• Hey Jamiu happy to connect if we can for more races

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    • Hey mate (don't know the real name :p), thanks for responding. My Game Center nickname is Jamiu_Jilan. I never added someone before so not quite sure how it goes.

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    • Trying to add you through game centre comes up with not registered. Try to add me G0ttaG0

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    • Although sleep time for me so might be a while before I reply

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    • It 
      IMG 7259
      looks like the person you wanna get connected with must be in your contact list.

      no hurries, you can sleep now. we will find a solution later on.

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    • Hi, maybe we have to add our email or phonenumber in our contactlist. I know it's a privacy issue. But don't know if you are interested. I don't mind in any case.

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    • Hi, our mate Alido Kadri explained how to unlock the Achievements on his comment. I've followed the instructions using my iPhone and iPad an hour ago and luckily it worked for me. Noramlly I use iPhone for playing A8 and today I installed A8 on my iPad too signing out from Game Center on iPad since both devices were signed into the same account. Make sure you sign out from the Game Center if your devices are signed into the same account too. Then I created a room in Local WiFi from iPad and joined from the iPhone. This is how it worked. Give a try to it and if need help let me know. Cheers

      IMG 7330
      IMG 7332
      IMG 7333 2
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    • A FANDOM user
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