• Even if you're the one who doesn't, Aunt Jessie probably has an old device long forgotten in some dressing table drawer. If you can borrow it from her, this kind of utilization might interest you.

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    • Tobias,

      my sorrow is deeper than Aunt Jessies drawer: I do have such a phone, but it's my beloved BlackBerry 10 OS device—which GL stopped supporting a long time ago.

      But your work cannot be appreciated enough because it hopefully puts an end to the hearsays you (and many else) were sick and tired of.

      Speaking of hearsays: I have a project with a similar intention running in the background. I'm currently tracking the content of each and every box I open to finally find solutions for the following questions:

      1. Is the content of a box fixed when it is bought?
        Done. No, because the content of the A8Box Exclusive Box Exclusive Box I won during the Fifth Anniversary event changed when they added the V12 MPI Engine, although the box stayed unopened in my pending boxes list the whole time. Card amount increased from 142 to 144 cards.
      2. Do the cards offered in Exclusive Deals influence the drop rates of opened boxes?
        This was a theory of mine, but so far it seems that I was wrong. Although there seem to be certain streaks of blueprints that appear more often during certain periods of time, but apparently not connected to Exclusive Deals.
      3. Does it influence the drop rates of cards if you already have some of them in your inventory?
        As for parts, I can clearly say no. I've been constantly clearing my inventory of all class D and B cards for two weeks now, but they keep coming. As for engines, it's a bit more difficult, because I have a few of almost every engine in my inventory.
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