• A few of my friends feel it would be more fair if all Class D raced together all class A, All class C together and so on. Instead of mixing them all together. 

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    • the admin of the game are not interested in fair, they only want you money.

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    • Well, not really. This would make the MP races boring because if you only raced against your class, everyone would just race a max pro'd Class King. It would be a bit boring. Like a D race would be nothing but RX8 players. A race amongst 900-1000 ranked players would all be in MP tuned DeZirs. Snore.

      I think a bigger problem is that the Elite 1900+ players cheat the system. They go into a ticketed race and exit any race on a track that doesn't favor their car. It's a tiny -2 point penalty.

      That's what's bull$shit about MP... the -2 penalty is too light. If you exit out of a race, it should deduct points as if you came in last place. That would keep the MP racing more competitive. But that isn't the case and the scammers just pick their battles because of a loophole. I would destroy a SLK in Sector 8 with my Cobra.

      I just wish GL would remove the ability to exit out of MP races without a stiff penalty. You bring an OP car into a MP race, you're going to have to fight on every track in the game with quicker, agile cars. I think it would make things more balanced.

      That, and the 120 point difference. You should never have to race against the exact same kind of car you have, but ranked higher. My Cobra is 0500 4040 and I met up with a 0505 5050 Cobra. He smoked me. Why am I racing him? I have no chance.

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    • How about if they selected racers by ranking points instead of car points? 

      Another thing they could do is make all the ranking points within the race add up to zero. In other words you can't have 4 players lose a total of 25 points and 1 player gain 5 points. How do you devolop a system where everybody loses points?

      I have been in races where I out rank the other players by 100 of points and have the lowest rank car in the field. If I finish first I get nothing and if I lose I can lose 30 points. Usually because I start in first place and get knocked down buy half the other players as they pass. 

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    • Actually, how does MP decide the position the cars are in at the starting line? Sometimes I'm in the front, sometimes middle, sometimes back. Is it just random? It doesnt' seem to be based on what order I'm in joining the race (1st in, or last, etc.) My player rank doesn't seem to be the determinator, either.

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    • @BoHommer 

      I feel like it may be based on the win streaks but I'm not sure. Just saying seems like the more I win the more I start in front. and the more I lose the farther back I go.

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    • A FANDOM user
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