• Hi, I don't know if I can do anything about this, but I think that "Category:Career_Mode_Seasons_(Asphalt_8:_Airborne)" and "Category:Asphalt_8:Airborne_Career_Modes" should be merged.

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    • Hi Geceo,

      please note:

      • [[Category:Name]] immediately categorizes a page.
      • [[:Category:Name]] (with a leading colon) lets you mention and link to a category without categorizing the page.

      I just wondered why my message wall was sudddenly categorized. :D

      About your question: They are different categories, the first contains seasons, the latter contains different race modes. At least it should; the categorization in this area is not quite consistent at the moment.

      I've changed the category of the season 9 page you have worked on so it is in the right category now.

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    • A FANDOM user
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