now. so, what do you think?:)

        Loading editor
    • Speaking of -inator stuff, you know what to do to my Cobra :P

        Loading editor
    • terminate the thoughts about porn? simple. my AF10 happens to reveal that she has an IQ of 300 despite needing V8s. well, she's a hybrid hypercar, after all. she could track it down and let my SCG 003S, my DS E-Tense, my Pininfarina H2 Speed and my FXX K do the work.

      also, my AF10 has a crush on my 675LT, since she's one of the reasons i MAX PROed my 675LT.:P

        Loading editor
    • My new episode is 99.7527% done. It will reveal that I sold the Vulcano to a Sangheili collector on Sanghelios and that a Spartan-IV aboard the UNSC Infinity actually bought my SLR after he played a Warzone Firefight simulation with me. I will publish it as soon as I can.

      EDIT (02/14/2019 06:16 AM PST): It's uploaded now! Look here.

        Loading editor
    • And I saw a comment by MFeng on the latest update article. Is it true that all the GL execs have bailed out? If yes, when? 

      If it is true that they INDEED bailed out, it might explain why things are getting out of control, if the execs still in action won't stop this madness.

        Loading editor
    • for your episode, i think you should make a reference to the mission "Riot", where we all watch the news, and it's revealed that Vincent is the one behind the whole fiasco and the petition is the riot i'm talking about. you should include this dialogue between you and Kim on your way to your garage:

      Kimberley: so, who's the weird Brit?:I

      TF2014: oh, um........... Maccer? he's got a problem he can't control.:P

      Kimberley: what kind of problem?:I

      TF2014: he can't stop, you know, giving himself a little bit.:P

      Kimberley: what, you mean he likes to consult Professor Hans Jerkov?:P

      TF2014: yeah. regularly.:)

      Kimberley: spank the monkey?:P

      TF2014: (laughs a bit) yeah.:)

      Kimberley: take Palm-ela out?:P

      TF2014: quit it.:D (laughs a bit more)

      Kimberley: burp the worm?:P

      TF2014: enough, kim.^_^

      so, how's that?:)

      also, TweakRacer is hating the petition because he thinks it won't save the game from getting screwed. guess he wants us to get screwed over this update. my god, i hope he gets what's coming to him.T_T

        Loading editor
    • I might include that, but firstly, is what MFeng saying about the original GL execs true (did they really bail)??

        Loading editor
    • i don't know, man. i never asked him.:I

        Loading editor
    • Well.....

        Loading editor
    • My next episode will include the riots (and the total carnage seen while Kimberley and I are on the way back from the ruined party in the Vulcan).

      And regarding Tweak not believing in the petition, it might be due to Vivendi (in GL disguise) bringing back the TOUs after the reversion in the Munich Update due to the first petition. And it continued. The stats-based ranking system (which was also reverted due to another petition) would ALSO be coming back- which will basically render the save streaks useless- almost no chance to comeback. Thus I won't say Tweaks wants us to be screwed- VVS (or GL- to the majority) is bringing back stuff that have been reverted due to petitions. 

      I will join the petitioners, but I am afraid what Tweaks is saying is correct this time round :/

      This is basically a DO-OR-DIE situation.

        Loading editor
    • Yup.

        Loading editor
    • Right now my episode will contain:

      • Dumping the Sagaris SE
      • Receiving a warning from Vincent, which I disregard
      • Informing the three friends of my plan to take Kim as my GF (after a tip off from the QUANTINO that Vincent might recruit some people that bullied my four friends a decade ago, during school age); and completely ceasing contact afterwards till we regroup at the World Trade Center
      • A shooting practise before the Valentine's party
      • The party, which gets invaded by VVS (all goons get dominated), then ruined as a building collapses right on the party area
      • Diana reading out all the bad news shortly after the collapse
      • Kim and I returning in the Vulcan, witnessing the rioting (with my other three friends watching the news)
        Loading editor
    • also, at some point, Cyril would YEET Tweak and you would have to use the Shooting Stars meme when he gets thrown. and then Cyril would kill Tweak by pulling a Sub-Zero on him again and then Tweak would respawn to his garage, considering that this gag has been used a few times during the time that worthless panda was the main villain.

      oh, and you have permission to use the "the Supra died" counter gag. but it will only apply for my Supra.

        Loading editor
    • Maybe that happened shortly before a building crashes onto the ballroom all of us are partying in (obviously not without a warning by firefighters that approached the ballroom)

      This would also be the last time I write about one of your haters getting wrecked; later episodes will focus more on staying safe and with the VVS as the only enemies.

        Loading editor
    • And btw I am very hesitant to go for the i8 and F60; if the Panamera is on sale then I might buy it.

      The Zeus 12 is somehing that I will definitely abandon.

        Loading editor
    • not before getting as many supplies as you can from these events, right?

        Loading editor
    • Yes....

        Loading editor
    • And.... the bad news. Feuerrm does not think the petition will work this time....

      I am currently having 199 cars. I might quit soon after I got the last car if this crap continues :/ (I can't be enjoying my races in a once-peaceful, now-rioting city)

        Loading editor
    • I think I'll quit A8 either:

      1. My studies prohibit me from going further

      2. I got the R8 SE (quite unlikely)

      3. conditions in A8 became too hostile for me to play (e.g. too much TOUs, more infuriating car introduced and cars which are more scumbag-ish than the IE)

      depending which comes first.

      Also, in later episodes, I'll focus on other racing games and shipping my cars into other games I play (probably Minecraft), or real life (depending on my Lego car collection), then shut my operations down and leave.

        Loading editor
    • I will try to make another 6 more episodes before quitting for good, the current one os the Valentine's celebration being foiled by the riots,along with another 4, woth the last one (my escape) bearing the title "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ", as my success in leaving for good; that line comes from the quote for the last man standing in PUBG.

      I will try to get the 200th car before quitting (hopefully it is a newly-released car).

        Loading editor
    • guess i'll have to save everyone's butts by to get everything back to normal, don't i?

      and since i can't get the new cars, i'll need to get some of the ones that have been in the game for  a long time. you know how Sweet informs CJ about the Ballas and Vagos knowing where Big Smoke is hiding and that they'll need to hit them with everything they got (the dialogue happens when you have less than 35% of the gang teritorries in Los Santos)? well, it's like that, except it's with me and Hanna. here's how it goes:

      Me: hello?:I

      Hanna (on the phone): Azelfland, i've been thinking. the world is big but it's not *that* big. some of the goons know where TweakRacer is hiding. but as long as we haven't fully upgraded the Mosler GT3, the Vulcano and the One:1 AND we don't have the Renault Sport RS 01, the CX-75, the Land Shark and the NEMESIS, his money is going to mean more than our reputation. we have to hit them with everything we got and get the cars to our side at all costs.>:I

      Me: if that's the only way, i'm in.>:I

      Hanna (on the phone): i'm gonna see what i can find on the streets. big love, Azelfland.:)

      Me: much love, Hanna.:) *hangs up*

      the last time i'll confront Tweak is going to be like the mission "End Of The Line", where CJ confronts Big Smoke.

