• Hi, I noticed the default Mastery template includes a Category:Mastery, which is good. Problem is there's another category whose name is Category:Car_Mastery. All cars in Car Mastery appear in Mastery. Is this category useful?

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    • Hi Geceo,

      no, Category:Car Mastery isn't useful at all. It is deprecated and a relic of our recent reorganizing of all vehicle subpages. Mastery pages contained this category before they got {{Tabs vehicle}}, the page header which now automatically categorizes all vehicle subpages.

      As I see that you are currently editing many mastery pages: It would be great if you deleted the [[Category:Car Mastery]] at the bottom of these pages!

      If you want to help us even more, here's the categories to be cleaned by removing them from the bottom of the respective pages: Asphalt Wiki:WikiProject Subpages#Deprecated categories to be cleaned


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    • The problem is that I don't see how I can delete a category.

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    • You can't.

      But you can remove a page from a category by deleting the text [[Category:Car Mastery]] at its bottom.

      Only when one of the above-mentioned categories is completely empty, an admin will delete it as a whole.

      As long as there are pages which still have the [[Category:Car Mastery]] at their bottom, the category will be "recreated".

      Ah, and if you can't see the code at the bottom of the page: Please switch to Source Editor (dropdown menu of the Edit button). You should always edit with source editor by the way. The Visual Editor is buggy and destroys page layouts from time to time, and the other editors are not much better. Source code may be a bit less intuitive at the beginning, but it's the real thing if you want to do advanced editing.

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    • Thanks! I already use Source Editor, but still, there's no Category:Car Mastery at the bottom of these pages (see for example Chevrolet Corvette C3 (mastery)).

      UPDATE : ok I found out, it's in the right column. :)

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    • Strange. It's displayed for me:
      Category source code
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    • If it's in the right column, you are still using the wrong editor.

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    • Yay! The category is empty, thanks!

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    • Please remember: ONLY remove categories from vehicle pages, NOT from other ones. Vehicle pages have (mastery), (colors), (stats) etc. in their page name.

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    • Ah yes, sorry.

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    • Mo problem. Just wanted to mention it in case you want to proceed with color customization or performance stats.

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    • I think you should use this bot for this task:

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    • Thats a good idea, thanks!

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    • Hi! Have you succeeded in installing the bot? I tried to add the JS code in User:Geceo/common.js but the bot doesn't appear in the "My tools" menu. I don't know why, maybe the MassCategorization bot is disabled?

      UPDATE : ok, I should have read your wall before asking! Just clicked on the "activate personal javascript" in My Preferences, and the bot appears.

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    • Geceo
      Geceo removed this reply because:
      I reverted my errors
      12:53, January 12, 2020
      This reply has been removed
    • It's done! I removed the "Color Customization" on all "(colors)" pages.

      I added a few "Color Customization" category on images files, where this category was missing. I didn't check all images, as it would have taken hours. Maybe there's a way to automatically add the "Color Customization" category on all images present in a given page that has the "Color" category?

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    • And I removed the "Performance Stats" on all "(stats)" pages.

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    • Maybe the name of the categories should be changed to highlight the fact that "Performance Stats" and "Color Customization" should only apply to screenshots, i.e. they must contain only "File:" pages?


      would make categorization errors less likely to happen.

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    • I'm not at my desktop at the moment.

      Do not use the bot again until I'm back. There are rules for bots.

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    • Also no further categorization of images, please. There are rules for categorization, too.

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    • You should have read at least the documentation of the script. There is a reason that it is full of warnings.

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    • The only warning I see in the documentation is to use an account dedicated to the bot, which should be declared as such to Fandom. The problem is that I don't know how to tag the account as a Bot, so I decided to try the Bot without this flag. It made quite a couple of useless entries in the Wiki Activity. Sorry for that.

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    • Hi, I'm back, sorry that it took a while.

      Generally, every wiki's rule is: Be bold! This means that if you want to edit something, don't be shy. Mass edits are another league though, and are normally reserved for admins only. That's why there are several restriction hints on the MassCategorization doc page.

      Another, equally important principle of every wiki is: Consensus. Major changes should be discussed with other users. If you are not sure if your planned change will affect other users or the whole wiki structure: Ask.

      "The problem is that I don't know how to tag the account as a Bot, so I decided to try the Bot without this flag."

      If you don't know something: Ask. And wait for the answer. This was a mass edit without consensus. Although we had talked about it before, we did not decide to actually do it. It was a recommendation from your side.

      The reason why I insist on these rules is not that admins are keen on controlling everything. It is that JavaScript is extremely powerful, and as long as you aren't really aware of the consequences of a script, better ask and try to find a consensus first. What if you, by accident, deleted the wrong category from 1,000 pages? Would you be able to find all these pages afterwards to correct the mistake, now that the pages don't have the category to find them? Or would you prefer to go through 1,000 pages in the change log to do it manually?

      That's why bots should have separate flagged accounts. Their changes show up in different logs and can be traced better this way.

      As for the image categories: All image categories should have "images" at the end of the name (as long as it's not "icons" or smething similar that directly implies that it's an image). If you decide to assign a new category to an image, the new category should also be categorized. If not, the new category will just fly around somewhere in wiki space.

      General rules:

      Original and official files received directly from Gameloft have the additional Category:Official Gameloft images and are protected.

      Other categories:

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    • As for your template plan, here are a few general helpful hints:

      • When you write a template, add <noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude> directly after the last character, without spaces. This will create a documentation for your template that will be shown when someone displays it.
      • At first, there is only a [create] link. Click on it, and you will get a predefined page with a draft structure.
      • Documentation is important
        • for other users trying to understand what you wrote.
        • for yourself. Be assured that you will find it hard to understand what you have written when you revisit a template six months later.
        • for categorization. Categories should always be included on the documentation page, not in the tempate itself.
        • for testing purposes. {{documentation}} automatically detects if there are test pages for this template and displays the links. The links will be red if there are no such pages.
      • Testing you templates: When other editors start to use your template, they will at best be surprised when you suddenly change something or just test new code that may not work. In the worst case, your changes disrupt the display of hundreds of pages. That's what the /sandbox and /testcases subpages are for. These are the two test pages automatically linked by the documentation template as described above.
        • /sandbox: Copy the code of the original template here, then you can change everything you want without interrupting the display of the original template. Remember that the test version has to be called with {{Example/sandbox}} rather than {{Example}}.
        • /testcases: This is a place for you to see your changes in action. You can try out {{Example/sandbox}} with different parameters to see if everything works right. As templates and template subpages don't always display changes after saving, you may want to add {{Purge}} at the top of the page to easily clear the cache and reload the page.
        • {{Extrapolate pro upgrade price a8}} is an example where I added the bike price progression first in /sandbox, tested it in /testcases and then copied the whole new code from /sandbox to the original template when everything worked as expected.

      Happy coding!

      P. S.:
      En anglais, « redondant » s'écrit « redundant ». ;-)

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    • Hi,

      Thanks for the explanations. If I understood correctly:

      If renaming categories is not possible then all contents of these two categories should be moved.

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    • Provided

      1. that there are only files in these categories and no artices and
      2. that all files in these categories are images and that these images are really used for the respective subpages,

      then yes.

      1. I discovered some articles left in "Performance Stats"; I just recategorized them.
      2. All files are images and belong to the respective subpages, I just browsed through all of them.

      Unfortunately, it's impossible to rename categories. Moving the content of categories isn't possible either. The only way is to recategorize all of them.

      We'll set up a bot account for the MassCategorization script and have it flagged so it can do the job.

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    • A FANDOM user
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