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A Time-Limited Event, often shortened to TLE or simply denoted as Event, is an internet based competition available to players in Asphalt 8: Airborne. Each event is only available for a limited amount of time, ranging from 1 to 7 days, after which players who competed can claim their rewards. For the most part, a racer's rewards are judged by their lap time although →Multiplayer events present an exception.

Events usually require players to own certain cars in order to play. On occasion, events will allow players to drive a car they do not own, for free. The button to choose the car will say FREE TRY. A few times it was also to 'advertise' an already released car, such as with the BMW M3 Sedan shortly after its release, and the button will say Stock Vehicle if the player owns the car, regardless of any upgrades installed. As of the Porsche Update, the "Stock Vehicle" text has been removed altogether and the "NEXT" button now says "FREE TRY" even if the player already owns the car.

Entry fee[]

Events cost Fuel Fuel to play. Fuel is refilled automatically (Fuel 1 every 10 minutes). Players can also buy a complete refill of up to Fuel 10 with Tokens Tokens (Fuel 1 = Tokens 6.5; the price for a refill is calculated based on the time left until a complete automatic refill. See Currencies in Asphalt 8: Airborne § Fuel for details.).

In previous game versions, players could also watch an ad video once a day and get a free refill—except for the Apple TV platform. As of the Motorcycles Update, the ad is no longer available on all platforms.


Event Rewards Black Friday Cup

There are several types of event rewards:

Race rewards[]

Race rewards typically include a prize for participating, for finishing in first/third place, finishing within a certain time, etc. Unlike with Leaderboard Rewards, other player's scores are not taken into account. Once you win a Race Reward, you cannot lose it.

Leaderboard rewards[]

Leaderboard Rewards combine scores from all across the world, with the highest scores at the top and the lowest scores at the bottom. Each platform (iOS, Android, Windows) has its own Leaderboard, and potentially different cut-off levels. Leaderboard prizes get increasingly more valuable as your position gets higher. As new scores are constantly being uploaded by other players, just because you currently have a certain position does not mean you have secured the reward.

Event Rewards National Leaderboard Ferrari Testarossa Cup

The Leaderboard can be global, or, more rarely, national or divisional, for a 5'000-Player "Division". For instance the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Cup was a Division Cup, with the top 1 player from each division wins the car, or the Ferrari Testarossa Cup being a national cup.

Score rewards[]

Score Rewards are available in Multiplayer Events and reward you for a certain number of points you have achieved. As with Race Rewards, you cannot lose the reward once you achieved it.

Trophy rewards[]

Asphalt 8 Second-Anniversary Cup

Trophy Reward is another (rare) type of reward, a system that gives out prizes depending on the numbers of trophies collected in multiple races, with the title "My total". A trophy in turn depends on your result in a race, and can include any of the above criteria: race, leader-board or score criteria (participated, finish within a time, position first, leader-board position, etc.). Since a trophy can depend on the leader-board position, the trophies you achieve are not for granted. Mostly trophy events span across several days, with one race available per day as in the Acura NSX 2005 Cup, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Coupé Final Edition Cup, and the 2015 Ford Mustang Cup after which you received the car as a reward if you played every day. Though less typical, there have also been cups with several races available simultaneously, such as the Exclusive Cup in July 2015 with three races during two days, or the Second-Anniversary Cup in Aug 2015 which even had 5 cups simultaneously.

Check on the History page for the (recent) history of events with their cars, tracks and rewards.

Event types[]

The types of offered events change over time. Generally, they can be divided into three categories:

  • Weekly standard events with varying tracks that repeat on a certain day of the week.
  • Festival events that take place during Festivals and grant festival-specific rewards.
  • Other events, like special occasion events for holidays or promotional events during marketing campaigns of third-part advertisers.

Standard events[]

Since the Fifteenth Anniversary Update, there are six different standard events, each on a certain day of the week. Prior to January 23, 2021, the Saturday event was a Tokens Cup which has since been replaced with a Fusion Coins Cup.