        Loading editor
    • Only problem is that Vincent triggered the riots, not Tweaks. While the confrontation will mean one guy out,there are still the goons....

        Loading editor
    • (In German) Ja.

        Loading editor
    • The current episode which I am working on is not complete- still in the draft stage. I am currently figuring out if I should inlcude R8 Tyke and Zoe in the party that was later foiled as a result of the riots....

        Loading editor
    • about the episode, i will also include chasing Vincent. and Vincent dies the same way Tenpenny dies in the second part of the mission.

      for the confrontation with Tweak, it's an extremely accurate reference to the mission:

      Me: hey, TweakRacer!>:(

      TweakRacer: hey, Azelfland. i was wondering when you'd show up.:)

      Me: how did you know it was me?>:(

      TweakRacer: i knew it was my old friend Azelfland. knew that he was coming and i don't give a s**t.:P

      Me: i'm here to take care of your fat ass. then i'm gonna take care of all your friends from Vivendi. where are they?>:(

      TweakRacer: man, f**k this s**t. *hits the bong* man, that's some good s**t.:D

      Me: man, you and Vincen-

      TweakRacer: f**k Vincent and f**k his CJ rip-off and f**k Gameloft, man! all that is old s**t! look at you, you got the whole world! i don't have any regrets, man!>:(

      Me: but, Tweak, y-

      TweakRacer: I MADE IT, AZELFLAND! I'M A SUCCESS! I CAN'T BE TOUCHED! i don't give a f**k. f**k the whole world!>:(

      Me: what happened to you?:(

      TweakRacer: maaaaaan, what the f**k do you care? oh, i guess we better do this s**t, then.>:( *pulls out a shotgun from the safe*

      Me: are you wearing body armor, Tweak? man, i'm disappointed in you. i thought you were gangsta.:(

      TweakRacer: hey, i'm a motherf***ing celebrity. all kinds of cats want a piece of me! SOMEBODY SAVE THE TWEAK!!O_O

      one epic confrontation later

      Me: hey, Tweak, what made you flip out like that, man? was it the drugs or what?:(

      TweakRacer (dying): i got caught up in the money............ *cough* the power............ i don't give a s**t.............. oh, f**k, man...................X_X *cough cough*

      Me: then why didn't you just quit? we were like a family, man.:(

      TweakRacer (dying): i had no choice. i had to do it............... i just see the opportunity......... *cough cough* oh, when i'm gone, everyone is gonna remember my name.................. TweakRacer...........................X_X *takes his last breath*

      Me: ...................................damn............. what a waste.:(

      Vincent: *comes in* Azelfland, my man. i need you to do me another favor. you killed Johnes and now this fat f**k? there's no stopping you! put out your fire and electricity.>:)

      Me: you're not leaving out of here alive, man!>:(

      Vincent: where's Hanna at, huh?>:)

      Me: why didn't you just shoot me in the back? feeling exposed, huh?>:I

      Vincent: just shut up and load the bag. *rolls the luggage towards Azelfland* come on, let's go. i don't have time to mess with you.>:I

      Me (loading the luggage): so, how does it feel, Vincent? all alone, no one's got your back. sucks, doesn't it?:P

      Vincent: why do you think i'm alone? i got a couple of rookies outside, but i still need to slowly open their eyes. a little truth here, a little truth there. all right, screw it, that's enough. chug it over. i got a firetruck to catch.>:)

      Me: *rolls the luggage towards Vincent* you've lost it, man. gone.:I

      Vincent: half of the world is looking for Vivendi goons to kill, Azelfland. and i'm not gonna get dragged out of my Centenario and get beaten to death by some angry mob. no, no. not tonight.>:I

      Me: what are you catching? a plane?:I

      Vincent: DING DING DING DING DING! good answer, Azelfland! you know, you'll thank me one day for opening your f***ing eyes. OH, i ALMOST forgot, Azelfland. *loads up his combat shotgun* time to die.>:)

      Me: um, HANNA!!O_O

      Vincent: *turns around* wha-? MOTHERF- *shoots twice and misses* it ain't over, Azelfland. it ain't over.>:I

      on the second floor

      Vincent (shooting the crack machine): AZELFLAND, YOU MOTHERF***ING PIECE OF S**T GANGBANGING C***SUCKER!!>:( *leaves the place to burn*

      so, how's that?:)

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    • Wondering wether I should include R8 Tyke and Zoe in the party....

      .... as for the End Of The Line part, I would probably have left AsphaltLand by then.

        Loading editor
    • Well, I inlcuded R8 Tyke and Zoe in the party anyway. Even if the game returned to the pre-Vivendi era, I don't think I am returning. I have too many priorities to deal with.

      I included the part which you suggested about Cyril hitting Tweaks (but modified to reduce the gruelsome aspects; I only want to include the VVS (and later, the bullies for a brief time) as the enemies). This update really killed my desire to push further and made me just wanna leave (I will try to regain a few cars I had in the previous, destroyed account, as well as the Zenvo TS1 before leaving; with the Zenvo as my 200th car, as well as a gift to Kim).

        Loading editor
    • At some point I will include the main antagonist of Knight Rider K.A.R.R. into the series; except that K.A.R.R. is taking the form of Vincent's Centenario and not the muscle cars in the original movie. He will otherwise behave exactly the same; being completely ruthless.

        Loading editor
    • my episode is ready. you'll love everything about it. it's also got the reason why the riot happened in the first place. (SPOILERS: my C-X75 was threatened he would get scrapped, so he had to talk and givee the VVS those bad ideas)

      oh, and the end is going to be hillarious, if you know the "to be continued" meme.:)

        Loading editor
    • At the meantime, I reached Champion League with my X2. :)

      Maybe staying in A8 a bit longer. :)

        Loading editor
    • While I am working on the episode where I got captured (really). Kim and I along with 6 of your crew will be transported to the VVS base by KARR single-handedly (yep, he is even more powerful than Azelfland.exe). Kim and I will also be confronted by the 5 bullies (as it turns out, 4 are blatantly trying to harm my friends, while one of them is blackmailed to join them).

        Loading editor
    • And I've uploaded my new episode. :)

        Loading editor
    • I just created a new episode, which depicts the Infinity making an emergency slipspace jump a la the ending of Halo 5, me and Blue Team going to Sanghelios to meet with Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, and K.A.R.R. making things even worse for AsphaltLand by summoning a horde of Hoonigan cars.

