Here are my thoughts:

- Search Bar:The Fandom search bar does allow you to find non main pages. You would just have to have what namespace you want to search before the item (Asphalt Wiki:Main Page)

- As you’ve stated the Wiki Activity feed is on every page so why have it again on the Main Page? Users can see the page on whatever page they are on and there is a link to it on each page as well. Additionally, because ads populate in the right column, you want a blank space in the right. Otherwise the ad will push the content down.

- Asphalt 8 and 9 could be implemented into a gallery slider or a button gallery with links. Then you could have an “Events” column on the main page. If not, you could have each game column take up the whole row instead of dividing them to make both games fit.

- By a button layout, you could give readers a hub to search for specific items, similar to the mobile main page. Additionally, this separates information, makes it appear less cluttered, and can be visually appealing. Here is a good example of this. Headers about events, news, etc would remain.

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