• Hi,

    we have new currency templates for blueprints:

    • Blueprint a9 {{A9bp}} – neutral Blueprints
    • Blueprint uncommon a9 {{A9bpu}} – uncommon Blueprints
    • Blueprint rare a9 {{A9bpr}} – rare Blueprints
    • Blueprint epic a9 {{A9bpe}} – epic Blueprints

    They work like every other currency template: {{a9bpu|20}}Blueprint uncommon a9 20

    I also created Ad Pack and Classic Pack to preserve the drop rates you sent me. Basically, you can use these articles as a base for every other Card Pack in Asphalt 9. Later, when it's clear which parameters are needed, we can create an infobox like on the Asphalt 8 Pro Kit Box pages, for example A8Box Daily Kit Box Daily Kit Box †.

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