        Loading editor
    • well, i saw it and it was awesome.:)

      also, i thought of a very good script for after i deal with KARR get the C-X75 (and i think it's time to let my hatred for it in other racing games go). here it is:

      My Jaguar C-X75: hey, Azelfland. good to see you again, bud.^_^


      Jaguar C-X75: you're still mad about me screwing up your chances of winning in The Hunt, aren't you? look, i'm sorry it happened like this.:I


      Jaguar C-X75: why? what did i ever do to you?:'(


      Jaguar C-X75: i was threatened that they would scrap me, okay?! i had no choice!O_O

      Me: ugh............... you're incredibly lucky i don't have the time. if i did, I WOULD'VE MADE YOU SUFFER! I WOULD'VE LET YOU FEEL ALL THE PAIN AND BURDEN YOU CARRIED ONTO ME! DO YOU ENJOY SLEEPING?! I KNOW I USED TO!>:(

      Arash AF10: sorry to interrupt your whole "scolding the C-X75" thing, but we need to hurry back.:I

      Me: *sighs out of anger* you know what? you created this mess. it should be your responibility to clean it up.>:I *teleports everyone to his garage*

      back at Azelfland's garage

      Me: this is my garage. your race will be hard without some upgrades.>:I

      Arash AF10: so, what now?:I

      Me: i suppose.......... someone will have to farm. so, once you get fully upgraded. you'll be ready to take it on.>:I

      Jaguar C-X75: then why didn't you get straight to that race?:I

      Me: TELEPORTATION IS AN EXTREMELY RISKY- i don't have time for this.T_T *teleports out of the garage, only to bring the C63* YOU!! GRIND FOR CREDITS!! NOW!!>:(

      My Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Touring Car 2014: AAAHHH!!! OKAY!!!O_O *drives away in fear*

      so, what do you guys think?:)

      also, P1 boy, since you are the The House Of The Dead expert, you'll get to pick from these 6 bosses from the fourth game of the franchise, including the final boss from the Special Edition of The House Of The Dead 4 so i can make a reference out of it (for TF2014 and R8 tyke, the bosses are named after tarot cards):

      • Justice, a giant zombie version of Goro from Mortal Kombat. also, the hardest first boss in the franchise, because of those drop kicks.
      • The Lovers, Hermit 2.0 (both are giant zombie spiders).
      • The Empress, Strength 2.0 (both use chainsaws).
      • Temperance, the only boss in the franchise that's immune to bullets and is defeated by a giant clock, because Sega logic.
      • The Star, which has a few fan theories of its own.
      • ZA WARUDO (THE WORLD)! if you didn't get the JoJo's Bizzare Adventure reference, i feel sorry for you. anyway, it's obviously the final boss of the main game.
      • The Magician, the OG final boss of the first game, the second-to-last boss of the second game (the second fight against The Tower doesn't count) and the REAL final boss in the Special Edition of The House Of The Dead 4.

      now, i never played any of the games from the franchise, but i watched a bunch of videos on YouTube to know all this kind of stuff.

        Loading editor
    • I would pick The World since he has two forms (plus a third form which he never fully transforms into since he is destroyed before his full transformation anyway) and he uses cryokinesis (the power of ice). Also, my new episode is almost ready. It will involve me and the Halo Squad destroying a VVS-run port at Denmark after discovering that it is being used to illegally ship Hoonigans and other drift cars into Horizon Britain, hence why Horizon Britain is rioting (but not on the same scale of violence as AsphaltLand).

      Here's a little preview:

      Me: "Good riddance. Finally freed of these FD cars. I already also sold the rest of the Hoonigans in my garage and got rid of any that didn't sell."

      Fred: "Now we must go to the shipping port Audi R8 tyke told us about."

      Linda-058: "If we're gonna get to the port at Ringkobing, we're gonna fly there." (escorts us both to the D81-LRT Condor)

      {in the Condor}

      Linda: "What has been happening with Horizon Britain lately?"

      Me: "So many racers at Horizon Britain are up in arms about the three RTR Mustangs coming in for Series 7. They are tired of the Hooonigan and drift trash being shoved down their throats, and so am I."

      Linda: "Fred, who must be behind this?"

      Fred: "The VVS. That's according to the intel that Chief gave to Audi R8 tyke."

      Me: "I forgot one more thing. The bosses at the Horizon Festival have introduced Festival and Seasonal Playlists, and they are locking a lot of good cars behind the 100% completion mark. This is frustrating even more racers because they are being forced to play the Playground Games events and the Trial Co-op Championships, both of which are nothing but rage-inducing frenzies."

      Fred: "I have heard about these Co-op Championships and how frustrating they are. I see where you're coming from."

      Me: "The only time I ever did a Co-op Championship was back in January, when they offered the Mosler MT900S. I did win the car, but was particularly surprised when I was gifted a second one, so I sold that extra copy."

      Linda: "The Co-op Championships you speak about? They rely too much on chance because you have to hope for competent and good teammates, along with a well-tuned car, to beat these Unbeatable Drivatars in all races to get the final reward. Otherwise, you lose."

      Me: "Worse, the teammates you get will still treat it like it's a player vs player event when it's really player vs computer, hence why they either ram into you or they roadblock each other, costing the entire player team a victory."

      Fred: "Is someone really trying to control Playground Games?"

      Me: "I wouldn't think that for a second just yet. We have a mission to focus on anyway."

      {at a helipad near the VVS port in Ringkobing, Denmark}

      Me: "Is this the place?"

      Fred: "We're landing at a helipad 6.4 miles away from the port."

      (we both get in my McLaren Senna, while Linda goes on foot)

      Fred: "Linda. Sierra 058. We're reaching the port by car, and we should let Chief know that we're going there."

      Linda (COM): "Affirmative. Will let Sierra 117 acknowledge."

        Loading editor
    • While my episode (which will wait for either Azelf's or R8 Tyke's to be uploaded first) will depict me hiding in that Transylvania castle with that last friend of mine. Regarding the bullies, they will still be alive (with 3 of them killed after I finish the Zenvo R&D, 2 abducted; one of the two is apparantly blackmailed). I will remain in the castle with that friend until the coast is clear to leave.

      Regarding the vehicles, I will be going for the Zenvo TS1, still in doubt on wether I should get the Ferrari F60. The Zeus will be ditched, of course. I have enough BPs for the Icona and Super GT but I am waiting for their events (although I will construct them prior to retirement if their events do not appear a week before my retirement). I will now just keep saving tokens (which will be shelled out completely if the Ford 2017 GT comes to the game, no matter how not worth it that car is).

      And regarding my planned escape, one of the abducted bullies agrees to cooperate to allow me to escape with my girlfriend. Although I am using the A330, the 767 insists to be a standby aircraft in case the A330 is down (which it won't; and the two jetliners would be the last aircraft of mine to leave). The blackmailed bully would meet up with her companion (who is a VVS member that decided to quit the VVS after knowing how corrupt the VVS is). The former bully and former VVS member would try to help my girl and I to leave AsphaltLand, but eventually we got seperated, with my friend and I taking the Airbus, while the other two will head to the main airport and escape with some Gulfstream. 

