• I only came here because PQ became a turtle and no comments can reach him. He's in a shell right now, let's not disturb him!

    Thanks for your time, but tell me, as an Admin, how was the comment therein considered offensive and worthy of deletion.

    I thought I was helping to extinguish one end of the dynamite, but someone thought differently.

    So, fill me in!

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    • Hm... I think your comment was just deleted along with several others. I haven't searched the deletion logs, but it also happened to me one day when an argue was deleted and my comment with it. Don't take it personally, neither did I.

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    • No, the thread is still there.

      If PQ didn't want anybody to know about the kid's ban, he could have just deleted their conversations on his wall. That's why I don't understand why my comment was deleted instead.

      Since PQ doesn't like to explain his actions, I will never know.

      Anyway, it's nothing important, and I shall let the matter rest.

      Thank you for your time.

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    • A FANDOM user
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