Day Status Next Event
Monday Starting in 4 days Jul 22, 2024 Tires Cup (1) Tires Cup
Tuesday Starting in 5 days Jul 23, 2024 Exhaust Cup (1) Exhaust Cup
Wednesday Starting in 6 days Jul 24, 2024 Suspension Cup (1) Suspension Cup
Thursday Running Jul 25, 2024 Drivetrain Cup (v5.9) a8 Drivetrain Cup
Friday Starting in 1 day Jul 19, 2024 Development Cup (2) Development Cup
Saturday Starting in 2 days Jul 20, 2024 Fusion Coins Cup (1) Fusion Coins Cup
Sunday - - -

Festival events[]

Festival evens usually consist of

  • Festival Coins Cups that grant Festival Coins to advance further in the festival's progression
  • Festival Kits Cups that grant vehicle Kit cards to upgrade the featured festival vehicle.

Other events[]

Multiplayer events[]

MP race result screen

Multiplayer Event race result screen (includes trophies).

Similar to Multiplayer mode, these events pit racers against other players instead of NPCs (Non-Player Characters). The key difference is that every time you play, you increase your points, raising your Leaderboard position. These events require much more devotion, sometimes hours worth of gameplay, if you want to win anything. The one upside is that once you reach the top it is fairly easy to retain your position. Multiplayer events often are very expensive to play, sometimes costing up to five fuel points, meaning you can only play twice for every full fuel bar.

Opponent selection[]

Like the World Series multiplayer mode, the players are not matched completely randomly. There are at least 3 segments: the players playing their first race / players with very low score; mid-field players; top ranked players. It is unclear, how many segments there are effectively, and what criteria are applied, but when you are among the top 100, you won't race against players at position 6000 for instance.

Multiplayer scoring[]

The scoring system is somewhat intransparent. In general, the score bump you get decreases with your total score. For example if you place first in your first race, you will get an increase of 431 points. However if you it is your second race, and you place first again, you might increase only for 396, giving a total of 827. If you are at 4,000, a first place might give you only about ten score points. But this is not the case with every Race Event, some race events' scores increase flatten faster than others, for instance: first race 430, second race 430 + 344 = 774, and so on. The number of points you can achieve in your second race is also depending of the points you obtained in the first race, if you did not win the first race, you will not be able to obtain the full number of points in the second race.

The following score evolution has been observed:

1. Race Total 2. Race Total 3. Race Total 4. Race Total Win decay
430 430 344 774 244 1,018 207 1,225 ??
430 430 344 774 280 1,054 ? ? ~1/1.25
431 431 365 796 ? ? ? ? ~1/1.18
431 431 396 827 364 1,191 337 1,528 ~1/1.09
432 432 405 837 ? ? ? ? ~1/1.067

The following score distribution has been observed:

Rank Score Score Score
1 430 431 432
2 375 376
3 319 320 321
4 264 265 265
5 209 209
6 154 154
7 98 99
8 43 43

This scale remains approximately the same with the Tenerife Update, offering 12-players multiplayer races in addition to 8-players races. The player placed 7th from the bottom earns 375 points, and the 8th or higher from the bottom earns 430 points in the first race, thus in a race with 12 players, places 1 to 5 earn the same score.

If you are trying to get a lot of points in a point based multi payer event, you will need to race over and over and get a good place. Still, to be in the top third, it is sometimes enough to just play the race even if you don't get a great position.

Discontinued event types[]

Apex Wednesday[]

These events always focus on a certain type of prize (for example Pro Kits, Tokens, or Decals) and are open to play every Wednesday from 0:00 to 24:00 UTC.

Anniversary events[]

Asphalt 8: Airborne was originally released on August 22, 2013. Every year during that week, there are events and sales.

For 2017, the Anniversary cup was a multiplayer event instead and 2 Anniversary Packs being offered in addition.

Community Cup[]

Community Cup ad

Gameloft also inquires about the Cup players would create with a survey. The first in-game ad appeared on Aug 14th 2015 on iOS, though the date on the form says to vote before June 24 (possibly the date of the survey of 2014). The result of the survey was the Community Cup on Aug 22, 2015. The survey allows to vote for all of the race parameters.


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