• I've been racing in MP league as soon as it came out, bought Sagaris and messed with the tuning a bit, then got stuck until the MP4/8 Championship came out. I got the car at 8-0-10-0, tuned up the Tires little by little, till I got to full tuning, then I put two more into Exhaust, where I began taking down quite a lot of Camaros and Hommages. I thought I was just getting lucky until I managed to take down around 30 Camaros when I knew this couldn't be a coincedence or luck. They all were ranked higher than my MP4/8, yet I seemed to have no trouble against them, especially on Azure Coast, Sector 8, and Dubai. I think this is the new MP king, but many people I've been seeing around seem to think this is unfair. But honestly the Hommage R&D was apparently pretty easy, and the Camaro goes on discount a lot and only costs 6,250 tokens at that. But these same complainers are the ones who wanted Camaro and Hommage dethroned. What's your opinion?

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    • Camaro can quickly catch up with MP4/8 except in twisty tracks where Camaro loses much speed and may be defeated even by non-mp cars. Even the MP4-25 can't keep up with camaro and Hommage. This is in single lap races, and in 2 laps race no car can stand with Camaro or Hommage.

      Hommage R&D isn't easy you can't win an mp-tuned one without spending a lot of tokens or buying the car itself.

      In addition to all of this, the MP4/8 is really good in MP with an impressive acceleration and handling but I don't think that it can lead its owner to champion league.

      And with all the new cars released, the mid bracket and the higher bracket are getting more competitive now.

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    • As long as you can keep a short or twisty track for the MP4/8 you are very likely to win.  but as the previous poster said, 2 or more laps and you will never beat a decent camero or bmw player.  Sadly there are many MP4/8 drivers that choose long tracks and or multiple laps where the car cannot hope to compete with the class kings.

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