      Currently, the last car I intend to win is the Zenvo TS1. Other cars which would (possibly) enter my collection are the Ferrari F60 (event; if I choose to win it), Icona Vulcano (event or BP; depending on my retirement date), Mosler SGT (same with Icona). Hopefully, the 2017 Ford GT comes (I will go for it even with the absurd requirements since I have A8 tokens full 11,000 and a hefty stash of V6s). 

      If somehow after my retirement, the Centenario comes back, I will return to collect that car before leaving forever. In the episodes, I will depict a guy called The Collector getting that car and telling me that every goal I had in AsphaltLand is complete, before setting off to reside with his family in Chicago, Illinois (and of course, I will tell him that I appreciate his effort, but I don't wanna hear a single news about AsphaltLand anymore).

        Loading editor
    • Currently making the episode. Also, can someone give me anger management classes? I have some serious hate issues against the IE in MP.

        Loading editor
    • mine will include the difficulties i face (because i was lazy) and taking down KARR for good. and here's what i plan for sending Bowser to his dimension and Eggman to the Phantom Zone. once we enter the Goldman building, this is what happens:

      Me: it's almost like they're inviting us in.:P

      The Star comes from the top

      Danny: WHAT?!O_O

      The Star: come... you must prove yourself in a test of strength... this was Goldman's parting wish!

      Persephone: get out of our way!>:(

      after taking down The Star

      Persephone: ugh.............X_X

      Carl: you okay, Perse?:I

      Persephone: yeah. just an old wound. don't worry about it.:I

      once we get to the top, Eggman and Bowser set a trap for Wanda and her siblings. and they fall into a duct, which leads them to the sewers and the first encounter with Justice. the encounter would go like this:

      Wanda, Persephone, Danny and Roger: *fall in the sewers and get up, only to see Justice*

      Persephone: it's The House Of The Dead 4 all over again. but it's............ much worse this time.>:I

      Wanda: IT'S COMING!O_O

      after taking down Justice

      Persephone: well, it IS like The House Of The Dead 4.:P

      next would be The Lovers. this would be like this:

      the elevator shakes


      Persephone: probably worse than that. *opens the elevator door with her bare hands* we're gonna have to jump.>:I

      Wanda: this is like every action movie ever.:I

      Everyone: *jumps to the other elevator, only to see The Lovers climbing the shaft*

      after taking down The Lovers

      Persephone (breaking the fourth wall): i kinda like having our own screentime.^_^

      next is The Empress. which goes like this:

      Danny: what do we do now?:I

      Persephone: it's dangerous, but there's no time to waste. get in.>:I

      Everyone: *gets in the subway train*

      The Empress: *busts in by cutting through the roof of one of the carts*


      Persephone: oh no......................! RUN!O_O

      The Empress: *throws one of the doors at them with her chainsaws*

      Persephone: rrrrgh! i'm stuck!>_<

      after taking down The Empress

      The Empress: *falls out of the train and gets ran over by another train*

      Persephone: looks like you MISSED YOUR STOP!>:D

      Roger: don't forget to write.:)

      the encounter with Temperance goes like this:

      Wanda (feeling the ground shaking): hm?:I

      Persephone: WATCH OUT!O_O *gets everyone out of harm's way*

      after several attack attempts

      Persephone: that's just great. it's absorbing our attacks!>:(

      Roger: guys, is that what i think it is?:I

      Wanda: seems like the clock is getting repaired. let's use that.>:I

      after taking down Temperance

      Danny: temper THIS, buddy!>:)

      on the way to the top of the tower

      Persephone: we should be able to Venice from there.>:I

      Roger: this is it.>:I

      Everyone (seeing Venice in ruins): ................................O_O

      Persephone: my god.....O_O

      Wanda: no............... no, this can't.............. oh, my.................. no.............D':

      there will also be a second encounter with Justice, just like in the SE of The House Of The Dead 4. and would go like this:

      Persephone: we're close to getting to the Goldman building.>:I

      Hyundai i30N: glad i could help.:) *drives away*

      Danny: well, we better get a move on.>:I

      Roger *hears Justice's roar* HUH?!O_O

      Wanda: not him again!>:( *gets grabbed by Justice but gets away instantly*

      Danny: it's not gonna be easy.>:I

      Wanda: let's just get out of here. if i remember right, his tongue was his weak spot.>:I

      after taking down Justice for good

      Persephone: and good riddance!>:P

      and now, for The World:

      The World gets revived

      The World: i am the ultimate being. there is no hope. my hammer of death shall rain upon you!

      Persephone: this is it, guys! give it all you've got!>:I

      after The World starts growing to his third form

      Persephone: NOT TODAY, ASSHOLE!>:( *blows up The World with her rocket launcer*

      Wanda: well, i'm just thankful you didn't use a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for that crap.:P

      and now, for the OG final boss of the first game, The Magician (on the top floor of the Goldman building):

      Roger: we didn't make it!O_O

      The Magician: welcome, my AMS friends.

      Persephone: not you again!>:(

      The Magician: i have been waiting for this moment for some time. now, you shall have a taste of the pain that i have endured!

      Persephone: you guys ready?>:I

      Me: yep. we all are.>:I

      after taking down The Magician

      The Magician: this is the end. *tries to summon his clones*

      Hanna: what's he doing?>:I

      Persephone: seems like he'll summon his clones. i only have one shot at this. gotta aim fast and true.>:I *shoots The Magician with her rocket launcher*

      The Magician (dying): nothing can erase my pain. *explodes*

      Persephone: that will put you out of your misery.:P

      well, i worked hard on this one.

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    • Nice. Please let me and my R8 LMS Ultra in, that's gonna fun if he (my R8 LMS, not me) uses qi gong to help defeat the enemies. :P

        Loading editor
    • Just beware that KARR keeps Hanna inside him as a meat shield. Otherwise, do whatever you gotta do....

        Loading editor
    • My newest episode is up. See here.

      The escape part where me and Fred drive the Senna to the D81-LRT Condor actually makes a House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn reference; in this case, it references the part of the Annex stage where Kate and Ryan have to go to a zombie-infested annex building by riding on an ATV.

        Loading editor
    • I am also working on my final set of episodes, which won't be released till specific days (with the last one released as soon as I quit A8; which is after I farm the last A8 credits small 2,000,000 and winning one last new special event; hope that event reward is a Ford 2017 GT).

        Loading editor
    • One of the last sets of episodes is nearly complete, but I will have to wait until either Azelf or R8 Tyke uploaded it, so that I know what to write about the opening part.

