• The McLaren X2 reach its top speed in 2.3 seconds compared to the Jesko’s 2.9. The time difference is 0.6 seconds. We might be misunderstanding each other. So I don’t know. Hehe

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    • Where are you getting that 2.3 and 2.9?

      1. If its from a video, please provide a link.
      2. If you're testing it by yourself, explain in detail how you got those numbers.
        • What track did you use?
        • What race mode did you use?
        • What is the upgrade status of your X2?
        • Are you testing for unboosted, double boosted or triple boosted?
        • Are you using recorded footage or just making an estimate?

      I'm using Hectorx's Jesko and FXX K video to get that 0.1.

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    • I am using EliteHectorX’s review video on the Jesko, it reaches its top speed at 2:57.12 I believe, so 3:00.00 - 2:57.12 = ~2.9 seconds, compared to the X2 acceleration on the X2 page, which says 2.3 seconds. I may be wrong please correct me if I am. I am new

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    • E36D81EE-A016-4DED-8123-EBF942B34DD1
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    • Except for the last sentence, that paragraph is outdated and was written before the tuning kit boost & acceleration nerfs.

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    • Ah. Sorry.

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    • A FANDOM user
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