• Hi Guy,

    What is the best available "A8UpgradePrices" template for v5.0?


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    • You mean for max upgrades?

      Honestly I don't know. The last max table I edited was that of the KTM X-Bow GT4, and there it's the very simple one. The problem is that every time GL came up with a new token upgrade option for one level, people wrote new templates instead of integrating this into existing ones, and they are all undocumented.

      My changes to them were mostly concening design so that they are not as huge as they used to be and fit our A8 design. And I catched some exceptions so that error messages disappeared for missing values.

      If you were working on the Maserati GranTurismo Sport lately (I got a notice), you could use the simple {{A8UpgradePrices}} if the car does not have Token options. I cannot verify Token options for many of the lower-rank cars because I already have them at max pro.

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    • Perhaps one day I'll write an all-inclusive max upgrade template like for the pro upgrades. But GL keeps shooting out new stuff at such a rate that it's difficult to keep their pace.

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    • Yes I understand, GL doesn't make it easy. Thanks for the answer.

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