• Y do u don't want the Trion Nemesis????

    N btw can u help me out in farming 10 million credits???

    Also how is the Asterion in performance n on which OS do u play A8?

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    • At no point while editing for this wiki did I mention I don't want a Trion. If anything, I'll gladly take it if given for free.

      As for your 10 million credits, this page might be helpful. 

      The Asterion's a great car in MP when upgraded correctly but Cobra 427's and 2016 Camaro's will still be faster than the Asterion.

      I'm playing A8 on iOS 9 with an iPhone 5s

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    • u mentioned in ur profile page that u don't want the following cars:

      Trion, etc.

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    • The Trion is mentioned there because of how expensive it is on its prices, along with the huge amount of pro kit cards it needs. On top of that, it is still slower than the 2016 Camaro, HTT Plethore and Renault Sport. Until the Devel is available, its anyone's guess on how much faster it will be over the current class A/S cars.

      I do know that the Trion is currently the fastest accelerating car and as much as I want to have one just for the sake of having it, the 4 million buying price would be better off spent on something more worthwhile. Its why the Lykan is still my preferred class S car because of how cheap and useful it is, and while my Ultimate Aero is close to max pro, its useless in SP and MP.

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    • But how do u know that Trion is slower than the cars u mentioned. Also can u explain me abt fake speed??

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    • A FANDOM user
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