Basically I am taking Anais back so that Vincent will think twice about abusing your girls. If he does, my friends will have fun with her..... regarding the cosplay, will figure next time.

Oh, my three friends will sometimes make use of her therapist degree when needed. Since she did help in the temporary truce, when I recapture her, I will place her in the same room in my current garage, but I will only chain her hands to a certain spot and allow her to make some movements and tell my friends to not do any abuse (unless if the conditions require them to do so). And after 4 warnings, I will glue her back to the floor- again.

Will only release her after you get either the Icona or the RS01, but that release will only happen after I tackle the relaunched Concept S R&D, and of course-after pplacing all the plants- to make sure the zombies do not reach her after she is released- temporarily.

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