      I am currently working on the Zenvo and Zeus R&Ds, but I will only complete the Zenvo one. I am keeping the Legendary Electric Engines for my LS-218.

      I am still deciding on wether I should go for the Ferrari F60 though, if it comes out.

        Loading editor
    • just use the R&D to get as many V12s as you can. and the F60 has no token-only upgrades. also, i got the C-X75 and got it to 5422 0000 after completing the MAX Gran Turismo collection. so my episode will have the following:

      • taking down KARR and saving everyone from him.
      • Wanda and her siblings having their screentime with the reference to the entire The House Of The Dead 4.
      • sending Bowser straight back to his dimension and sending Eggman to the Phantom Zone.
      • killing Mike458.
      • scolding the C-X75 for betraying us and then apologizing to him for being cruel to him after all these years.
      • a flashack of what happened when my C-X75 was held hostage to the VVS, which happened before the Fast Lane Update AND before the riot in the entire AsphaltLand.
        Loading editor
    • And I just uploaded my episode. :P

        Loading editor
    • well, i uploaded mine too, but be aware that it's under construction right now.

        Loading editor
    • Regarding the killing of Mike458, I think Kim will be the one who kills him while he is attacking your crew- she is quite good at sniping.

      And of course, the killing of Mike happens while the R&D of the Zenvo is still in progress (while at the same time, the Zeus R&D is left to expire). Once I reach a certain test, I receive an intel about the plan to kill Mike, so I decided to let Kim use her AWM to pluck Mike's head.

        Loading editor
    • i'll keep that in mind.

      also, any ideas for a script regarding the flashback with my C-X75?

        Loading editor
    • Not at the moment, but I will see.

        Loading editor
    • Actually, I can assume that most of the Zeus Twelve Sigmas are being killed by my R8 e-tron, so no car to R&D.

        Loading editor
    • well, assuming the flashback with my C-X75, during that flashback, it should be Bowser that threatens my C-X75 that they would scrap him, since Bowser was the one who suggested those horrible things Vincent did in the first place.

      also, i haven't thought of a script either.

        Loading editor
    • it's finally finished. also, you'll love the ending. it's basically a reference to the episode "Sailor Mouth" from Spongebob. which is a mix of instant karma and laughing.:P

        Loading editor
    • And Entity303 is going to die after I win the Zenvo, with a reference to the GTA IV mission A Long Way To Fall.

        Loading editor
    • what about after he dies? doesn't he respawn to Minecraft? because in Minecraft, if you die, you'll end up back to your bed. just imagine if he ended up in the Nether, but instead of Zombie Pigmen, he gets chased by the Uganda Knuckles army.:P

        Loading editor
    • Maybe he will end in Minecraft, but he cannot leave Minecraft, similar to Bowser's fate (although Bowser was not killed, but sucked back to his original world).

        Loading editor
    • well, all the villains will end up back to their original worlds. and my alter ego will be bainshed back to the depths of hell. but there are also the haters i have to deal with. remember back in the TweakRacer arc when Tweak and his friends tried to prove us wrong? well, here's how i'll deal with them:

      i already explained how i'll deal with Tweak once i get the Renault Sport RS01, the Land Shark and the NEMESIS and fully upgrade them.

      for SunnyTomato, i thought of making a reference to the mission "Beat Down On B Dup". after that, he gets to the point where he wants to kill me because of my existence. and there's also going to be a reference to the Hermes boss battle from God Of War 3, minus the chasing part. there's also the fact that after tiring him out, i'd pull his legs off, just like Kratos sliced Hermes' legs with the blades of exile to defeat him (no pun intended).

      for Tobias Mann, it's going to be a reference to "High Noon", just like with Craig and that goon from the 488 Pista.

      as for SurfnSlide.................. well, he'll die the same way Ryder died in the mission "Pier 69".

      since you won't deal with my haters -just as you stated-, guess i'll deal with them since all four of them want to wipe me out of existence.

        Loading editor
    • well, i completed more than 75 quests in the FLF to give me all 1.500 tokens. i also got the F-Type Project 7. in my next episode, i'll give her a bigger role: knowing where the cars i want are located.

      and the one who has it in a cage? none other than SunnyTomato. the reference to "Beat Down On B Dup" would go like this:

      SunnyTomato's crackhead: just a little bit of party. i heard you was down. so i got a gift from SunnyTomato.:P

      Hanna: come on now, i can't do that.:I

      SunnyTomato's crackhead: come on, Hanna. come on. make sure you enjoy this. this is a rich man's how all the players are doing it. i know you'll enjoy this. it takes the pain away...:D

      Hanna: oh, yeah?:O

      Me (coming in): WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!>:(

      Hanna: s**t! everything is "blame Gameloft"! i just wanna see what's so good.:(

      Me: what's wrong with you, Hanna?:(

      Hanna: man, this crap already destroyed the entire world! i... i might as well let it destroy me too!:(

      Me: you don't need that, Hanna.>:I

      Hanna: what do you know about this? THIS is what it boils down to now!>:(

      SunnyTomato's crackhead: come on, Hanna. start blaming Gameloft.:D

      Me:  hey, that's gonna steal your heart! can't you see that?! this motherf***er talks nice to you and THIS is what you do?!>:(

      Hanna: screw this.>:(

      SunnyTomato's crackhead: you'll have to deal with SunnyTomato!>:(

      Me: WHAT?! SUNNYTOMATO?! we're gonna handle this s**t right now! *uses his psychic power on the crackhead* GET YOUR ASS OUT OF HERE!>:( *throws the crackhead out of the window*

      SunnyTomato's crackhead: *Wilhelm scream*

      Me: BITCH!>:(

      once we get to where SunnyTomato used to live, this is how it contnues:

      Me (knocking on the door): hey, SunnyTomato! open up!>:(

      Hanna: SunnyTomato!>:(

      Me: hey, open the door, punk.>:(

      Hanna: fool!>:(

      Ex-Gameloft employee: yo, Sunny ain't here. moved out a while back.:P

      Hanna: WHERE DID HE GO, DICKHEAD?!>:(

      Ex-Gameloft employee: whoa-whoa-whoa! you're messing with an ex-employee, dude!O_O

      Hanna: speak up, fool!>:(

      Ex-Gameloft employee: um, i can- i can let you blame the company i used to work with.O_O


      Ex-Gameloft employee: NONONO!! NO! AHH!! NO!O_O

      Me: Hanna, no! you're tripping. you're tripping. come on, put the swords down. he was a Gameloft employee.O_O

      Hanna: he's wearing a Gameloft T-shirt. it's SUPPOSED to make him somebody!>:(

      Me (to the ex-Gameloft employee): look, man. tell us where SunnyTomato is and we're outta here.:I

      Ex-Gameloft employee: he lives over Glen Park way. his boy always there, give a cat what he needs...O_O

