• Hi Guy,

    Do you agree that in Vehicle list (Asphalt 8), we can now remove the Engine column and Season 9/Base credits? I'll vote to keep Season 9 track name, it can somewhat be interesting, but Base Credits is totally useless now. We should probably use the space to insert the nitro efficiency values and so have only one list of all the vehicles.

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    • I'll answer later; I have to sleep now.

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    • RAGE!

      The editor ate my complete long answer! Ok, short version:

      • Perserve the current page on Vehicle list (pre 5.0.0) (Asphalt 8) and link to it from Vehicle list (Asphalt 8).
      • Make the table less wide. I, personally, hate having to scroll horizontally. So yes, remove the Season 9 columns; they would be preserved on the old pre-5.0.0 page I suggested.
      • I wouldn't delete the engine column. You can now just insert the card icon with {{a8card|rare engine}}, {{a8card|epic engine}} and {{a8card|legendary engine}}.
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    • ...or {{a8card|rare}} etc. as the word "engine" is ignored.

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    • Hi,

      The only benefit that I still see for the Engine column is to distinguish between Festival cars and non-Festival cars. Pro Kits only depend on the Class (which already exists as the 2nd column) so the colour of the Engine card is redundant. I think that Nitro efficiency Level 2 (perfect nitro) would be more interesting.

      Anyway, is there a template that I could use to display the Festival cards in the "Engine" column?


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    • It's all {{A8card}}. It displays everything you want.

      I've just updated the documentation to make clear that it also displays Vehicle Kit cards. Just click on the template name to see it.

      On the columns: You decide. :-)

      Edit: It does not (yet) display Kit cards for some of the newly converted F1 cars as we don't have card pics for them. I think it's the M14A, MP4/8, MP4-25 and MP4-31 that are still missing. In this case, the generic card back is displayed.

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    • Thanks, I updated the table!

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    • O thou Master of Compression! :D Looks very cool!

      The scientific notation for the upgrade costs needs getting used to, but it's a witty solution!

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    • Thanks! I had to remove the MAX+PRO upgrade but now with A8 icon max requiring A8 credits small and A8 icon pro requiring Fusion coins full a8, it was like adding carrots and tomatoes.

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    • A FANDOM user
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