• Well how did you done the Credit template? I want to get it to new wiki (≧∇≦)

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    • Hi,

      you must be the friend of Minasakkayarouzeg2 who wants to make a Chinese version of Ashpalt Wiki, right?

      • First: I haven't worked on internationalization yet, so I don't know if there is a special way Fandom would like to have it. There could be a way for other language versions to access the tempates of the main version, but I don't know if it's possible and if it would have advantages/disadvantages.
      • Second: I cannot read Chinese, so I cannot help with editing code on your wiki directly, but I can help with the English part on this Wiki.

      Now for the a8credits template:

      • All currency templates like A8 credits small {{A8credits}}, Tokens small a9 {{A9tokens}}, An tokens small {{Antokens}} or Tickets small ax {{Axtickets}} use the same metatemplate: {{Currency}}.
      • {{Currency}} is the main data container for all currency definitions and chooses the icon (see Category:Currency images) as well as the text colour for the currency to display. {{Currency}} is well-documented, just click on it to read all the information.
      • To set the text colour, {{Currency}} uses {{Color}}. This template works similarly, it uses the metatemplate {{Color code}} which contains all colour definitions of Asphalt Wiki. {{Color}} and {{Color code}} are also well-documented so you can get information on how they work by clicking on them.
      • A template like {{A8credits}} is just a "first-level" template "on the surface" that is easy to use for editors. Its code is very short and simple which makes it easy to add other first-level currency templates.
      • The following are the dependencies of {{A8credits}}. You would have to copy and adapt all of these templates to your wiki to make it work:
        {{A8credits}} → {{Currency}} → {{Color}} → {{Color code}}
      • You should also copy the icons you need from Category:Currency images.
      • It is advised to also copy {{Documentation}} which provides the functionality to display the template documentations.
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    • I think he just want the icon.....

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    • Hi, can I contact fandom staff on the English version here for taking the problems for Chinese wiki?

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    • Fandom staff has nothing to do directly with our wiki.

      You may find answers at Fandom Community Central or Support.

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    • A FANDOM user
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