      Me (leaving): you're lucky.>:I

      as for confronting SunnyTomato it goes like this:

      Hanna: SAY SOMETHING!>:(

      SunnyTomato: hey, hey, no! i had no choice! i was threatened! s**t came from the boss, you guys!O_O

      Hanna: WHAT?>:(

      Me: just kill him already! i'm getting sick and tired of hearing his bulls**t!>:(

      SunnyTomato: no, man! i'm sorry, dude!O_O

      Hanna: HUH?>:(

      SunnyTomato: Tweak is f***ing crazy! he's paranoid! just sits in his house thinking others want his business!O_O

      Me: where's Tweak?>:I

      SunnyTomato: i can't tell you that!O_O


      SunnyTomato: man, i'm saying nothing, because i don't know! only his lieuntenants know where he lives!O_O


      SunnyTomato: Bear! hey, Bear! get the f**k out here!>:I

      Big Bear: what's up, your lordship?>:I

      SunnyTomato: kill these f***ers and i'll give you a quarter sack. now handle that.>:I

      Everyone: .................................:I

      SunnyTomato: shoot them! what are you waiting for? didn't you hear what the f**k i said?>:(

      Big Bear: I'M TIRED OF SMOKING! I'M TIRED OF CRACK! AND I'M TIRED OF DOING YOUR F***ING HOUSEWORK!*knocks SunnyTomato down with one punch* I'M FREE!>:(

      SunnyTomato (knocked down): ow, man! why'd you do that for?X_X

      Big Bear: Azelfland, man, come on. put me back on the team. gimme twenty bucks and i'm ALL yours, man. blast from the past!:)

      Me: hey, let's take a ride, homie. i'm gonna shoot you somewhere you'll enjoy.:)

      outside of SunnyTomato's house

      Sweet: i got Bear's back, man.:)

      Me: okay. i'll see you in a minute, Bear.:)

      Big Bear: where we going, Sweet?:)

      Sweet: someplace where we can get old Bear back.:) *drives away*

      Big Bear: a'ight. i'm down for that.:)

      for the reference to God Of War 3, it will go like this:

      SunnyTomato: i thought Greeks fought with honor........... and yet... you seek to kill me when i have no way to defend myself?.................... NOT FAIR!................ but you have you own sense of honor............... right, Azelfland?... and what has that honor brought you?............... nothing but nightmares of your FAILURE!............ today, you may defeat me... but in end, Azelfland...... in the end, you'll betray only yourself!>:(

      Me: ....................... scum like you will never see the light of day. NOW PREPARE TO DIE!>:( *slams SunnyTomato to the wall and pulls one of his legs off*

      SunnyTomato (crawling away from Azelfland): *screams in pain* LEAVE ME ALONE!D:

      Me (approaching SunnyTomato): NO ONE WILL STOP THE BLEEDING ONCE I'M DONE WITH YOU!>:(

      SunnyTomato (still crwaling away): GO..... AWAY!D:

      Me (making my scout impression): oh, you gonna cry? you gonna cry now?>:(

      SunnyTomato: please! just spare me! i'll never annoy you ever again! and i'll never, ever, EVER call Gameloft evil again! JUST DON'T KILL ME! PLEASE!O_O

      Me: it's too late for that, you sonovabitch! you should've thought of the consequences before trying to force my girl OR myself into trying to blame Gameloft! NOW YOU WILL DIE LIKE ALL THE SCUM THAT TRIED TO DO THE SAME THING!>:( *pulls SunnyTomato's other leg off and then absorbs his life force*

      Azelfland learned Thunder Punch!

      so, what do you think?:)

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    • After seeing the lowered minimum config required to win the F60, I will go for it even if it is trash (same for the Zenvo). The last two class S cars I will go for before quitting the game would be the Centenario (through a rerun) and any American S Class vehicle (hopefully it is the Ford GT2017).

      Regarding the Ferrari, it contains some crucial data (based on a tip off from the Zenvo and the LS-218). After getting the crucial data from the F60 then I would be able to extract data from the other cars without having to win any other useless cars (except the Ford GT if it comes, and if any of the useless cars have some data in them).

      And... just write what you want. 

        Loading editor
    • hopefully the data you get will be what we need to bring down the entire VVS AND information on how to banish Azelfland.exe back to the depths of hell.

      also, the reference to "Beat Down On B Dup" will come at some point. but not right now.

        Loading editor
    • While I got the car that Kim wanted. No data about how to eliminate the alter ego, but there is some data regarding the escape, and one sure thing is Entity303 will fall to his death. From the Goldman Building, all the way onto the concrete below.

        Loading editor
    • don't forget that Entity303 will respawn back in Minecraft's Nether, but will get chased from the Uganda Knuckles army instead of zombie pigmen as the ultimate nightmare of his.:P

        Loading editor
    • .... and he cannot come back out.

        Loading editor
    • i got some good news and some bad news. the good news is, Tweak is finally out of the game (good riddance, because i HATED him anyway). the bad news is, Tobias is onto us.

      i'm still gonna make the reference to "End Of The Line", though, when the time comes.:P

        Loading editor
    • Well, shoot. I guess I'll declare neutrality then.

        Loading editor
    • The one sure thing is I will stay out of as much trouble as possible.

      And of course... I will advise against gloating/celebrating over his departure. It is definitely not going to be beneficial in the long run.

        Loading editor
    • Same here.

        Loading editor
    • i'm having my suspicions that this will not be the last time we'll see Tweak on this wiki. i'll keep that in mind.

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    • So after reading the announcements of the developers, I have decided to not collect anymore useless cars, wether they have TOU or not.

      And I have just snagged the F60 with a config of 4505 5053. Time to extract the data- not sure if it has anything related to eliminating the alter ego, but one sure thing is the F60 has information on how to extract data from the new vehicles without having to clear their events.

      Abd of course, the exception to this will be the Ford GT 2017.

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    • there are also rumors of the Beast X and the Pininfarina H2 Speed -two cars from Asphalt 9- getting in Asphalt 8. now, i already have those two cars in Asphalt 9, so getting them might be too hard for me (unless they have a reasonable amount of resources required, the R&Ds are like the XDiavel S' R&D and don't have any token-only upgrades). if they do have token-only upgrades, i won't get them. i'll just focus on the Land Shark, the NEMESIS and the Renault Sport RS 01.

        Loading editor
    • Regarding the resonable resources, don't even expect it at all,especially with the F.L.U changes regarding that.

        Loading editor
    • Also after I win the F60, I got an alert from the Halo Squad that Vincent is planning to put your garage on another lockdown. He sent 600 mercenaries to lock your garage,only for Kim, 5 of the Halo Squad members and I to wipe them out with the following weapons:

      Halo Nation weapons: SRS99, M7057, Plasma Repeater, LightRifle, Heartseeker, M343A2, 20mm sawtooth.

