for my episode, the Supra will make a "Look at this dude" roast on the 370Z SE because of her looks AND assuming her gender. then, the 370Z SE will knock down my Supra for thinking she's a guy. i thought of adding a counter that goes up every time the Supra is wrecked to replace the "TweakRacer/NukeStar died" counter since Tweak and Nuke don't die as often anymore and it would get old. and this will happen:


Cynthia: YOU BASTARDS!>:(

as for the Lightning LS-218, there's something to think about. you know how when you change the bikes' color, the rider's suit also changes color for most of the bikes? well, i thought of having the girls ride the bikes, based on their favorite colors and i would use the LS-218. after the EDD, Cynthia will be the one riding that electric bike. you can pretty much do the same with Lily, Naomi and Sarah. i'll give you more info about it to consider later on.

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