• Hello! With your approval, id like to clean up the main page. Its cluttered and could use some improvements. Here are my suggestions:

    - Remove search bar (already a Wiki feature, redundant) - Remove Wiki Activity column (same as search bar) - Removal of Asphalt 8 and 9 columns. Rather than a small footnote, i could make buttons to direct users to pages such as here

    Please give me your thoughts on the matter before i proceed. Happy Holidays!

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    • Hi Awyman13

      Thanks for the message, but all of the work done on the front page was by Guy Bukzi Montag. I've already sent them a DM on Discord and he should reply soon.

      If Montag agrees to redesign the front page, I have no protests against that.

      Thank you

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    • Sounds good

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    • Hi Awyman13,

      "Remove search bar (already a Wiki feature, redundant)"

      Did you mean "a Fandom feature"? The Asphalt Wiki search bar was taken over from a precious design for two reasons:

      • I remember that the search in the Fandom bar originally started a Fandom-wide search which was useless for Asphalt Wiki users. But this has changed a while ago.
      • Also, the Asphalt Wiki search bar includes the Asphalt Wiki namespace which is by default excluded in the Fandom search. Our glossary was located in the Asphalt Wiki namespace, so excluding this namespace would have been very counterproductive for users searching for unknown words.

      I've recently moved the glossary to the main namespace, so indeed the search bar tile could be removed. It stayed there because we had enough space in the right column, and because it offers the opportunity to choose the namespaces directly without the five extra clicks rrequired by the advanced fandom search.

      "Remove Wiki Activity column (same as search bar)"

      We are forced to have the Wiki activity box on every wiki page, so why remove the tile from the front page where it is most useful to get a quick overview of what's going on when visiting the site?

      Also, this would leave only the news and the blog posts tiles in the right column and plenty of empty space. Unless we want to fill it with ten news items and ten blog posts, which would be possible of course.

      "Removal of Asphalt 8 and 9 columns."

      How do you plan to provide the information of these tiles instead?

      "Rather than a small footnote, i could make buttons to direct users to pages such as here"

      You mean the footnote in the Statistics tile? It's only a self-updating explanation for the displayed drop rate values so that people don't have to click around to find where the numbers come from.

      "Its cluttered"

      The two Asphalt 8 and 9 columns have the disadvantage that they become too narrow and cluttered then displayed with the desktop view of a mobile browser. I thought of turning them into rows to solve the layout problem.

      I may have misunderstood you, but it seems that you are planning to remove all information about current events, activities and game parameters from the front page and replace them with picture links instead. Is this correct?

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    • Here are my thoughts:

      - Search Bar:The Fandom search bar does allow you to find non main pages. You would just have to have what namespace you want to search before the item (Asphalt Wiki:Main Page)

      - As you’ve stated the Wiki Activity feed is on every page so why have it again on the Main Page? Users can see the page on whatever page they are on and there is a link to it on each page as well. Additionally, because ads populate in the right column, you want a blank space in the right. Otherwise the ad will push the content down.

      - Asphalt 8 and 9 could be implemented into a gallery slider or a button gallery with links. Then you could have an “Events” column on the main page. If not, you could have each game column take up the whole row instead of dividing them to make both games fit.

      - By a button layout, you could give readers a hub to search for specific items, similar to the mobile main page. Additionally, this separates information, makes it appear less cluttered, and can be visually appealing. Here is a good example of this. Headers about events, news, etc would remain.

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    • Search bar

      Sorry, most users don't even know what a namespace is. They want to type in a word and get results with one click, no extras.

      Example: A user has read PCGT and wants to know what it is. Give it a try. The only page that appears is the glossary. And this only because I've moved it to the main space (where it doesn't belong, but Help:Glossary is already occupied by a general Fandom glossary and I didn't want to overwrite it). The search would have delivered no results if the glossary had still been in the Asphalt Wiki namespace. A search bar where you have to specify parameters you have no clue of is useless.

      Besides, I don't regard the top bar as part of our wiki. It is something we have to accept because we are allowed to host our wiki here.

      I don't cling to the search bar tile, but it can be used by visitors as-is; and advanced users can choose more options right from the start, without having to know namespaces by heart or start a dummy search just to get the button for the advanced search which finally displays the desired options. Our search bar is the result of the Fandom search function being cluttered, not vice versa.

      Activity feed

      "As you’ve stated the Wiki Activity feed is on every page so why have it again on the Main Page?"

      Because that's where it belongs. I find it extremely molesting to have it on each and every page. It's an editor thing, not for readers. Wikipedia does not have this feed on each and every page for a reason. This again is something we have to accept because Fandom wants it so. Perhaps we'll have more design choices when Gamepedia and Fandom are merged next year. I'd be glad to finally get a Gamepedia style design without being forced to lose 1/5 of my screen width to empty space and another 1/5 to a completely useless sidebar.