      Normal weapons: M762, SCAR-L, Groza, AWM, QBU-88, AUG A3.

      .... and Vincent looked at the killfeed to expect positive results, only to see all 600 of them getting killed without getting anywhere near your garage.

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    • serves him right. that's what he gets for causing Gameloftphobia all over the world!>:)

      if you don't know what Gameloftphobia is, well, you know how arachnophobia is the fear of spiders, claustrophobia is the fear of narrow spaces and xenophobia is a fear that happens to be a form of racism? well, Gameloftphobia is the fear of Gameloft. and before you ask, yes, i made that up.

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    • Now, I participated the 488 Championship again, and LO AND BEHOLD, I got my V8s sucked away.

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    • I have plans to quit the game for real, wether the Ford GT 2017 comes or not (I hope it does).

      If it does, I will go for it no matter what, and after winning it, if there are any MP seasons ongoing, I will remain in the game till the season ends and I claim the rewards.

      If it does not come, I will wait till some point between September and October.

      In terms of the stories, I will decide later on.

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    • after i complete the episode where i get the F-Type Project 7, here is what i'll do:

      for the Renault Sport RS01: i will comfront Herobrine and he'll suffer the same fate with Enity303. then comes the reference to "High Noon" where i'll take down Tobias.

      for the Land Shark: that's when we'll send Heihachi back to his world. and deal with SurfnSlide in a reference to the mission "Pier 69".

      for the NEMESIS: we'll banish Azelfland.exe straight to the depths of hell.

      as for dealing with TweakRacer, i'll deal with him once i get all three of these cars. for Vincent's death, here's what i thought:

      Vincent (dying): *struggles to get out of the firetruck* ................... come on, assholes........... i'll take you all...... you're mine. MINE! I run this wo- *cough* orld........... HEY!! over here............. HEY! officer down, come on......... HEY! *cough cough* *slips to the ground* assholes...... you never understood what i did...................... fifty of me......... and this world would be okay......... *cough cough* i took the trash out..... I DID........... and i'd do it........ all again............ *cough cough*.........X_X *dies from his last breath*

      Hanna: don't. don't do it, Azelfland. he's gone.:I

      Me: *puts out his fire and electricity* i wanted to make sure it's over. that's all.>:I

      Hanna: it's cool. no need to fry him. he killed himself in a car accident. no one to blame. let's roll.:I

      The Truth: i mean, far out, man. i mean, you beat the system. i tried for thirty years to crossover but you managed it. i mean, man, you're an icon, man!^_^

      Me: oh. thanks.:)

      Loraine: i'm just glad it's finally over.:I

      Hanna: so, what's up with TweakRacer?:I

      Me: you know what's up with TweakRacer. he always saw things different than us.:P

      Loraine: Tweak?! Tweak was ALWAYS on his own, always out for himself.>:(

      The Truth: that is the surest path to hell, man.............. well, that or fifteen microdots and an ounce of mescaline.:P

      Silver Azelfland: how about we get something to eat?:)

      Hanna: sounds good to me.:)

      Me: *approaches Vincent's dead body* see you around............ Vincent.>:)

      back at Azelfland's garage

      Me: hey, now that everything is cool, we need to stay on top of our game, keep things in check.:)

      Loraine: we got problems in Barcelona, problems in Rome. s**t never ends.:I

      Hanna: sure. i mean, the racing scene is back on its feet, but we need to keep things tight. people are keeping an eye on us.>:I

      ???: *comes in*

      Everyone: *pulls out their weapons*

      Matt: whoa-whoa-whoa! i come in peace, with Mister Dogg here who has an announcement.O_O

      Madd Dogg: my............ i mean our. first. gold. RECORD!:D

      Everyone: *cheers*

      Maccer: AND i've decided to get breast implants!:D

      Kent Paul: oh, shut up, will ya?!T_T

      Silver Azelfland: you're crazy.T_T

      Me: anyway, what's next?:)

      Loraine: i say we do a race around Silverstone.:)

      Hanna: nah, we take care of things here first.:P

      Madd Dogg: we going on tour, fam!:D

      Matt: does anyone have a tissue? my nose........ it just won't stop running............. anyone?:I

      Maccer: yeah. i have. over there!:D

      Matt: i'll pass.:I

      Hanna: hey, Azelfland. where are you going?:)

      Me: i'm gonna go hit the block, see what's happening.:)

      so, what do you think?:)

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    • Only thing is the End Of The Line part ONLY happens at some point after I'm gone from AsphaltLand for good.

      I have A8 tokens full 12,000 ready to be shelled for the Ford 2017 GT, so it better come to A8 before mid September-early October.

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    • okay. i just completed the episode. the beginning of next one will have a meeting in my garage with all our friends that helped us in the past, including the Knowles brothers.

      also, i saw your episode, and it was awesome. serves Vincent right for causing Gameloftphobia all over the world.

      also, you'll love the reference to the mission "Beat Down On B Dup" from GTA San Andreas.

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    • Like you, I will definitely not go for the Spyker (since I made my mind to not spend a single token in any special event). Seeing how the developers have humiliated the SCG and Centenario in A8, I won't be surprised if they ruin the Pininfarina and Beast X, thus I will almost certainly not go for either car. The Equus might be a car I will go for, if its event does not demand even a single token.

      And after checking your episode, there is that one guy on your marksman list that I will say you are better off not doing anything to him; he has not done anything to you at all unlike the others (apart from having GLPhobia). 

        Loading editor
    • actually, there IS something Jskylinegtr will do (reference to Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story incoming):

      • comes barging in to our meeting.
      • claims to be innocent.
      • thinks that top models replacing Gameloft would make things in AsphaltLand better (the contrary would happen if that happened)
      • proceeds to scorch Hanna with his flamethrower but Hanna dodges it in time and i jump in to help Hanna.
      • "no more mister nice guy!".

      after he gets a massive beatdown, he uses a microaggression on Hanna and she gets to use the Electric Fly for the first time. and then he uses a microaggression on me and then I use the Electric Fly on him. and then Hanna finishes him off by using her newfound psychic powers to make one of her katanas spin like a chopper's blades vertically and slice Jskylinegtr to bits, which is another reference to Mortal Kombat (since Mortal Kombat 11 is coming soon and i know a lot about Mortal Kombat myself).

      there's also more. before he tries to scorch Hanna with his flamethrower, Jskylinegtr will try to make Knuckles back him up on the subject of not being included in our meeting, but then Amy will then tell Jskylinegtr to leave (after continuing the running gag of Knuckles getting owned).

