• I've noticed that some blueprints no longer drop from boxes nor can appear in Deals. Affected vehicles display this in Get BPs button.

    Current affected vehicles, from ChallengeSY: Class D - 959

    Class C - 718 Boxster S - M14A

    Class B - Cayman GT4 - SR1 - MP4/8 - M2 SE - Evora Sport 410

    Class A - R8 SE - 911 GT3 RS - 570S - 650S GT3 - MP4-25 - Vulcano V12 Hybrid - SLK 55 SE - One-77 - 720S

    Class S - Egoista - Aventador SV - Super GT - 918 Spyder - Fenyr - Hussarya GT

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    • I can understand if they continue their practice to not drop BPs that are rewarded during an event in an update (for example, the Egoista BPs which were granted by the Snowflurry Festival). But I didn't pay attention to HOW MANY BPs they are actually withholding!

      I usualy don't hit the "Get BPs" button because they are always to expensive, but it's a good way to see if it's worth opening BP boxes at all. Which it is not, because I didn't get a single of your mentioned BPs from any box lately.

      Thanks for the info!

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