• Hey there, so, Azelf got banned again... AmIrite?

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    • I just noticed that too.

      Looks like he has got TOO MUCH heat on him, and he gets pissed very quickly.

      So yeah, he got banned when apparently he tries to defend his ideas. He could have taken a more conservative approach, though he has an enemy on the thread.

      We REALLY have to do something about his anger issues.....

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    • Well... yes, but how?

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    • That's what I am wondering. I tried convincing him to lay low, but it did not work. Other methods will be needed; since he will not release his grudges against people who talk crap about GL (esp due to the Vivendi takeover).

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    • Agreed. We must do something before this gets too late.

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    • Maybe we try and tell him to just keep a low profile and not bother responding to his enemies? I am not saying that he should side with his enemies, just saying that he should avoid making comments that could only generate more heat on himself, as well as to stop assuming that some people are trying to get him. I am not saying that I will side with his enemies, just saying that his responses are only causing problems are on OUR side, they could think we are conspirators, or this and that. 

      It simply will be bad for us in the long run.

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    • Btw I posted a PM to him, hopefully it will allow him to deal with his haters without getting negative attention from unaffilated people.

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    • well, guys. i got unbanned as of today. but now, i need to stay away from all the official aritcles of the wiki....... forever.

      also, remember the Centenario R&D fiasco? well, it's back. and i'm not gonna go for the Centenario in Asphalt 8, since i already have it in Asphalt 9.

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    • I will have my revenge on the R&D (since I shelled out all my resources for nothing first time round so I am set to reach PRO 5055).

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    • Well, I'mma rooting for you. My resources are kinda drained since the tradegy.

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    • well, guys. i got the update and it's not too bad. i was able to fully upgrade my Murcielago without having to spend 1.000 tokens for the final nitro upgrade.:)

      for my episode -which will take time to make-, it will contain the following ideas:

      • the meeting with all our friends, including ShinnyShin, Trace, Spud and Thunder.
      • Jskylinegtr interrupting the meeting, only to have his favorite top models killed from missiles and him getting a gruesome death, just like Adrian Heat and the Conglomerate head had their deaths in the past.
      • the reference to the mission "High Noon" (except Tobias does the good old switcheroo and attacks me from behind but it fails and he doesn't beg for mercy after taking him down).
      • tranqulising said hater and bringing him to TF2014 so we can torture him (i disappointed you about not interfering with my rivals, but think of this as torturing Anais 2.0, except we grow bored of him and then we kill him).
      • getting the Renault Sport RS 01 (after killing Herobrine)
      • getting to Heihachi's whereabouts.
      • Thunder and i teaming up on Kilbros for being a traitor.
      • Heihachi betraying Azelfland.exe only to team up with us and going back to his dimension.
      • getting the Land Shark.
      • killing SurfnSlide for the same reason we killed Kilbros, except it's a reference to the mission "Pier 69" -Pier 54 in San Francisco- and there will also be a reference to the Poseidon boss fight from God Of War 3 (with quotes of Stewie from Family Guy beating up Brian for owing him money during the beatdown i give to Surf)

      i highly suggest waiting for my episode before making yours. also, our episodes will start in the same way: the emergency meeting i made at 3:07 PM several days after i got the Project 7.

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    • Only part I disagree about is the part where I torture the hater (also I am working on getting 2 A9 cars in A8 at the time; the Beast X since it might replace my Beast Alpha in MP and Centenario since I wanted my revenge after spending 2.7K tokens for nuthing).

      I might go for the Bass 770 too. As for the H2 Speed and Spyker, I am not going to bother about getting them.

      Right now I tuned my Beast X to 4404 2020 (will upgrade later and probably auto pass the AI; which in my episode will include myself making a fatal blooper, thus resulting in 2.3K tokens lost for a trade off with the Beast X).

      I will try to avoid letting my tokens go below 6K.

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    • guess i'll make Tobias' death quick, then (before thankng him for helping me get the Beast Alpha in the past). also, there will be a part with him and some comrades of his own in a bar, like in the mission "Uncle Vlad" from GTA 4 before getting to the chase. here's a script i thought:

      Tobias Mann: gimme a drink.:P

      Bartender: okay.:I

      Tobias Mann: anyway. (speaking Hindi) cabbages? why eat cabbages when you can eat potatoes?:D *laughs*

      TheHawtDawg1: hey Tobias! i'd like to have a word with you!>:(

      Tobias Mann: what do you want? did i summon you...... boy?>:I

      TheHawtDawg1: you and your "friends" taunted Azelfland!>:(

      Tobias Mann: go away!>:P

      TheHawtDawg1: and now he's upset!>:(

      Tobias Mann: oh, Azelfland is upset. do i look like i give a f**k, peasant? (to Azelfland) oh, there he is. (being sarcastic) hey, stupid. i'm so sorry you're so upset. oh, boo-f***ing-hoo.:D *laughs*

      Me: can't we just talk about this?:(

      TheHawtDawg1: hold on. (to Tobias) you stay away from Azelfland.>:(

      Tobias Mann: i must be hearing things. i could've sworn for a minute that this fool told me what to do. did you hear that boys?:P

      Tobias' men: yeah.>:I

      Tobias Mann (heading for the exit): now..... get them out of here.>:I

      Me (chasing Tobias): you're not going anywhere, motherf***er!>:(

      sound familiar?:P

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    • Much better.