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    • well, good news. i got the Renault Sport RS01 and the Land Shark. which means two in one episode.

      as for the Land Shark part, this is what i thought, since Kilbros tried to tell ME what to do:

      Kilbros: look. everyone wants your genocide to end. if you kill Nuke, who knows what will happen?:(

      Hanna: HE'S the one the world would benefit from his non-existence, not Azelfland!>:(

      Kilbros: just come quietly. i don't want to hurt you.:(

      Me: and let Vincent conquer the world and that fool sway everyone from their real opinions?! NOT A CHANCE!>:(

      Kilbros: i mean no harm.:(


      Kilbros: i'm sorry, Azelfland, but you left me with no choice.:(

      Thunder (coming in): HEY, YOU PUNKS!>:(

      Kilbros: hm?:I

      Everyone: THUNDER?!O_O

      Thunder: the hated boss who beats you down and beats you down and never lets up. yeah. big bad Thunder is here.>:)

      Vivendi goon 1: hey, i know you. you're that pathetic guy who's friends with our boss' enemy. didn't expect much from a thug like you.>:P

      Kilbros: no vision. no ideals. what's a punk like you doing here anyway?>:P

      Thunder: ................................. heh. i have to admit. you got me all figured out. i got nothing, not even my old garage, except for my girl. i'm just another regular nobody. BUT! I STILL GOT SOME THINGS I CAN'T LET GO... THINGS AIN'T NOBODY GONNA MESS WITH! AND GUESS WHAT? YOU PUNKS JUST MESSED WITH ONE OF THOSE THINGS! I CAN'T LET THAT SLIDE!>:(

      Vivendi goon 2: tch. you must have a death wish.>:I

      Thunder: hey, Azelfland. gimme a hand here.>:I

      Me: with pleasure.>:)

      another beatdown later

      Kilbros: look, it was just a prank. ._.


      Kilbros: THIS is your death threat? pathetic.:P

      Thunder: omae wa, mou shindeiru.>:) (translation: you're already dead.)

      Kilbros: NANI?!O_O  (translation: WHAT?!) *explodes into a bloody mess*

      Vivendi goon 1: RUN!!O_O

      All Vivendi goons: *run away*

      TF2014: thanks for the help back there.:)

      Thunder: i just beat down on the guy who was getting on my nerves, that's all. now, what are you waiting for? you guys have a score to settle with Heihachi, don't you?>:I

      so, what do you think?:)

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    • And GL has just more greedy and the Beast X has TOUs and likely 0 free upgrades, now we need to spend A8 tokens full 8,000 and with Free Upgrades becoming rarer since the FLU, we would need those tokens.

        Loading editor
    • More TOU and no free upgrades.... not something that surprises me. And I ain't surprised either if the developers actually believe Earth is flat.

      .... also I hope your episode does not depict either Kim or myself interfering with your rivals....

        Loading editor
    • yeah, about that............... the emergency meeting is the only part. except Hanna and i do the butt-whooping on that showbiz fanboy. does it count as you and Kim interfering with my rivals?:I

      speaking of the showbiz fan, here's the script i thought of:

      Jskylingtr: GAHAHAHA!! did someone just page the showbiz fan of awesome?>:)

      Everyone: HUH?!O_O

      Jskylinegtr: HANNA! so i'm an outcast, huh? what did i do to deserve this?!>:( *breaks a part of the table with his bare fist and approaches Hanna*

      Hanna: what are you doing here?! we're having an important meeting! the world is in danger!>:(

      Jskylinegtr: gee, PARDON ME! guess what? i also think Vivendi are the bad guys, genius. i also think Gameloft getting replaced by top models would make things in AsphaltLand better AND i have as much right to be in this meeting as anyone! i mean, right? help me out there! Knuckles! back me up!:I

      Knuckles: that... um..... that's..... well..... *gets hammered* oh no!X_X (Knuckles got owned counter: 26)

      Amy: don't be ridiculous! you have no right to be here AND things would get worse if Gameloft were replaced by top models! NOW GET OUT!>:(

      Jskylinegtr: *proceeds to scorch Hanna with his flametrhower, but Hanna dodges it in time* CRAP!>:(

      Me: i knew this would happen.T_T *teleports to Hanna's side*


      worked hard on this.:P

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    • Well, my additional dialogue would be: Maymay, Riva and AC, could you set the prices for the 2019 Spring Update cars?

      Maymay: Um, i guess, the Equus Bass 770 would be A8 credits small 230,000

      Riva: I would make the Rezvani Beast X cost A8 credits small 1,750,000 if we keep the same credits prices, but could lower it further, and the upgrade costs would be changed from A8 credits small 1,900,000 + A8 tokens full 8,000  to A8 credits small 364,400

      AC: I would make the Spyker C8 Preliator only cost A8 credits small 312,500

      MAYRI-A:, We three would make the Pininfarina H2 Speed cost A8 credits small 445,000, then the McLaren P1™ GTR and the Kepler Motion's temporary Credit prices would be permanently brought back!

        Loading editor
    • nobody asked you, for god's sake. GTFO!>:(

      and don't come back and steal our ideas EVER AGAIN, YOU STUPID SHOWBIZ FANBOY!! YOU HEAR ME?! YOU DIED IN THE ASPHALTLAND UNIVERSE AND YOU DON'T EXIST! so, do us a favor and leave me AND TF2014 alone!>:(

        Loading editor
    • Azelfland wrote: nobody asked you, for god's sake. GTFO!>:(

      and don't come back and steal our ideas EVER AGAIN, YOU STUPID SHOWBIZ FANBOY!! YOU HEAR ME?! YOU DIED IN THE ASPHALTLAND UNIVERSE AND YOU DON'T EXIST! so, do us a favor and leave me AND TF2014 alone!>:(

      Wow, you’re quite an asshole aren’t you.

        Loading editor
    • Damian103 wrote:

      Azelfland wrote: nobody asked you, for god's sake. GTFO!>:(

      and don't come back and steal our ideas EVER AGAIN, YOU STUPID SHOWBIZ FANBOY!! YOU HEAR ME?! YOU DIED IN THE ASPHALTLAND UNIVERSE AND YOU DON'T EXIST! so, do us a favor and leave me AND TF2014 alone!>:(

      Wow, you’re quite an asshole aren’t you.

      Primarily because he thinks that due to Gameloft being taken over by Vivendi, he feels insulted if anyone talks bad about the original company that developed the franchise, it seems.....

        Loading editor
    • The next chapter would be: The Takeover of Gameloft/Vivendi on to Asphalt 8.

        Loading editor
    • You will have to seek permission from the founder before this chapter can be added.

      On a few side notes, this series MUST adhere to the current situation in A8. Unless someone within Vivendi in real life did an inside job and reduced the prices, I doubt that that chapter could be added.

      Also episodes from my perspective only depict my plan to escape from AsphaltLand.

        Loading editor
    • @Jskylinegtr permission denied! not interested in what you have to say AND there's absolutely nothing you can do about it than going along with it. so, please leave me, R8 tyke and TF2014 alone. capiche?

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    • A FANDOM user
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