      As for the ads, I don't know, I turned the all ads off.

      Asphalt 8 and 9

      "If not, you could have each game column take up the whole row instead of dividing them to make both games fit."

      That's what I said. I made two columns in the beginning because

      • I didn't want fans to argue which tile is at the top, so which game is "more important". But I we could rotate that, be it daily or having the tile with the latest update automatically placed first.
      • at the beginning, the A9 tile almost had no content, so a whole row would have been a waste of space. Now that the A9 people are always busy updating the tile, two rows are certainly a better solution.
      "could be implemented into a gallery slider"

      No. Sliders are extremely unflexible to format. And I don't to wait for information to show up after 10 or more seconds. I want to get to the main page, see my game and jump to the current event I was looking for. Most A9 players don't play A8 and vice versa. They simply don't care about A8 events sliding and sliding before they see what they want.

      "or a button gallery with links"

      If we have rows instead of columns, we could think of that. The point is that we'd have to design general buttons for Festivals, R&Ds, Championships, EDDs, MP seasons, Special events, Drive Syndicates and whatever Gameloft comes up next with. The games are currently changing at a pace that makes it close to impossible to keep track of everything, and the least thing I want to do is to design new buttons when they invent something new.

      Another point: Event names are sometimes very long. The list format is better in this case. A name like Apollo Intensa Emozione (Research & Development) would take three lines inside an image button, cover half of the picture and be hard to read because of the line breaks.

      By the way, both the A8 and the A9 tiles will get one or two more of the mini tiles with active live countdowns for MP seasons and in-game ad series. You can't see them yet because we're running the script only for beta testers at the moment.

      Rainbox Six example

      I appreciate your visual work on the Rainbox Six front page, but your buttons are mainly a repetition of the dropdown menus at the top bar and lead to less appealing category pages.

      Asphalt Wiki has developed in quite a different way over time. Our forum is almost void, no one uses it. Discussions take place in comments under the current update and event pages, so it is most important to direct users directly from the front page to the current events they are interested in. Before we had the new front page, users often posted questions or comments under pages where they weren't noticed.

      It is true though that we could add a row of fancy and graphically appealing icon buttons for some of the main games and categories. I think that's nicer and a good addition to the dry dropdown menus, although it's a repetition.

      In a way, the mini tiles like the one for the A8 MP season or the current drop rates already are a version of these image buttons. I want to group more information in these mini tiles in the future, but we first had to see how the system of the new front page was working (it's not that old yet). The news, the A8 and the A9 tiles all come from different editors, and we have to provide a consistent and error-safe way for them to edit and update the info without accidently destroying the front page layout. The current combination of lists and mini tiles is a good compromise.

      As you may have noticed, I'm against most of the changes you suggested. We need separate boxes for A8 and A9 as they will get further infos in the future. But it is planned to have this grouped in the mini tiles, so it's very similar to image buttons, just more flexible.

      We are also planning a feature like "On this day" on Wikipedia which would get another tile and be automatically filled with content by date, so the overall structure is going to change anyway.

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    • I see your points. Thanks for the input and quick response.

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    • Thank you for your ideas, too! A consistent mini tile style similar to your image buttons is certainly a good thing to think of. At the moment they are just manually adjusted tables, but hopefully we'll soon have consistent and more versatile CSS definitions and templates for them.

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    • If you'd like, I can find you several examples of different button layouts on the Wikis I manage. Ultimately it will be interesting to see what new CSS options the Fandom/Gamepedia merge will bring next year.

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    • I will already be glad if the MediaWiki Update and all other updates don't interfere with already existing CSS. And I'd be glad to have

      • a Visual Editor that does not destroy page layouts and LaTeX formulas
      • a preview function that shows changes in LaTeX formulas not only once
      • a page renaming function that doesn't destroy all linked comments just because it uses a bot we cannot control and which no one updated for years
      • a solution for the multiple layers of Fandom CSS that are all loaded and cause page content to jump around before our CSS is loaded and applied

      As for the buttons: I'm thinking more of flexible containers, but with fixed outer parameters so you can arrange them as you like. As you can already see on the front page, the content of the mini tiles is very different. Some of them get their data calculated by around 50 other template calls, some change their face dependent on the date and internal game mechanisms, and some are controlled by JavaScript but offer a different appearance when JavaScript is disabled.

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    • Screenshot 20191231-062913~2
      This, for example, is the A8 ad icon as it is displayed on the Ad page for beta testers. It looks like a screenshot, but the displayed countdown is live and synchronous with the game.

      There will be a mini tile for this in the A8 box on the front page, too.

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    • A FANDOM user
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