      And at some point before I get away from AsphaltLand, as soon as I shut down the portal (the 2nd last episode between the reveal of who Black Knight is and the destruction of the last base and the episode where Kim and I leave for good). Then Vincent attempts to convince me to remain by (pretending) saying he will not cause me any trouble, but I don't take his word at all. Kim, Black Knight and I leave the location where the switch had been, and proceed to destroy as many VVS artillery as possible. Then Vincent arrives in his Centenario and challenges me to a duel, where I challenge him with a blue AIE I found nearby (my AIE is purple), and halfway on the track, I stop the AIE near a getaway car that Kim and Black Knight are in, and enter the car; with Kim driving, while I remote control the abandoned AIE to crash it into Vincent's Centenario (a reference to the death of the last antagonist in The Wraith), causing both cars to explode, with Vincent surviving the impact, but sustaining injuries that are severe enough to cause his death in your End Of The Line episode.

      Your lines are quite acceptable, since I am not involved.

      And Black Knight WON'T appear physically in the series until the last three episodes from my perspective. At the moment only his messages will be seen that indicate his appearance. And of course he is not a bad character, he was never meant to be one.

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    • and done. now you can work on your episode. just remember that both of our episodes start the same way.

      as for the NEMESIS episode, because Vincent got tired of serving my demonic alter ego, he'll ask me via a phone call to take him down for him.

      oh, and no need to work on Azelfland.exe's wrath at the end. i worked on it and i thought that, before you leave and before i get my TRION NEMESIS, there could be a part where we hang out with our girls in Paris (considering that the riot hasn't reached Paris at all).

      also, after you work on your episode, i'll work on my episode where i get the TRION NEMESIS.

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    • Checked your episode and I am working on mine. I will only use the last bit since I don't want to include the murders of your rivals (which I witnessed).

      Regarding the two R&Ds, I am waiting for lab 4 to unlock, and I auto passed the final AI in the Beast X R&D (which in my episode I will depict the spent tokens as funds for an automatic system for the car, making it able to run without a driver). The Centenario includes data regarding how to kill Azelfland.exe; Kim and I will cripple that nut in a similar scene to Highwaymen; my Beast X and Centenario pass each other with a 0.5mm gap between them, wedging Azelfland.exe between, and severely crippling him, further exacerbated by my Beast X sending him flying to the entrance of your garage; there my cars leave you to finish him off.

      On a side note the Beast X data also points out to data in the Pininfarina that potentially indicates a very bad news; one of Team Harmony's members has to be kidnapped, likely due to the remnants of the experience with the (now eliminated) PETA still embedded in the memories. The base was destroyed completely, and the Beast X data ironically indicates that the remnants of the experience would have clues. Reason for kidnapping is within the Pininfarina....

      The Beast X also indicates that the portal switch is in a location where it all started, but it never indicates explictly where and when.

      I know I hate to have to abduct one of your members, but unless that unidentified messenger manages to barge into AsphaltLand (to disguise as an R&D candidate, and destroy the VVS base after the staged R&D is complete, and read the mindset of the hostages and piece the puzzle together to indicate where the switch is, thus allowing Kim and I to escape).

      PS1: That kidnapped team member will be released and returned, but ONLY after the remnants are extracted without harm; after returning the member, Kim and I will be on a sabotage spree, with Vincent's car being the last VVS property within the crosshairs.

      PS2: That Black Knight is actually a vehicle trying to help Kim and I. But until the third last episode of mine, his identity cannot be revealed.

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    • two questions: one, does the H2 Speed in Asphalt 8 have token-only upgrades? it won't matter, since i'm not gonna go for it anyway. and two, are there going to be more GTA references in your episode, like the reference to the missions "High Noon" and "Pier 69" in my episode?

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    • Question 1: Will need to wait.

      Question 2: There will be more, but not in the current episode (I am unable to make the references fit in that one).

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    • And on a side note the Equus came before the Pininfarina, so there could be a chance I don't have to take away someone (potentially one of Team Harmony's members), but it depends on what data the Bass has.....

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    • i'm sure it will require an insane amount of Forced-Induction V8s like the NEMESIS or the Land Shark.

      edit: i checked and it looks like it needs 40 of them. i got almost half of those engines and if the event gives 10 more to get this muscle car AND the Bass 770 doesn't have token-only upgrades, it might be worth my time.

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    • and thankfully the Bass 770 doesn't have any token-only upgrades. which means i'll go for it, even if Leonidas -my Sbarro Sparta- can beat it easily.:)

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