• 1. Since player rating drops 200 pts at the start of every new season, your objective should be to increase your rating at least 300 pts each season. For example if you started this season at 1400 that 300 increase will have you starting next season at 1500 and then 1600 the season after that. Basically it does zero good to even think about Champion League if you're not starting the season at 1700 unless you're magically able to obtain the tickets for 500 races or get ratings boost help from Champion League friends.

    2. You'll have to find a spot where you can play (computer lab maybe?) once a week for 25-40 races with a quality connection otherwise there's no point of thinking about Champion League as you lose rating points after 7 days of inactivity (if I recall correctly).

    3. You'll have to learn when the best times for you to play from a competitive perspective. For instance if 1:00pm on Tuesdays during the middle of current season take a long time to find opponents at or near your rank it's not a good idea to waste time playing. Or if during that same period you're locked into a filled room every time you enter, but the opponents are too skilled to compete against it's not a good idea to play then either. What you're looking for are consistent periods where you can run 25-40 races within or under an hour and consistently win. That's why it helps to have multiple MP cars at different brackets to help provide flexibility.

    4. Avoid 1200-1400 racers like the plague and as your rating increases so shall that avoid bracket.

    Don't worry about the 675 LT it's not even the best farming option anymore and good luck.

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    • Thank you very much for your guidlines as well as for spending time for me. I'll try to follow them. Sorry for replying late.

      I never felt urgency of reaching Champion League because of the reasons I mentioned on my comment. So I didn't have such an objetive to increase by 100 ratings per season. This time really planned to reach Champion just for 675LT since the is Token car along with many others since FOB update. So already played 3days a total of 100 races and progressed from 1420 ratings to 1713 ratings. Maybe I'll play 1 day or 2 days more in this season, if I can't reach Champion then it's ok. Your guidelines and informations sound really helpful but some of them are not suitable for me. 

      I don't need 675LT for farming, I want it as a collection and I farm with Vanda.

      Additionally I wanna share you something. I'm happy with my achievements in A8 so far because I started playing A8 seriously since early this year. Though I started playing A8 first in 2014 on Android then 2015 on windows then iOS later on, uninstalled the game after playing a couple of months everytime(only Career races). But end of last year I installed this game again on my iOS just to pass some time, after that I introduced to events, TLEs and MPs and couldn't leave the game(although uninstalled for couple of days). Then first time I participated a R&D which was for Hommage and got to know about R&D properly how it works. Then I tried my best to get the car. I upgraded the Hommage to M5545 P4355 with all I had at that time, using free upgrades and all the credits I had. I got really frustrated after failing at the last final AI. I couldn't buy the Auto-test since I had only couple of hundred Tokens left while the Auto-test costed 2350 tokens, I felt really helpless at that situation. Since then I started saving tokens so that I never feel helpless again at such situations and I got addicted to the game although not having enough time for it. Now I have 16,000 tokens and another 4,000 reserved in Mastery. Maybe I spent another total 10k tokens for buying some cheap token cars as well as keys in the R&D/World tours in between. Now I own 182 cars out of 218 including all the kings of each class and only 10 BP cars left for assembling, 2 of which are ready to assemble but I'm waiting for the revival of their R&D. I achieved all of these in last 11 months. Now my attempt is to own all the cars available currently, so wanna get 675LT as well.

      I told you all these boring stuffs just to make you clear the reason I shouldn't expect more than I made in this frame of time. Sorry for writing you so long text. Definitely we will talk again till then take care.

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    • Give it a shot, you may get lucky and catch some elite & high champion MP players trying to help inflate their friends ratings by running free races. If you win those that will be 25 (cant remember max) or so point rating increase per race.

      As for the 675LT, don't worry it will be given away again if you don't get it. As for the tokens I was a saver myself and usually kept my balance around your amount, but I reached the emotional understanding this game is coming to an end and there was no need to carry a total that high. Since that point I spent it down to 1,000 then built it up to 3,000-4,000 and then spend it back down again. I have 195 cars myself, but I'm not a collector at all. For me it's just about beating car events and playing MP once a week.

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    • Hi, I'm sure that I won't be able to reach even 1900 in this season. Because I played another 38 races on Monday but couldn't make a big difference. My MP rank always fluctuated up and down because of the Match making and rank promotion system. Always got very little increment for winning the races but got upto 10 down for getting 2nd, even got once 15 down for getting 3rd. I'll again sit for MP on Sunday to reach 1800 rank as well as to get some MP rewards. 

      Which platform do you play? I play on iOS. Basically I don't have any friend who plays A8. So never got help from someone to get benefits on MPs nor on entire A8. Whatever I achieved on A8, achieved them by my diligence. You might be wondering to know that I couldn't yet obtain even some of the A8 Achievements such as "GHOST HUNTER", "WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE..." , "SHOWED 'EM" because of not having A8 friend. Anyways, I think I'll do better in next MP season since I started playing MPs seriously from this season. Thanks for your support providing me informations.

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    • Sorry for the delay. I'm on Windows and I've never allowed the location/friends function so don't worry about it. Besides if you don't actually earn your way to Champion League what's the point? Just focus on grinding and once you get up to high 1800's you'll start catching more Champion and Elite racers and every now and then catch them running a free race where they'll purposely finish last.

      For the next season since you're starting off with a 1600 rating set a goal to reach 1900 and make sure to avoid low rated players. Looking at number of cars owned used to be a good metric, but with GL practically giving cars away now the best metric is actually Achievements. If every driver in a room has 50 or lower achievements, it's best to get out of the room and save your ticket. Naturally my target is higher since I have higher objectives and while it doesn't always pan out that's the best way to avoid noob racers.

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    • I thought leaving a MP room downs the MP ratings same as getting disconnected while playing, that's why  I never leave MP rooms once I'm directed to, despite checking the number of owned vehicles as well as achivements of the opponents in the room. Even sometimes I waited maybe for 5 minutes while the server was searching for opponents and the room was closed itself later on. So this info can be helpful for the next season, I'll leave the room if the opponents in the room look like noob or low ranked by their statistics.

      Thank you for all the informations and your co-operation.

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    • Nope, you can leave without penalty until it transfers to the actual race screen. Now the trick is the back button disappears once a room hits 4 drivers so in order to leave the room you have to close out the game, again before room switches to race screen. In the advent you're penalized via ticket loss, rating drop and loss of unsaved points you simply take a screenshot of the penalty and then open a CC ticket and ask for reimbursement.

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