• Hi Avengersman1420,

    I'm organizing the tabs for vehicle pages. As I don't have A9 installed, I'd like to ask you: Are "Special" events in A9 what is, for example, a championship in A8?

    Please have a look at Infiniti Project Black S. There is a tab named "Events" where the car's R&D is listed. On Koenigsegg Jesko, the tab shows "Drive Syndicate".

    I've seen that you contributed to the King of the Fall event and that there are already quite a fwe pages in Category:Special Event. If these "Special Events" are equivalent to R&D, Championship or EDD in A8, I'd like to add a tab "Special Event" to the vehicle tabs so that it is displayed on pages like the McLaren Senna.

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    • Yes. Special Event is like Championship in A8. They didn't give it a special name in A9 so the just call it Special Event And as for the King Of The Fall event, let me put it in this way. The King of The Fall event is the name of all the events going on right now.¬†Everything that has to do with the special fall events such as the Fall Multiplayer series, Back to School events, and the ongoing Special Events.

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    • Ok, thanks.

      I've implemented it on the McLaren Senna page. Events are now part of the series of vehicle pages and have the tabs too, so users can easily switch between all pages concerning the vehicle.

      This also requires that event pages have their names changed. It is part of a major wiki restructuring process to get rid of subpages. Special Events/McLaren Senna becomes McLaren Senna (Special Event).

      You don't have to rename the pages, I'll do it in the next few days.

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    • I like the sound of that. Making it much more organized¬†:)

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    • By the way, the tabs now automatically detect if a vehicle page exists and display the tab. If you use {{Tabs vehicle}} instead of {{Car ParentTab}} at the top of the page and create a new page McLaren Senna (upgrades), the tab for upgrades will be displayed. No more parameters to be specified.

      {{Tabs vehicle}} doesn't have a documentation yet, it's only two days old and still in a kind of beta testing. I'll add an "Add tab" link, too, so it'll be pretty easy for users to add new pages for a vehicle.

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    • Done. The cars have the new tabs now.

      Drive Syndicate is a special event of its own, right? So it was correct that I made a difference between Koenigsegg Jesko (Drive Syndicate) and McLaren Senna (Special Event), wasn't it?

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    • Yea it was correct. Drive¬†Syndicate is a new type of special event so you were right

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